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At least we're not IU

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March 24, 2014 at 11:17pm

Some perspective after Laquinton and ADV has decided to take their talents to the next level...

Tom Crean seems to be losing the favor of his players in Bloomington. Noah Vonleh is going pro, Jeremy hollowell and Austin Etherington are transferring and Yogi Farrel is considering going pro as well.

Lets take a moment to be thankful we have Thad and not Tom

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And oh, by the way, this is from a team that didn't make the NIT

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Two walk ons, Jonny Marlin and Joe Fagan, are also leaving the IU team

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I think Crean stares at those kids' pee pees in the shower. Come on, admit it, the guy is fucking weird. 

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Yeah, the dude is definitely odd, but it may too soon for jokes about coaches behaving inappropriately in the locker room.

Crean is the brother-in-law of M*chigan Man Jim Harbaugh. Two of the strangest coaching personlities out there. The holiday dinners must be bizarre.  Yet, I might pay $10 to watch that movie!

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Water boy just transferred to the wrestling team - can it get any worse?


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Indiana ... Where losing doesn't mean you can't cut down the nets ... 

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Johnny-Shane_Utah-Falco's picture

maybe this helps with the Temple transfer (Anthony Lee)...why would he want to go to IU if they are a cellar-dweller next season

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Also, if Lee is comparing the "buzz" coming from the two respective programs . . .

Ohio State: with two seniors graduating and two underclassmen leaving early, everyone in the program still thinks Thad is a good coach and dude, but Q is suggesting that the talent level won't be at a high enough level next season to make a serious run. Okay, but that also means that Lee would have an excellent chance of anchoring a lineup that will be coached by good dude Thad and which will include several upperclassmen who can be good role players and a handful of raw but talented frosh/sophomores.

Indiana: with seemingly every player heading for the hills, the explanation for the even bigger exodus there (compared to Ohio State) is that Crean is creepy person and a-hole to his players. At Indiana, Lee would be "anchoring" a ship that is swirling around a whirlpool. Good luck with that.

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I wonder if Q even put himself into that equation? Like if he comes back how does the talent look like on this team. Seemingly we are just missing one piece which could be Lee. But instead of trying to elevate the team he wants the team to elevate him. Can't blame him for trying to make a living though. Best of luck, we hardly knew ye.

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If Lee came on board and Q had stayed, I'd agree that we then have enough horses.  Not sure now. 

Maybe we will see a different Amir in his senior season...have they tried hypnosis?

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I have a couple friends who are IU grads and from what they've said, the Hoosier faithful are not happy with Crean and would like to see him leave Bloomington ASAP.

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IU has a rich history and Crean has basically been ........ meh ...... I can see why the alums are not happy

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They gave him a pass for his first 3 seasons since they were under NCAA sanctions for the Kelvin Sampson stuff and had a depleted roster and all. They had patience while he was "rebuilding" the program. In year 4 they made the sweet 16 and then last year were ranked #1 for most of the year and had what many considered the best team in the country and yet only made it to the sweet 16. Zeller and Oladipo left and this year they finished 2 games over .500 and didn't even make the NIT and refused the CBI cause "they're Indiana." 

Add to all that the success Kentucky is having under Calipari and the IU fans are not happy campers.


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