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Q out top on offense PLEASE!!!

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February 11, 2014 at 11:22pm

When the offense starts struggling like it did after the hot start, they should rely on Q out top where they kinda run a clear out for him. They went to this in the last couple of tourney games we won last year and a few time earlier this year. He usually gets all the way to the rim if they don't send help or he kicks it out of they double team or collapse in the lane. Thought we'd see this a lot tonight when we needed a spark.

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The weirdest thing I saw tonight was Q heading to the bench, after a three point play, with 6:03 left. The buckeyes were down one at the time. They never had a chance after that. 

They just can't win when the other team gets hot offensively. They can't out score people, they're not built to. 

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He had bricked two FT's prior to that and was gassed.  Got him a minute rest.

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Yea he was only out for 1-2 possessions.

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So was everyone else, don't understand not playing the bench more. Matta needs to rotate to play the aggressive D he wants and have any ability to score on offense. The same thing's happened in every loss we've had this year. We get a lead, stop rotating the bench, get tired and give away the game in the last 10 minutes. 

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So frustrating. We have no confidence on offense.

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I disagree, Q is sloppy as hell when he drives and usually loses the ball if he doesn't get a foul. Craft and Scott need to drive the basket against that zone and actually take the layup instead of throwing out every time. Ross' much better getting a pass and just shooting it. The biggest problem is guys get tired then miss shots and lose confidence. If I remember right, Smith was the only one that hit 3s and he was being rotated with Thompson. 

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Did you watch the game?  Q has turned a corner inside the arc I believe.  He was incredible last night and should have put up 30 if his typically money 3 pointers went down.

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 He scored the most points but other players need to drive the lane successfully because he's our best shooter. Teams just crash down on him because they don't respect other players outside shooting and our offense just disappears.

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As good as Q was most of the night, he missed two FTs in arguably the most crucial time on the game. Momemtum never swung back to the Bucks after that...

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