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Script Ohio VS Jump Around

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July 8, 2014 at 4:10pm

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It's next to impossible for Ohio State to win these things because of the country-wide hate.


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I've voted the last two or three rounds and Ohio State is usually losing until like the last two days then they make a surge and advance. 

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Word...like the PSU cultists cheating the ESPN coaches poll playoff thing a few months back.

- Rick

Can you put the past away?

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I do admit that Jump around is pretty cool. Especially when Malcolm Jenkins and crew did it but it doesn't compare to the tradition of Script Ohio

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I agree. How do you compare a tradition that is almost 80yrs old to one that wiscy has been doing for 16yrs?

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That is pretty cool...wish we could watch video of that

Can you put the past away?

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where do i go to vote.....?


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Script Ohio is THE tradition! That ain't no shit either. The Jump around is cool, but if OSU loses this - it's due to people just voting for "not OSU". Sure I'm biased, but I'm also right!!!

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Stay with the script.

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Is there a debate?

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Stay with script but get rid of white stripes.  way overdone

seize the carpe

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Just stop already.  

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Buckeyes love to beat the odds. 

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It is a tight contest but Script Ohio is leading now.  Jump Around should have never made it by Chief Osceola IMO.

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How is this even a contest?


The year of Braxton to Devin I was sitting by a few Wisconsin fans who were very vocally negative about EVERYTHING Ohio State... TBDBITL did Script Ohio during halftime of that game and the wiscy fans were in awe, saying things such as "wow, I can't even lie this is awesome". Long story short... even the Badgers know which tradition is better. 

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Script ohio #1 in my book

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