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OSU Student Football Road Tickets

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March 29, 2014 at 8:50pm

I'm an incoming Freshman at OSU for the Fall term and was planning on buying season tickets. I was also interested in buying tickets to one or two road games at Penn State and Michigan State. No site has really explained what kind of transportation is included or available to students who purchase road tickets. As an out-of-state Freshman, I'm not allowed to have a car on campus. I was wondering if anyone on here knew how this works. Thanks for your help!

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I'm in the same situation as you, and while I don't know the answer to your question, I was wondering if you knew when we can buy season tickets.

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I'm not sure the exact date yet because only the 2013 information is posted. I'm assuming the dates for 2014 will be at the same time as 2013. As Freshman, we are the last to buy tickets.

In 2013 it was: 
June 3rd @ 4:00pm – June 5th @ Noon Rank 4 
June 5th @ 4:00pm – June 7th @ Noon Rank 3 
June 10th @ 4:00pm – June 12th @ Noon Rank 2 
June 12th @ 4:00pm – June 14th @ Noon Rank 1 (This would be us)

If 2014 dates are on the same day of the week, we should be able to buy tickets June 11th.


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To address road game ticket buying I have always done well waiting for the season to play out a bit.  My general rule is if selling tickets sell them before the season starts when people are planning trips and every team has delusions of grandeur.  If you want to buy tickets, wait for some of those teams to lose a game and if possible wait until the week of the game to purchase when people have to offload them or eat the ticket.

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Thanks for replying, but that wasn't really my issue. I just need to know is if the University provides any kind of transportation to these games. Like is busing provided and do we need to pay extra?

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Student finishing Soph. year here. The university does not provide transportation to away games outside of Block O road trips. (These are earned by being a member of the Block O organization ($20 membership fee) and attending event such as meetings or free sports events to earn points which allow you to purchase a ticket to the game) Block O road trips are for premiere away games, not available for all. Ie expect one for MSU this year and possibly one other.

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Thank you! I was planning on joining Block O already so I guess it's time to rack up those points!

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Sometime in the summer (I want to say June/July) you will get an e-mail from the OSU Athletic Ticket Office that will explain step-by-step instructions on purchasing home game tickets.  You can choose to purchase either a full season package or just the Big 10 games.  You also preference where you want to sit (Block O South/Block O North/Reserved).  Both Block O sections are a hot commodity-- they both sell out within two minutes.  The reserved seats allow you to form a group and have assigned seats next to your friends.  A week or so later, they will release another email almost identical to the first, but this one is for away games.  The process is similar-- first come, first serve.  As for transportation, I'm pretty sure the university does not provide any (don't quote me on that though).  I do know that there are always plenty of students that drive to games, so hitching a ride shouldn't be too difficult.  

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Get lost freshman.


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Become friends with someone who has a car. That is what I did.

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