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My name is Justin. Despite living my whole life in Philadelphia and being surrounded by Nittany Lions, I grew up an Ohio State fan. All it took was a couple of games and I became attached. Now, I never miss an OSU game if its on TV, whether its football, basketball, lax, hockey, etc. I've been accepted into The Ohio State University for Fall 2014 and will be graduating in 2018. I can't wait to be a student at Ohio State and be able to cheer on my Buckeyes at Ohio Stadium.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Going to my first OSU game at Ohio Stadium: a 63-38 thrashing of Nebraska.
  • NFL TEAM: Philadelphia Eagles
  • NHL TEAM: Philadelphia Flyers/Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Philadelphia 76ers
  • MLB TEAM: Philadelphia Phillies

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Comment 19 Jan 2015

My dad, an alum of South Carolina, was silly enough to challenge me to a competition of who can find more fans in Disney World. The final score was 55-4. I got multiple OHs from cast members and other fans. He saw an old man in a wheelchair wearing South Carolina gear and walked up to him saying "Go Cocks!" The look of the lady pushing him was priceless!

Comment 27 Dec 2014

I was wondering why they didn't have Chief Osceola... Oh well, they don't need to worry about going to Disney World.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

I liked this poll. Minn moving up to 18 means they might be able to hang in the Top 25 even if they get beat by Wisconsin (They just can't get blown out). We stayed in front of Baylor and have a stronger opponent than they do this week (TTUN 5 wins, TTU 3 wins). Take care of business, and we should stay in front. TCU has nobody left and we would have the B1G championship game. If Wisconsin beats a #18 Minnesota, they might be able to jump Kansas State and be a stronger win for OSU than Baylor gets on Dec 6th. Baylor is at home, and we are neutral so our win would be better anyway. Baylor not jumping us this week means they shouldn't jump us at all without us losing. I expect to jump TCU because a win over a top 15, possibly near top 10 Wisconsin should propel us ahead. Jeff Long also said that a championship in December WILL matter, so that's good news for us vs Miss State. Ole Miss is 19, so if Miss State wins, Ole Miss may fall out, or at least be around where Minnesota is ranked with a loss. Championship could be a huge factor in OSU jumping MSU. Michigan State is up to #10, and Miss State's best win is #15 Auburn. Auburn will drop with a loss to Bama, or Bama will be out of the way if Auburn beats them.

Comment 19 Nov 2014

Ohio State is the leader in the Big Ten right now, but we don't get a ranking boost as a conference champion until we win the B1G Champ game. The titles aren't even a part of the equation for the current rankings. That itself could be enough to boost us over MSU. Another thing that helps us is that if Alabama is #1 and #4 is Miss State or Ohio State, do they go with a rematch or not? Bama-OSU would obviously be the more attractive choice.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

My biggest worry is whether we can jump Baylor and 2 SEC teams getting in. The timing of Baylor's game vs Kansas State is inconvenient for us because a win for them over K-State would be a comparable win to us over Wiscy and they would have the Big XII Champ title. As for Miss State, right now their best win is at home over AP #16 Auburn and they have no other ranked wins. They could get another top 10 win over Ole Miss, making them tough to jump. Gotta root for Bert to upset Ole Miss to make a win over them look less impressive. What could work in our favor with Miss State is if the committee would prefer to pit OSU against Alabama over having an Alabama-Miss State rematch in the playoffs. If they want all new matchups, OSU will be a more attractive pick. Miss State's loss to Bama is definitely a lot better than our loss to VT (Although I wish the timing of the losses and circumstances of the games would be considered more). We have the better resume win right now, but them still having Ole Miss could change that.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

I think that if we win out, we don't need as much to happen as people think we do.

The easiest way in is for Florida State to drop a game. If they go down, the champs from the SEC, Big 12, Pac 12, and Big Ten can all get in the playoffs. FSU is only a 2 pt favorite on the road this week at Miami. GO CANES!

If FSU doesn't lose, we will need some dominoes to fall like Arizona State getting beat by Arizona and a 2 loss Pac 12 South team taking down Oregon. We just need one of these conferences to eliminate itself, and we are in.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

Looking at the list of locations, Gameday went to Clemson twice last year. I was basing the possibility off of the idea that Gameday doesn't go to the same school twice in 1 year. They'll be going to the SEC.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

And I know it's a longshot, but College Gameday might go to Columbus if Michigan wins at Maryland and we win our games.

The slate of games is: 

  • Mississippi State at Ole Miss (They've gone to both campuses)
  • Florida at Florida State (They've been to FSU)
  • Auburn at Alabama (They are at Alabama this week)
  • Oregon at Oregon State
  • Kansas at Kansas State
  • Michigan State at Penn State
  • Notre Dame at USC (I'd say this is the favorite, but ND isn't really in playoff contention anymore)
  • Michigan at Ohio State
  • South Carolina at Clemson
  • Minnesota at Wisconsin
  • Georgia Tech at Georgia (Possible, but neither are in contention for the playoffs)
Comment 11 Nov 2014

It's a new era. For the first time, the Big Ten is having night games in November. I am downright giddy thinking about the possibility of the biggest rivalry in college football being played at night. The atmosphere at night games has always been more intense, and I don't see anything wrong with intensifying the greatest rivalry even more. That could only help the rivalry, which has wavered a bit with Michigan being down.

Comment 02 Nov 2014

I can't wait until we knock them off and they lose their "bragging rights." They truly have acted like they've been a dynasty for the past decade rather than 1-2 seasons. Don't get me wrong, they have a very good team. They haven't looked as good as they were last year though and I think OSU has been the hungrier team this season. This one could go either way, but I say the Bucks power through!

Comment 22 Oct 2014

As a Pennsylvania Buckeye, they are a full-blown rival personally for me. I HATE THEM, possibly even more than ttun. Looking forward to wiping the Happy out of that Valley this weekend.