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MSU @ Oregon line

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September 2, 2014 at 10:16am

I expect this number to come down some as we get closer to Saturday, but the current line of                -13.5 strikes me as incredibly high especially given Oregon's history of struggling with "MSU-type" teams. And, unfortunately we know firsthand how dangerous it can be to understimate this team.

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Setting a line for Oregon is tough because they turn a 7 point deficit into a 21 point lead faster than anyone. If MSU can stop the big play then this line is way too big but if Oregon gets their track stars in open space then this could be a long game for Sparty

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Eastern teams traveling to the west coast usually account for something like a +7 or so.  Still a bit high IMO.  I would've guessed a -9.5 or -10.5 opening line for Oregon.  Still don't know much about either team, we know they'll both be good, but the "how good?" hasn't been answered by playing South Dakota and Jacksonville State.  I still like Oregon in this game and am picking them in my CFB Pick'em contest.  Mariota is the real deal.

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Not sure what to think about this game. That line does seem high. I'm excited to MSU's depth on D. . .

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Hoping to get some value with a MSU moneyline bet, cant wait to see where that is


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We'll definitely see MSU tested in a way that they weren't when they played us or Stanford. The old adage in boxing is equally true in football IMO, styles make games.

With us, MSU knew they had the horses up front to contend with OSU and stacked the box while saying "Braxton, beat us with your arm if you can," and the passing game wasn't up to the task.

With Oregon it's a whole different animal: They WILL toss the rock. They WILL run the rock. Mariota WILL scramble.

BUT, I'm sure Dino and Pat are up to the task. If Stanford can give em fits then I'm sure MSU will.

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I'm not sold on the Ducks. Year after year they struggle against teams that punch back. 13 1/2 pts. Gotta be kidding. Take Sparty every day of the week and twice on Sunday with this spread. Sparty wins straight up.



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Definitely seems high to me. MSU was the most underrated team in the country last year, and it looks like they're maintaining that status again this season. Meanwhile, the Ducks remain the perennially most-overrated team in the country... I think only Baylor in recent years has approached anywhere near the same level of undeserved hype as Oregon.

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It does seem high. Do not sleep on MSU, we've learned this – and perhaps, so will they.

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I don't think its that outrageous. Its an away game so that counts for around 4 points in CFB, plus MSU is travelling to the west coast on a normal week (not like travelling for the rose bowl). Throw in the fact MSU has lost some of that great D from last year, and I would have put the line around 10-12, so 13.5 makes a little bit of sense.

That being said if gambling were legal in DC id likely hammer a MSU cover and MSU ML depending on where that's at


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Seems high to me but like others have pointed out, Oregon can score so fast that it has to be tough to come up with an accurate spread.

I'm just hoping Sparty can pull the upset in a high-scoring game, so that Oregon can give other fast spread teams (like, say, the one here in Columbus) a some good ideas on how to exploit that D.

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Vegas lines often seem to favor West coast power teams, not sure if it is geography or what.  I am taking Sparty straight up.  I am hoping for a nice money line.


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