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Devoted and fanatical follower of tOSU, Xavier (alma mater), and Philly pro sports. Born and raised in NEO, which will always be home to me no matter where I live. Hate TTUN with an unbridled (and perhaps unhealthy) passion.


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Comment 20 May 2015

The Buckeyes also offered a pair of 2018 defensive backs from St. Thomas: Benjamin Sapp, Jr. and Asante Samuel, Jr. It's still very early to get excited about any 2018 prospect, but the Buckeyes' reputation at St. Thomas Aquinas means they're likely to be involved with these two players as well as many more in the upcoming years.

So I'm assuming the latter is THE Asante Samuel's kid, and the other is THE Benny Sapp's kid? if so, those are some unreal bloodlines on that HS team, along with the Bosa/Kumerow lines. And Cris coaching them up. No wonder they put more kids in the league than any other HS.  

Comment 23 Apr 2015

Born and raised in Akron. Went to undergrad at Xavier and law school at UC (I know, I know). Moved out of state when I went on active duty in 2003, and haven't lived in OH since. Currently reside in B1G country in Chicago though.

Buckeye fan from birth, but my fandom intensified when fellow Walsh Jesuit alum Mike Vrabel went to tOSU and dominated. 

Comment 22 Apr 2015

Huge Bayern fan. What a match yesterday. Have a feeling they are going to draw Barca in the semis, which will be tough with Robben, Ribery, Alaba, Etc. all likely still out.

Comment 13 Apr 2015

Hell, I don't want to see that douche get fired. Rather, I'd love to see ESPN replace Lou with Robert Smith or Joey Galloway (but not Spiels -- I love his booth commentary at games). Let's see if that hater has the same spew to share while an OSU alum (either of whom could kick his ass) is sitting 2 feet away. THAT would be some entertaining TV!  

Comment 23 Mar 2015

I'm a Xavier grad, so obviously I am biased. But seeing as how they reside within the borders of the great state of OHIO (even though the local airport does not), I think that good enough reason to throw some support behind them.

#BBN is the "northern" half-witted cousin of the detestable #rolltide nation. No thanks.