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Comment 19 hours ago

Couldn't agree with this more. Oftentimes watching Braxton reminded me of watching Donovan McNabb (unfortunately for me I am a huge Eagles fan). Both are supreme athletes with God-given guns for arms. But I can't tell you how many times I saw McNabb throw a ball in the dirt or fail to hit a wide open guy in stride, reducing a potenial long gain into a 6-yard gain or resulting in an incomplete pass. We've seen the same from Brax. Give me an accurate arm like Brees or Brady any day of the week.

Also, let's not forget how many times Brax and that gun overthrew a wide open receiver deep. That throw Guiton made against Cal last year, referenced above, is a perfect example of a QB thowing a catchable ball and allowing his WR the chance to make a play. Don't get me wrong, losing Brax sucks and our O might take a step back (due more in part to the inexperience at OL  than the QB, IMO), but Meyer and Herman will continue to get these guys in space and hopefully JT4 will be able to fill that distributor role.  

Comment 08 Jul 2014

An embarrassment of riches to be sure. And the article doesn't even mention Jalin, Noah Brown (who might redshirt), Dixon, or hybrids like Dontre or Samuel. If the line can hold up and Braxton continues his development, the sky is the limit!