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B1G week #2 predictions

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August 31, 2014 at 9:25am

Western Illinois @ Wisconsin- Wisconsin will run the ball to a 3 TD lead, then work on their passing game 38- 10

McNeese State @ Nebraska- another 400 yard rushing game for Nebraska, and another win 47-7

Western Kentucky @ Illinois- Illini wins 28-14

Akron @ Penn State- Hard to bet against Christian Pickenburgh here.  PSU wins 35- 14

Central Michigan @ Purdue- Purdue looks to go 2-0 in the MAC, and they do, Purdue 24-21

Howard @ Rutgers- Rutgers looked tough in Seattle, should win 45-14

Northern Illinois @ Northwestern- eesh... Not much confidence in Northwestern, I know nothing about NIU, but I'm picking the MAC here 27-24.

Maryland @ South Florida- Terps win 35-14

Ball State @ Iowa- Iowa plods along 28-13

Middle Tennessee @ Minnesota- in a shoot out, Gophers win 36-35

Michigan State @ Oregon- want the Spartans to win, and I think they do 31-29

Michigan @ Notre Dame- in the only game of the year I really want Michigan to win, but they don't.  There is a reason Notre Dame and Brian Kelly let Gohlston back on the team after cheating ( he's difference maker good).  Notre Lame administers one of Brady Hoke's tenure final 3 death Blows 30-21.

Virginia Tech @ Ohio State- Buckeyes win 27-19.  


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I think the Akron vs Penn St game will be close.

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agreed! hackenberg was forcing throws all day, and while i root for B1G teams not playing michigan, they were very lucky to beat UCF

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I was thinking Akron would win this too before yesterday, but their QB threw for 450 yards against what might be the best secondary they play all year (UCF was all seniors and returning starters from last year and deep). And he has dust bunnies for offensive linemen. They'll blow this game open.

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at one point, UCF's best CB left the game with a leg issue.  i did not watch enough to see if he returned, but his replacement was victimized almost immediately for a 60+ yard TD.  not sure how he fared the rest of the game.  agree about the OL though, saw a few sacks and a lot of pressure

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it'll definitely be close, but i'm not sure notre dame pulls it off.  from what i saw of notre dame's game against rice, they didn't move the ball consistently or effectively.  gohlston scrambled around and bought time, or improvised and used his legs.  he is missing their only proven returning WR, and you can hate them if you want, but gohlston will be pressured more by michigan's front 4, and return lots of talent and experience at LB and DB.  they will (hopefully) be able to minimize the damage he commits.  he's talented for sure, so gohlston will get his.  on the other side of the ball, their academic suspensions will hurt notre dame.  they have a bunch of new starters up front, and doug nussmeier seems like he'll put the players in positions to make good plays.  unlike borges, who only called a few great games in his career (last year's version of The Game being one of them, with far more duds).  i think michigan will move the ball just enough on the ground to be able to pass, and will move the ball through the air well between funchess, darboh, chesson, and norfleet.  outside of jaylon smith and sheldon day, they aren't starting anyone to write home about.  i'm not saying it won't be close, especially in touchdown jesus' shadow, but i think michigan has the talent on both sides of the ball to get it done.

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Ill say Wis wins this one .

Neb rolls again and runs it up.

Ill wins but closer game then people think it will be. Just don't have that much faith in Ill.

PissU for now and all theirs fans will start talking shit about how their back adding a bigger joy in watching the melt down in a few weeks.

I want to go with Purdon't i really do but they will be in a battle i think hope im wrong.

Rutgers in this one and should win by 3 score's

Im going with Northern Ill in this one because they seem to always find a way from time to time to pull the upset.

Maryland wins this one.

Iowa in a nap time game.

Minn i know nothing at all about Middle Tenn.

I truely want MSU to win this one for The Big 10 but not sure who win's this game so for me it's a toss up game.

NDShame and Scum i could care less about picking this game because i won't win my pick since the ground won't open up and take both teams with it.

tOSU and if the O Line plays better than yesterday it should a higher scoring game for us.

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I think 6 B1G teams get fairly easy wins against overmatched teams: Wisconsin, Nebraska, Penn State, Rutgers, Minnesota, and Iowa all win by double digits.

Illinois could easily lose to Western Kentucky but I think they win 27-24.

Same goes for Purdue against Central Mich. but I think they also win 38-30

Maryland is a team that I am buying as a competitive team in the B1G and I think they show it by drilling South Florida 38-13

Northwestern.....Who knows about this team? I have to pick one of these B1G teams to lose a game like this and NW is my choice.  NIU 34-33

scUM-ND:  I do root for scUM in this game every year, and I have a feeling they are going to be better this year. scUM 31-26

Sparty-Oregon: I really want to pick MSU in this game and I would pick them if the game was in E. Lansing or maybe even on a Neutral field. Not at Autzen Stadium, though.  Ducks 31-28

VT-BUCKEYES:  Home Field Advantage, Chris Ash's D against a new VT QB, and a few explosive plays by the Buckeyes leads to a 24-9 win for win 2 out of 15 this year for OSU.

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Went 10-4, week #1...paid the price for lack of faith in Purdue and Rutgers.  Had too much faith in Northwestern and Gary Anderson playing Melvin Gordon in the 2nd half.

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Agreed with NIU vs Northwestern, also agre with the first post that psu akron will be a closer game. I am hoping for an MSU win.

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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ND's best DB post suspensions is now injured...their oline is unremarkable, and our defense is actually playing defense this year...supposedly. Our oline cant run block worth a damn...unless you are app state, but they should be average to above average pass blocking.

Good luck trying to cover funchess without any first team DB talent at all. Golson is a good qb, but I honestly dont think he will be able to make things go like he would normally be able to had they not lost some of their best offensive players in the scandal. If daniels and company were in this game I think we probably lose. The only real thing that worries me is the game is away...

UM 31 neuter lame 20

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