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Comment 4 hours ago
You keep stating I'm putting down, making fun if less fortunate....get off it. You don't know me. Preach to somebody else, don't twist my comments to achieve moral high ground.
Comment 8 hours ago

Definitely less balloons than when I was my kids age.  Suprised there are any at all.  Guess it wouldn't be very safe for the people lining the street, if the balloons we made like Hot Air balloons?

48 hrs from now, I'm going to be nervous.  

Comment 9 hours ago

Happy Thanksgiving!

I guess, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with my kids, that the country's Helium shortage is over?

Comment 10 hours ago

As you say, nobody knows their situation, yet you imply I'm making fun of less fortunate....for all we know that lady may be more financially sound than I.  You are assuming as much as I am, here.

IMO, you lost sight of the topic as you climbed up on your soapbox. You can get 60" flat screen TVs at Walmart for $500.  And it's not like a TV is a necessity for life, like food, clothing or shelter.

Comment 19 hours ago

Yeah, no skin off my back, to each his/her own.  I do think it is chasing the deal, rather than the amount of $$$ saved.  Like Cabbage patch and Beannie baby's before them.....have to get it.

i remember a coworkers wife waited in line 2 hrs for a free $10 Papa John's pizza a few years ago...coworker didn't see anything wrong with it, I just laughed.

Comment 19 hours ago

Warriors can, but unforsceen Inguries are possible.  Can the Warriors go 55-10 from here on out, yep.  As a Cavs fan, I'm hoping bright lights of success disrupted Warriors teamwork......hard to imagine Green, Curry, Iguadala, Barnes sharing Spotlight cohesively too much longer.  I guess I doubt Curry's leadership.  Not ready to put him on parr with Bird, Magic, Jordan,  Duncan ( as cohesive superstars that win multiple titles).

Comment 19 hours ago

I respect the reigning NBA Champs, but like the Cavs As much, if teams are healthy and play again in the playoffs.  Warriors can't keep up pace till June.

Comment 20 hours ago

For their 3 guarding Love on the 3 point line and Love crashing the boards.  

Cavs got out rebounded by Warriors (green, Barnes, iqudala?) expect size of Andy, Love to make a difference in Cavs favor

Comment 20 hours ago

Cam newton.  The best player in college, when he won the Hei$man.  He'll benefit from Brady's age/retirement. 

Like him or not, he is skilled. 

Comment 20 hours ago

Hope the Cavs have Mozgov back.....because if the Cavs pushed the issue, the Warriors have no defensive answer to Mozgov down low.






that lineup beats the Warriors in 7gmaes, IMO.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Oh the Memories.  Back When Cleveland played Big Boy Football.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

THe staff of 11W shaded your comment, not me.....I'm just an average Joe.

Now that you have rehashed your post, it comes across better (you didn't have to use "ass....crap....pathetic.....or stupid" to make your point). Your first attempt at stating it came across very abbrasive and over the top.  You can have your opinion, and I certainly disagree, so whatever.

I bet you yearn for the days of losing to Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Purdue.....those were fun days.  

Comment 23 Nov 2015

That post is still there, just have to look harder to read it.  

In Urban I Trust my ass... Urban has said same crap entire season.  It's clear coaching staff is dysfunctional -

Hot take

new hires, worse yet, average hires who don't know what to do with the talent that is notably better than Nebraska. 

Urban or Beck?  His post is criticizing Meyer

Other than two games against AL and OR (trust me, I am forever thankful), I haven't seen Urban live up to the coaching legend that everyone here talks about.   Against WI game last year was against WI.... and rest of big ten he has dominated, well, it's Big 10... we lost 2 key games against MSU last two years and lost (Big ten champ game and past weekend).   Beating the Indiana's, Illinois, 20 game streak against pathetic competition doesn't impress at all. 

Ok, sound irrational, but Ok

In 4 years, other than 2 games in playoff (again, BIG games there), what has Urban done that's so much above the rest of the world?  I don't see it. 

Michigan has been down for 10 years... Urban won 3 games there against pitiful school under Hoke.  He has lost to MSU 2 times.  Rest of Big ten isn't even worthy of talking about...

Please, no more this BS - "in urban we trust"..... he's good coach but this God like praise is stupid

nobody on 11W....and read a ton of posts on these boards, so I can safely say NOBODY has said Uban is a GOD

Stupid is what that post was.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Yeah, Urban always talked about the "Percy Harvin" Role, not the "Tebow" Role.  Suprised it has taken so long to address the shit play calling, but it must be hard to avoid tipping the apple cart when you are winning on the Big Stage.  Herman and Beck was/are obviously instructed by Meyer, and Meyer's offense calls for the numbers advantage when a QB becomes the ball carrier., it must be hard for OC's to veer away from their bosses philosophy.

Meyer says the "Percy Harvin" Role is important, yet Jalin, Braxton and Samuel, 3 players seemingly hand picked to become the filler of the role, are not used....very hard to explain.  

We shall see.  

Go Bucks!