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Comment 13 hours ago
@ THE game w/ wife and kids. Lol. 2 pops, 2 bags of popcorn, 1 bag of peanuts =$28 For the wife and I, 2 -16oz Miller Lite in can =$16
Comment 06 Feb 2016

Yeah, as I watch Lebron's career, I keep waiting for him to develop that post game, but it isn't happening.  I keep waiting for him to be a consistent 80% free throw shooter (make those freebies that might help create easier game situations for the team). I keep waiting for him to take over a series, like he did years ago against the Pistons, but it doesn't happen.  Hate to not pick the best basketball player Cleveland has ever had, but I keep waiting for that magic moment.............and I keep waiting.

i love watching Lebron, because I'm a big Cleveland fan....a big Cavs fan.  I will say that I think Lebron's career arch has peaked, and he is either running level on that top plague, or he is headed back to Base Camp.

Comment 06 Feb 2016

Not trying to make an excuse for Matta, because, as you point out he is responsible for his Staff, the team's record, his recruiting, team's fundamentals (free throws, hustle)....etc.  I will say that it is hard for me to believe that Matta, after his success at Butler, Xavier and now Ohio State, has forgotten how to coach, because he has such a strong record of being a top coach, or that he has lost his edge.  

I do think it is fair to look at his coaching staff.  Matta has a strong coaching tree of former assistants, but the past few years nobody is offering the assistants their own gig.  When you lose assistants, because they get their own head coach job, you have strong assistants.........when your program somewhat treads water or falls back, and nobody wants to hire your assistants, maybe the assistants aren't top quality.  I don't know, and I'd hate to slander a guy doing his job that I know little about.  However that is the direction I'd look, the coaching staff.....talent evaluation, fundamentals teaching seem to be miss firing.

Comment 06 Feb 2016

Cavs do have a way to go.  Lebron will be in the spotlight come playoff time.  Will we get the G.O.A.T. Or the Lebron from the past playoff series vs the Orlando Magic?  The fan in me has hope.  The "Cleveland" in me is quite pessimistic about a Championship run.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Hoisting contested 3's is one thing, but the Cav's offense in general is another.  If they shoot and don't make it, there are 3 Cavs standing behind the 3 point arc, the Cav that misses the outside shot.......that leaves one Cav in the paint to battle for the rebound against 3-4 opposing players!!!!!!!!  The Cavs should have a strength in their post.  Love and Thompson just signed huge $$$ deals, Andy, Mozgov and 6'8" Lebron should be wrecking the boards. Love was a 15+rebound/game guys in what do the Cavs do?  Put Lebron and Love on the outside and play ISO ball.   I'd my hair out if I weren't bald.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

To be fair, Blatt wasn't the answer, and most/all of the qualified Canidates are already employed on other NBA teams........however the Warriors TEAM is making Luke Walton look like a genius, in his rookie attempt.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Where are Butler, Wisconsin, WSU, Virginia Common Wealth, Florida Gulf Coast......right now?  None won the Championship, and none have the record of success Ohio State has had under Matta, in the same time span.  What do you want man?  Matta isn't perfect, is that what you want to hear?

you think either of the Miller brothers would come to Ohio State and top what Matta has done?  Throughout History, except when OSU pulled it together in the 60's,  Ohio State just hasn't been a basketball destination school.  It's not an excuse, it's a fact.  Oscar Robertson went to UC, Samaki Walker, Lawrence Funderburke, Kenny Gregory, Steph Curry, Gary Trent, Wally Szerbiak (sp?) lots of basketball players from Ohio go elsewhere to college.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

If it were just that easy.....everybody would do it.    Ohio State isn't a top 20 recruit Basketball Destination School.  Never has been.

Matta has missed on some recruits, but it could be worse.  

Comment 05 Feb 2016

WTF kind of offense is going to be successful when you have 3 guys standing still outside the 3 point arc, one guy dribbling, and one guy in the paint?  Cavs play 2 on 5 on offense, and they are at a rebounding disadvantage with their isolation sad.  

To quote Dennis Green., they are who we thought they were.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

I will usually downvote any Michigan Fan 11W Poster that uses the Michigan Helmet or Michigan related images as their avatar. IMO, they are here peacocking and fouling up the chi of this site.  Not always, but usually.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

What is Thad supposed to do, to show leadership, beyond teaching the game, being professional at work, and caring for the players?  Do you think he should get gym shorts on during practice and show them how to run sprints?


Comment 04 Feb 2016

150+ teams don't win the NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship each year.  Every year is a new team.  Championships are hard to win.

counting football and basketball, since 1970 there have been 90 NCAA National Championships.....Ohio State has claimed 2 of these (both in football) yet many posters here act as if Ohio State is somehow automatically supposed to win it all each year, instead realizing the special circumstances and ingredients that make a National Championship team.  Why do we have entitled fans, when history shows we will win less than 5% of the Football and Basketball Championships that get played?  

Enjoy the journey, don't hate the failure, relish the success.  Being a Buckeye is more than the need to be in first place, right?

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Cavs going to the "one guy dribbling a lot, one guy in the paint to screen, 3 guys standing still behind the 3 point arc" offense.   Better shoot and make it, because nobody is in the paint to rebound it.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

I think Cooper also famously responded to Rice Football coach Ken Hatfield's complaint about "running up the score", when OSU beat Rice in 1996 70-7....."maybe you ought to get a better defense."