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Comment 21 Oct 2016
Back when I was a child, 56 sounded old....but with my years, I now feel 56 is much too young to die. R.I.P.
Comment 15 Oct 2016
Wasn't aware of original comment, or editing and deletions. Perhaps in a thread of this magnitude, once a comment gets downvoted to Gray and comments need edited....Mods should just nuke/delete the comment and responses to such comment, in order to keep the focus on the topic. This would end further confusion, and sharpen the message.
Comment 15 Oct 2016
In defense of Silky....a bad comment doesn't make a bad person. The commenter may have posted an inappropriate comment, but maybe he was being literal. There may be many reasons Silky has the feelings he does. You don't know. I will say that keeping this thread's focus positive and in an attempt to strengthen AB's fight is probably a better path than slamming another poster/person. Downvotes usually do their job, here.
Comment 13 Oct 2016
A day above ground is better than a day below it....ask the friends and families of people that no longer have that choice. Get a hot cup of coffee and a warm cinnamon roll, Fart in a crowded elevator, take a walk in a need to enjoy some simple pleasures, brother.
Comment 12 Oct 2016
I don't care for the things you listed, as well. I prefer college football, and like cfb's diverse offenses and the prominence of the run game. I loved the NFL, when a 50/50 run/pass ratio was the goal. Miss 1,000 yard backs in the NFL and get bored of 3 yard pass plays to Danny Amendola.
Comment 12 Oct 2016
If the facts are indeed " murky", then the article is also murky. S.I. may want to wait for the whole story to come out, because , it may "go deeper" or it may just be tarnishing an image. Being shitfaced drunk isn't an open invitation to get murdered. Drawing a gun on somebody and pulling the trigger is serious stuff.
Comment 29 Sep 2016


seriously, if he doesn't want the NFL job, the money and guidelines that go with it, then time for Cleveland to find somebody who does.  

Comment 26 Sep 2016

Um, nobody has done that in CFB history.  Herman is a good coach, I need see a bigger picture than 16 games before I could even mildly entertain that notion.

Comment 26 Sep 2016

He could learn to pick and eat grass, instead of Boogers, there.

Comment 26 Sep 2016

Assuming Ohio State beats Rutgers.

if I were a voter, I would be hard pressed to not put the Louisville/Clemson winner #2.  I can't see putting Michigan ahead of Ohio State.  The motivation the Buckeyes could get from "sliding down" in the rankings, can't be a bad thing, as the season moves forward.

Comment 26 Sep 2016

Had a 16" pepperoni, from there, about 3 weeks ago.....probably the last pie I'll ever get from Myles with it closing so soon, and the wait already so long......too bad, was right up there as my favorite pizza I've ever had.  It shares the top spot with Johnstown's Villa Pizza.

all things come to an end, just sucks when it's a great thing.

Comment 25 Sep 2016

I'm sure Danny could be a Buckeye, if he wanted to, but the trouble is OSU can only have about 20 or so do it with a scholarship.  College isn't cheap, and the chance for a full ride scholarship is important to most.  

Clark could always be a walk on, but doubt he wants to pay for college.

I don't know Danny Clark.  I don't know any other kids being recruited by Ohio a State, for football.  I don't know any of Ohio State's football coaches.  I don't know what I'm talking about, here, lol.

Comment 25 Sep 2016

They must not have realized that Les coached all those game without air conditioning. If I were Les, I would appeal the firing to Louisiana District Attorney Jerry Jones.