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Comment 19 May 2017
If Michigan (September heismans and early high ranking) and Southern Cal ( best team playing in November and next year's heisman) could morph together, they would have won the last 20 National Championships and Heisman trophies.
Comment 19 May 2017
Defending B1G champs, @ Michigan, @ Iowa, early season game vs perenial power Oklahoma, @ Nebraska. Having confidence is one thing, but saying there is no chance of 3 losses is a tad absurd.
Comment 16 May 2017
How can you still support Thad? Well for me I find it more appealing to stand behind a Buckeye in bumpy stretches than stand over them. Nobody Had commuted a crime, here. Had his time come? Maybe. Does it suck to lose? Is it the most important thing on Earth? No. Go Bucks.
Comment 14 May 2017
The point that Thad Matta is currently struggling at his job as basketball coach at Ohio State should not really morph into a pile on, where we make this situation one of personal insults. not saying this is the case in this thread, but the premise reeks of torches and pitchforks.
Comment 09 May 2017

Thanks, cancer does suck.

wasnt expecting a miracle, but the process, examinations and medication choices left a lot to be desired.  

she did take some moments to go to the North windows on the top floors to watch people gather on Saturdays.  She was an Ohio University graduate, but a Buckeye, at heart.

Comment 09 May 2017

She was bleeding from her tumors, her cancer was stage 4 and as of yet uncureable.  She was taking experimental cemos as it was, and her doctor wanted her to try a new cemo but the insurance company wouldn't cover the cost unless there were baseline tests done to get information from the experiment, since they couldn't stop her Insurance coverage.  No new cemo and she spent her last week on pain mess, instead of having that little hope that maybe the next cemo would save her.

sorry I'm a bit bitter, still.  I know it's nobody's fault.

i found the nurses and nurse's assistants to be very kind and did a fantastic job giving care and comfort.  I did feel that the doctors didn't communicate very well and did not spend much time making observations on my sister.  

Comment 09 May 2017
1.1 million a year?...smh. still don't understand why the James Cancer Hospital was seeking over $10,000 per kemo treatment that could have helped my sister. Insurance wouldn't cover her, so she had to ride out her time on pain killers. Sometimes life gets tough and we have to change our lives.
Comment 09 May 2017
Civil War didn't follow script, however. Guess we shall see. Would be odd for Warlock not to be in it, and would make for an awesome character introduction. Haven't Squirrel Girl and Howard the Duck defeated Thanos in past comics?
Comment 09 May 2017
It is a safe bet that the Soul Stone will be used in Thor 3. One would think Hela uses it to try and collect Asgardian souls....but gets stopped by Hulk and Thor. Hulk has no soul and could be immune to its effects. Really don't imagine the Soul gem being in Spiderman Homecoming or Black Panther.