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Comment 17 hours ago

Kijana Carter rushed for almost 1,600 yards at almost 8 yards a carry, won the Rose Bowl by 18 points.  Though Penn State had a few close games that year, they should have at least won a share of the National Title.

The way I looked at it, 1994 Penn Stae was like 2002 Miami Hurricanes  but with a lesser quality defensive unit.  Kerry Collins was Ken Dorsey..... Kijana was MaGahee ( but better).... Kyle Brady was a poor man's Kellen Winslow...... And we know how that worked out against the 2002 Buckeyes.

Comment 17 hours ago

Loved the 2006 battle of undefeateds against Michigan.  That was one hell of a team. For some reason I erased most of my memories of that season, after halftime of the Florida Game.

The 2006 season goes like:

Revenge of Texas, in Austin

Troy Smith wins Heisman vs Penn State

Beat Michigan in a game for the Ages

Complete Darkness.....

Comment 18 hours ago

No Kevin McHale or Danny Ainge

No Paul Pierce or Cedric Perkins

No Bill Walton or Greg Kite

No Big Babby Davis

2 Buckeyes...... Hmmm.... I'll be able to root for the Celtics for onc in my life.  Buckeyes to Bean Town.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Like the Aaron Gibson and Dana Howard mentions.  The Big 10 has been absolutely loaded at linebacker in the past 20 years.  

Lamar Woodley of 2006 was a man amongst boys.  Courtney Brown had 13.5 sacks and 29 tackles for loss with 3 forced fumbles in 1999.  Chris Gamble was also a man amongst boys throughout 2002 ......hard to pass over some of these greats.

Tim Dwight was electric, but would you rather have him return a kick over Ted Ginn?

Comment 20 Jul 2014

QB:  Drew Brees and Troy Smith

Rb: Ron Dayne and Eddie George

Wr: Braylon Edwards, Terry Glenn and Charles Rodgers

Ol: Orlando Pace, Korey Stringer, Jake Long, Steve Hutchinson, Jeff Hartings

Te: Dallas Clark

Dt: Dan Wilkinson

DE: Adrian  Clayborn and Erasmus James

Lb: Pat Fitzgerald,James Lauriniatis, Dan Connor, Greg Jones

Db: Antione Winnfield, Mike Doss, tyrone Carte, Charles Woodson

Punter: Andy Groom

Pk: Mike Nuggents

Kick returner:  Ted Gin Jr

Need more time to get names right

Comment 20 Jul 2014

If Michigan fails to win 9 games before the Bowl games are played, then their season should be considered a failure.   

Comment 19 Jul 2014
Expecting another person to want and love things, because you/we do, is pretty silly. Let the young man forge his own path, and wish him the best. Its an exciting time in his life. He should be proud of the amount of choices he has. His choice to make.
Comment 19 Jul 2014

If Brandon gets credit for proving that organizations have to change even things that are core to their organization....... Some may get confused why Rich Rod wasn't given more time, and Hoke was brought in because he understood the Michigan Way.  Rich Rod may not have had time ( granted may not have had the ability) to build a viable defensive unit/scheme, which led to his early departure.  However, watching Michigan amass negative rushing yards in back to back games, something almost unheard of in the past 40 years of Michigan football, only to met with unwavering support for the Coach from Brandon, seems to speak, to an outsider, as some sort of a clueless factor.  If Brandon saw failure from Rich Rod before he was given a full 4 years to change things, I'm not sure what he is not seeing from Hoke's attempt.    Bowl game records, games against Sparty and the Buckeyes, plus dwindling student attendance seem to bee strong signs of an issue that need addressed.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

I may have heard the same music, during the weeks after the Appalachian State loss, as my friends that are Michigan fans kept saying that "they would beaten you guys too, but probably worse.".   

Denial is pure Michigan.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

Cooper's 3-8 Bowl game record never helped his image at Ohio State, either.  Sure the Rose Bowl win vs Jake Plummer was his tenure summit, and the Sugar Bowl win vs Texas AtM was a fine feather in the cap, but the other years not so good.  All that was left was an exciting performance by Raymont Harris vs BYU to outweigh a disappointing show against Airforce, and the feel of being out coached as OSU brought equally talented teams to the field against Georgia, Auburn, Florida State, Tennessee, Syracuse, Alabama and South Carolina.

Always carefull not to say Michigan is worse off than OSU was during the end of the Cooper era, because it only to a coaching change a couple of special recruits mixed into recruiting classes coming together in a matter of 2 years to win a National Championship.  Carroll at USC, Sumlin at Texas AtM, Saban at Alabama, Tressel at OSU...... A proud program can bounce back quickly if the right coach is brought in to steer the ship.

Comment 13 Jul 2014

Yeah, I believe Baro has been around 11w long enough to know the routine.  Probably 50% of the people opening the thread up for the first time thought this was going to be the Urban Dictionary Sausage Fest.  

And after the OP's opening picture said 'hot woman handling some sausage', his NSFW Spidey Sense should have been tingling....

Thanks for the downvote though, bro.

Comment 12 Jul 2014

Yeah....... Well...... Ummm. Pretty obvious Samwell likes a rowdy round of Butt Darts.