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Comment 2 hours ago

I don't know, bro.  Not a big soccer buff, and not very aware of what Hope Solo looks like......I did a quick Google search (results very not safe for work or kids or wife) Hope Solo nude........and I would have to pass on that .  I think you may need room fumigation, full body condom and a thorough series of shots to get through that romp.

Comment 4 hours ago

To b fair, they do have reasonable contributors

I am happy with the commit but my only worry is Urban backed away from Green for other RBs a few yrs back and we were all giddy we "stole him" from Urban and we see how Green compares to say an Elliott.  That said Harbaugh is not Hoke but it will be curious to see how he turns out vs the guys OSU had higher on their board.

only to be followed with

Urban can suck a fat one for all I care.  This Harbaugh guy knows a little bit about football I do believe.

Comment 6 hours ago

Don't worry, the next 2.5 months, the show will be flooded with arrogant Michigan fans that feel they are deserving a National Championship, because ......

a. harbaugh

b. Peppers

c. An easy ass OOC schedule

d. Their new QB OKorn is the second coming of Harbaugh himself, only equipped with Colin Kapernicks legs and Aaron Rodgers arm.

Comment 6 hours ago

Just be glad you aren't getting ESPN's "The Right Time" with Bomani Jones sent to you on 97.1.  Up here in Bowling Green/Findlay/Fostoria, ESPN radio saddles us with "The Right Time" on the 4-7pm drive home slot, and the program is horrendous.  I agree with some of Bomani's opinions, but every day......every day, you get to here a guy who built his house with white and black blocks, bitch about the color scheme.

Comment 13 hours ago
Would be interesting to see Oklahoma get in with a loss to Houston (if they lose to Houston, id think they lose to OSU, as well) or Houston get in with a loss to Oklahoma.
Comment 22 Aug 2016

What makes you think Clark needs "to chill".  Maybe he is just focusing on his senior year of high school and being done with summer 2/day practices.  Don't think Clark owes anybody anything.  

Comment 21 Aug 2016

Really holding my high expectations for the seasons at bay, until the Buckeyes are done with their game against Oklahoma.  Should be a great game and a decent barometer of where the 2016 Buckeye team is.  

Comment 19 Aug 2016

In Jr high, I bought 3 packs of 1986 Fleer NBA basketball cards, on a whim, when I was heavy into football and baseball cards.  1986 was the first year that any major card company had printed NBA cards in a few years, so most of the players cards were rookie cards (first card available for their career) .  I got a Michael Jordan rookie card out of the 3 packs I purchased.  I was a Cavs fan, didn't like Jordan or the Bulls then (came to respect him and the team for their talent, later).  Anyway, I went to school with a number of Jordan fans,and ended up trading the Jordan Rookie to a guy for 2 Atari 2600 video games (Canyon Bomber and Barnstorming).  

Comment 19 Aug 2016

Lol.  I thought you were done posting.  

 instead of stop being a lazy ass cheapskate and build a fence if he's so concerned about dogs in his yard.

And before anyone starts their garbage "he's protecting his family and a human life is more important than a dog's" bullshit, go ahead and read through all of the gasping reactions above on this thread. Reading the comments here, you'd think 11W is an arm of the ASPCA. Reading the comments on the thread I linked, you'd think 11W is a bunch of inbred Bama fans who ran out of varmint to shoot. Which are you? Regardless of your answer, I really am done with these forums now.

Way to come back and flame me for wanting my kids protected on my own property.  Go eat a shitburger.  

Comment 19 Aug 2016

Will say Alabama has been great,  But not miles ahead of Ohio State.  2 of Alabama's NC resulted in favorable opportunities to play for a title.  Their rematch against LSU, was questionable and they got a chance to play ND for the NC, due to Ohio State being ruled ineligible.    

If you look at Alabama and Ohio State's programs over the past 20 years, one could argue that they are about equal.

I think this year'sBuckeye team will have some growing pains on defense and can see OSU dropping their game against Oklahoma, but what do I know?

Comment 19 Aug 2016
Hot- 107 in Tuscon, Arizona in early August Cold - -17 in Vermont, -30 windchill in January. Work on airconditioners and furnaces on factory roofs quite often and swear that some summer days on those metal roofs are hotter than any desert.
Comment 18 Aug 2016

Didn't think so, haven't double checked.......however Mike Patrick is one of the worst announcers in the business.