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Comment 47 minutes ago

Thanks for the info.  

I still don't get it. Winston wasn't provided an attorney to aid in an investigation of eligibility.....he would only be found Ineligible, after he would have been possibly found guilty of sexual assault.  Winston was given representation in a matter of possible criminal conduct.  Maybe FSU has a broader definition of " investigation of eligibility".  

Comment 1 hour ago

Just odd that the accuser, who was a FSU student at the time wasn't provided school appointed and funded representation.  Also odd that Winston doesn't have to talk to University officials about the incident, because the school appointed attorney tells him not to talk to anyone.  Jimbo Fisher and the football staff got wind of the event from the TPD before the University probably did.  Winston was then appointed a School attorney and then doesn't have to discuss the event with anyone at the university?  Is the tail wagging the dog?

Comment 2 hours ago

Ever wonder why Winston's accuser claimed rape by a redshirt freshman QB from her school, she went to the police, the hospital for rape kit, got a lawyer and has not backed down on the allegation for about a year and a half?   

Publicity: Winston was a redshirt freshman unknown to most, other than recruit inks and FSU faithfull

Money:  Winston was a college student

Revenge:  17 months is an awfull long time to hold a grudge against someone over a soured relationship, even more so when more and more people are getting involved in the situation

Hell, with the TPD refusing to investigate, FSU not investigating, but instead providing JW an attorney, it all seems fishy.   How did the story remain mostly hidden from the media for 11 months?  Why wasn't JW's DNA taken, when he was identifiedby the accuser, and they had rape kit DNA to possibly match?  Why was JW never questioned by police or FSU?  If I were accused of such a thing, I damn sure would be telling the truth of the situation to anyone who would listen, and would not want to remain silent behind an attorney I wasn't paying for.   


Comment 13 Apr 2014

8.8 points 4.7 rebounds 1 block in an average of 20 minutes a game for a kid out of high school, isn't apoor performance.

However Amir Williams somehow managed to piece together 7.8 points 5.8 rebounds 1 block in an average of 23 minutes a game....... Must be the perceived hustle or strength image of the players, because I don't see any NBA team snagging Amir in the first round next year.

Comment 12 Apr 2014

He actually may be confused. .  His assistant coaches probably tell him not to wear the headset during the game, because the don't want to listen to a dumbass, while they are busy focusing on the game.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

Would be awesome to have any of the recruits, enjoy Saturday in Columbus enough to pledge OSU.  It's still 10 months and 1 football season till NLOI Day.  Lots to be done and a lot of momentum to be gained or lost.  Buckeyes are at the table for many National Big Fish that won't sign this early, though it would be nice to get 2015's QB on board and establish the hopeful leader.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

In all fairness, Miller (and I love Miller as a Buckeye) tends to miss reads and predetermine pitches and throws. Not say I could do even 25% of the things he does at QB.

Comment 10 Apr 2014
Miami of Ohio has, when they got roethlisberger. I know UC isn't in the mix for 80% of the recruits OSU is after, maybe Smith is just referring to a singular event.
Comment 10 Apr 2014
Could it be Tommy Tubs , from way back in his Auburn days, gearing up for UC's trip to Columbus?
Comment 09 Apr 2014

Anderson has only coached 1 game vs Ohio State, hard to think Smith would tie him to Bert's regime, even in a counter barb.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

On the same Buckeye wave- length....your response just had more characters and information to type out,  thus the 1 minute delay.