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Comment 14 hours ago

Maybe you are the only true victim Brewster, how do you stay so noble when trudging through these 11W forums filled with horrible football fans?  Must be hard for you to Jusitfy small mistakes at wording, when jumping on people when they may say something you take the wrong way.   You seem to take a few 2sentence responses on this forum and created one hell of a soapbox.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

Went over about 7:45, some guy I have never seen over there answered the door, he said the lady renter wasn't will have to try again tomorrow.

hoping she was out to a home improvement store buying some chain link fencing.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

Will do.  Really appreciate the input and help.  

August is right around the corner.  Football season is almost here.  Hanging outside tonight (no neighbor dog visits, BTW) and it feels like late August outside, instead of late July.  Ground is dry, Cicada are humming and a reddish/yellow full moon hanging in the sky.  For all the times situations test our patience, life is as good as can be!  

Go Bucks!

Comment 19 Jul 2016

But I care about my dog far more than practically anyone's kid. 

. Our society is fucked up, god forbid someone doesn't completely bow down and worship the whole ideal of kids and family are everything

so society is fucked up, because you don't think they understand you, yet you aren't fucked up when you won't give that same understanding to others? I don't get it, each his own.  

Comment 19 Jul 2016

First off, I really appreciate the I put on the know, the more you know kind of thing.

I spoke with the Wood County Dog Warden on the phone today, and developed a plan going forward.  In wood county, if you file a complaint about uncontained dogs on your property, the Dog Warden will make a visit to the dog owners check the dogs for licenses and vaccinations, plus advise the owners that further violations could result in escalating misdemeanor charges.  Photo or video proof of unwanted dog visits are preferred but not necessary for the warden to issue a citation.

i am going over to the renter, tonight, to tell her that any further dog visits will result in me calling the dog warden, and pass her along the Dog Warden process that will ensue.  I Will leave it at that, and see what happens.  An attorney, that helps our family, will draft and send a notice of the dog warden being called to the landlord if/when the situation arises.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

BGSU Bucks fan.  You are indeed, obviously, entitled to your opinion of the pit bull breed of dog, as am I.  I don't want that breed on my property, when my kids are outside playing, anymore than I would want a coyote.  My son has a friend/classmate that got pulled to the groundand received 25 stitches up his leg, when simply swinging on a swing set, by their family pit bull.

 Yes, every dog is different, I understand this.  The only dog to ever bite me was a golden retriever, of all breeds, and it bit me in the face.  My issue with the breed of pit bull around my kids is that they are rescued from some where, they don't heed human commands well, they are expanding what they think is their territory into my property and they are a very powerful dog that my kids couldn't defend themselves from, if shit hit the fan.

Im not continuing any ngative stereo type of your precious breed, I simply will not put my kids in a situation that's I feel could go potentially wrong.  To each his own.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

I have talked to another neighbor and he has kids the same age as mine.  He is concerned about the renter, as well.  My other neighbor is an 87 year old man who rarely goes outside, unless to mow the grass and pick up some sticks that fall out of his trees (he gets around good for his age, yet spends little time outside his house).  The neighbor with kids is willing to go to bat with the issue, their driveways, leading to attached garages are about 50ft apart, and he gets "visited" by the pits far more often.

Comment 18 Jul 2016

I do appreciate it.  This is similar to information I dredged up,  after the dogs first started coming into our yard (about 4 times before I said something to the neighbor). I'm not a trained reader of legal ordinances, but it almost seemed to me that the dog had to be menacing, attack a pet, attack a person, to become labeled a "nuisance"....and only after it was labeled a "nuisance" would the law do anything about the dog.

i am trying, to the best of my ability, to avoid the situation, in my own yard, where the neighbor's dog becomes a "nuisance".  I really don't want the dogs to menace, attack or bite anything in my yard, but it seems like that has to happen, before anyone affiliated with the law will do anything about it.  I really don't understand that.  I don't want the dogs in my yard.  I would hate myself if my wife or kids were ever bit or mauled.  

Comment 18 Jul 2016

I hear you.  My wife and I chose to have kids and buy our house.   The renter chose to get rescue pit bulls and is choosing not to contain them.  It seems so cut and dry to me, but I know that isn't necessarily going to resolve this.   I already told the renter how I felt about this and since that conversation the dogs have been in my yard 3 more times.  I feel the renter will except no responsibility for the dogs she chose to adopt.  I feel that I shouldn't have to shoulder any consequences of her choices......there is where the issue is.  

Comment 18 Jul 2016

The landlord is a real estate agent, and I think she would know these things.  That said, she has moved to Michigan and seems to want the situation to go away, so that her income stream is uninterupted.   After talking to the Wood County Dog Warden, and getting a feel for what their process is, I will be contacting an attorney, to see what their process will be.

i really appreciate the input and level headed responses to a frustrating situation.  I would much rather walk the correct path, here.

Comment 18 Jul 2016

Yeah, I guess it would.  Hate to have to even think that a stroll through the yard, in the evening, has to be done with smart phone in hand to get evidence of dog invasion.......however a resolution to the situation will bring a brighter day than for the situation to continue.

Comment 18 Jul 2016

Sound advice.  The path I'm thinking about taking, tomorrow.  The thing about the dogs in my yard is that they aren't roaming my yards for hours, they run in and a few minutes they are gone.  The warden and sherif are 20 minutes way in Bowling the time a call is made and a response is rendered, the dogs will no doubt, be back in their house.

Comment 18 Jul 2016

The landlord said there was no wording in the lease about not having pets, or dogs.....landlord said she also wasn't ready to sell the house, so she was going to continue renting to the lady so she had an income stream.  The landlord moved to Michigan and is 100 miles removed from the situation, she doesn't care about it.  

Comment 18 Jul 2016

I don't want a neighbor war, but I'm getting highly pissed that after working a long hot summer day, I can't walk around in my yard without bullshit my neighbor lets out her door.  I have a sneaky suspicion that this lady is the type to do some trashy petty things in response to having the warden called to their house.   In my county, a sheriff's deputy accompanies a warden on a call to a residence....I have a feeling that it will be game on, when I call the only  legal avenue I have to protect my piece of mind.

Comment 18 Jul 2016

I see it like it would be a black bear roaming my yard.  IMO, my children aren't safe.  And I shouldn't have to worry about their safety.  These dogs have been in my yard no pissed on my trees, marking what they think is their territory.  The dogs are animals and their behavior tells me that feel like my yard is their yard......what if one day, they don't like my kids playing in what they perceive is their yard?  Should I really have to worry about this?  

Im not going to go out and shoot a bear in my yard (there aren't any anyways), I'd call the division of wildlife.  I'm not going to shoot the dogs, and will call the dog warden.....however I don't believe the dog warden has any ability to do anything, unless the dog is labeled a "viscous" or threatening the time a vicious or threatening situation happens to document, it may be too late for my family.

Comment 18 Jul 2016

It is a dog breed issue....however any powerful dog breed unleashed, unfenced breed that didn't heed a halt command in my yard would make me nervous.....,Rot, German Sheppard, neighbors love of a dog should end at my property line, when I weigh my concern for my 100lb child playing in the backyard....

2 Pomerainians wouldn't bother me, because my kids and wife could reasonably defend themselves.