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Great take on last night's beatdown

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August 29, 2014 at 6:54pm

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Great find! I've thought this for a long time now, and the author does a good job articulating it. TAMU and MIZZOU (in just 2 years time) have both had tremendous success in CFB's most elite conference, and it isn't because they started drinking magic koolaid upon their arrivals that suddenly gave them elite talent and "SEC speed.". It's because they've developed excellent game plans offensively and the rest of the league is slow to adjust.

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Won good money last night on that one.  SC was too hyped and cocky.

Go Bucks!

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Well done Go1 - I think you're buying the first round

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Yeah I laugh when mid of the pac Big 12 teams can come to the mighty SEC and pretty much own the SEC.  I'm amazed at how over looked that is.

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~~The Tiger roster isn't exactly overrun with Rhodes Scholars, but John Chavis understands that complexity and pace is best dealt with stressing simplicity and assignment clarity.  Tackling improves, aggression is unleashed, turnovers get forced, long plays over the top don't happen.  Stressing broad applicable principles over specific play calls with good athletes is vastly preferable to a confused secondary staring to the sideline begging for their accustomed 30 second brain transplant and the perfect play call...that they won't be able to execute in time.

Hopefully this is the advice Ash has implemented for the Bucks.