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Comment 13 Feb 2017

That isn't the whole story.  I was in a class with Smith the summer after he left the team.  An intro physics class.  The first day of class he sat down near the front of the lecture with some girl.  From that point on, she was there the rest of the quarter, but he wasn't, right up until final exams when he showed up again.  The smaller class recitations and labs, it was the same. He would show up for scheduled test A month or so into the quarter, a story appeared in the Lantern that he was missing other classes that summer to work a construction job in Dayton.  That was why I still laugh to this day when the narrative has been painted that he left the team to focus on his studies.  I think that the charisma of Smith and the unpopularity of Cooper led to Smith's narrative being taken for the truth without more careful examination. 

Comment 07 Oct 2016


I think no chance for LSU, simply because SEC.  During his three years in Columbus, I think there were a few discussions about why Urban left Florida, the stress, the unrealistic fan expectations, etc.  As laid back as Herman is, I do not see him entering that cesspool while he has so many options.  

Texas would seem like the obvious frontrunner,  but I would not rule out staying in Houston.  Only he knows how his recruiting there is trending.  And he has a pretty good idea of how it is going in Austin, since they are pretty much going head to head much of the time.  If Houston gets in the Big 12, and has a manageable path to the playoffs, I could definitely see him staying.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

Maybe they'll get the new Death Penalty: a one-year bowl ban and a strong lecture.

Is that a North Carolina lecture, where the players don't have to attend, and just have to submit a one page paper about it that may or may not be written in crayon? 

Comment 19 Apr 2016

The interesting thing is the deal only runs six years.  In the realm of college sports rights deals, this is unusually short.  Especially with the wave of cord cutting and proposed ala carte pricing that will probably only get bigger, one would think the natural thing to do would be to get the money now while you can.  

Two possible reasons for the short length of the deal.

1) Maybe some doubt about the overall capabilites of Fox and FSN to promote the conference.  If the conference suffers, then in six years they can go back to ESPN/ABC.  

2) They are expecting another couple of additions to the conference when the Big 12 Grant of Rights expires.  Which would allow for a new bigger contract.  

Of these, I think the first is most likely, but either is plausible.

Comment 17 Apr 2016
Yeah, that would be the logical way to do it. And keep the most valuable rivalries intact as well. What isn't logical is this six schools and their BOT's faculties, athletic departments, and boosters could keep this secret from everyone but one Twitter user in Michigan. Said twitter user is the tail trying to wag the dog.
Comment 17 Apr 2016
Just b.s. If he was naming only one or two schools, I might buy it. But for that many schools to keep such a large secret from traditional media would be nearly impossible. Somebody just created a wish list, that's all.
Comment 05 Apr 2016

I think he asked a question and then, like many people in this world, rather than hearing what is said, he hears what he expects to hear.  A form of confirmation bias.  

No, Urban didn't deny saying it, but he also didn't deny the story that dbag Miami OL recruit spun about Urban being ready to cry when said recruit turned him down.  Urban is smart enough to know that even if he called these kids out as being less than truthful, ultimately he will look bad in the process. Better to take the high road and let your players get the word out that these stories are bs, like that tweet of Burrell's from a few days ago.

Comment 24 Feb 2016

The notion of this move has riled up SEC surrogates,

A perfect way to describe Mark Emmert.

I have to laugh at the way the ACC and SEC commissioners as well as the NCAA president are only looking out for these poor Michigan football players.   Yet have consistently blocked any proposals to push back the varsity baseball season, instead preferring to have northern athletes play a 4-6 week road trip to start the season.  

Comment 19 Jan 2016

I think he is crazy like a fox.  Consider the fact that this whole "sleepover campaign" only started after both Clemson and Alabama introduced bills to the NCAA, proposing new restrictions on "out of area" football camps, as well as serving as guest staff on other school's camps.  Harbaugh is basically telling the NCAA, you might want to think carefully about this issue.  There will always be some crazy bastard out there with no sense of shame who will find new loopholes that might be worse than the original loopholes.

Comment 15 Jan 2016

In a vacuum, they are not as valuable as they are talking about.  Going to the PAC without Texas, would have been essentially a vacuum.  No history, no tradition.  No interest on the coast for Oklahoma or Oklahoma State.  No interest on the plains for the other Pac teams.  However, OU is of higher value to the B1G.  For one thing,the interest in our western division fan bases for such an addition, would be off the charts. Nebraska and Iowa both have populations that grew up on Big 8 history and tradition.  Imagine a Thanksgiving weekend double header, OSU-Michigan followed by OU-Nebraska.  Build that up with a WI/Iowa matchup, and maybe a MSU/PSU matchup.  Two of the games on Friday. Two on Saturday.  Fox and ESPN/ABC would be lining up to televise that.  In addition,it would add more value to the B1G  west.  The CCG would be of more interest with a stronger western division as well.