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Comment 16 Sep 2014

As long as the B1G has a two strikes and you're out drug policy, it won't be Miles.  He wouldn't have enough players for a two deep.

Comment 16 Sep 2014
Smart move on his part. It costs him nothing to wait a little. If Barrett continues to progress this year, Gibson would be probably a backup for three years (unless redshirted to get some separation). However, if Barrett struggles, he might get a shot at playing time earlier.
Comment 15 Sep 2014

Disagree.  There are plenty of alternatives out there.  But first and foremost, the administration and the fanbase have to throw out that ridiculous "Michigan Man" prerequisite.   That has really limited them to what they currently are experiencing.

Comment 28 Aug 2014
Not sure, but I don't think it works that way. Track scholarship athletes can't walk on for football if it violates the 85 scholarship limit. Or at least it used to be that way. Now the opposite is allowable. Scholarship football players can walk on for track. I think the NCAA wants to avoid football schools using the track team as a reserve roster. Not aure where I heard this, but it was some years back.
Comment 27 Jun 2014

DJ, for the most part, I am at the opposite end of the spectrum on this case from you.  I do agree however that the NCAA has botched this case in an unbelievable fashion.  They should have run out as many non revenue sport athletes as they could as witnesses.  50 percent of them should have been female athletes.  All speaking about how they got their chance at a college degree because they of the current system.  Then run out a selection of college and basketball players that never went on to pro careers.

Then finish it up with calling the plaintiff Ed O'Bannon to the stand.  And follow this general line of questioning.

1)  When you left high school there was no one and done rule.  You chose to go to college.  Was that to build your brand for NBA scouts?  

2) What did the scholarship agreement that you signed at the time state about monetary rights and profits?  If you felt the agreement you signed was so unfair, why did you sign it in that first year, when you could have gone straight to pro basketball?  Or for each year following, through your senior year? 

3)  You were eventually drafted 9th in the first round by the Nets.  In the year you left high school, out of the top nine picks, seven were college seniors, one a college junior, and one a college sophomore.  Would you say that attending UCLA helped you maximize your value for the draft?

4) Before you even played a game for UCLA, you wound up tearing your ACL in a pickup game.    You were told you might never walk again.  And your recovery took eighteen months.  UCLA wound up keeping you on scholarship.  Do you think you would have wound up being drafted 9th by the NBA or signed a 3.9 million dollar contract if you had not been allowed to continue as a member of the UCLA basketball team?  

5) Despite your playing career being finished at UCLA, you returned to get your degree in history there in 2011.  So in fact you did receive an academic education there as well as preparing you for a professional athletic career.  Was there anything else promised you in the scholarship agreement that you were not provided?  


I would also maybe put in a few questions in there that point out that your career in the NBA was rather dissapointing.  Emphasize that the name recognition he received from playing at UCLA was far in excess of what he could have achieved on his own, whether at that tme or later on as proven in the NBA.  

All along, I thought Ed O'Bannon was not a great choice to be the top name with this lawsuit.  He was drafted in the top ten.  He wasn't restricted by the one and done, and therefore had choices.  He did receive his degree.  The NCAA isn't responsible for his NBA career not working out.  

Comment 03 Dec 2013
The scheme is the one that was run at NC when Withers was there. It is safe to assume that was one of the reasons that Urban brought Withers in and named him co-DC in the process. Urban wants this scheme as the overall defensive game plan. Luke has always been part of a more aggressive blitzing scheme before and would most likely be running a similar one now if it were up to him. If you are not a fan of the scheme, blame Urban. And that is why Urban has had Luke's back despite all of the criticisms from random pizza delivery guys, and online messageboard experts. Now, that being said, execution is where Urban expects more and is pushing for more from his defensive coaches. Missed and broken tackles, blown assignments are all things that I am sure are driving him crazy. But that blame can be spread around that entire defensive staff. Finally, what seems to be the biggest deficiency for the defense this year is upperclass leadership. Shazier for all of his excellence is a lead by example guy, rather than a "pump your teammates up" type of guy. No one seems to be taking on that Zach Boren/John Simon type of leadership on that side of the ball. The offense has plenty of leadership, defense (for all of the talent) seems to lack it.
Comment 03 Dec 2013
Most crucial: Herman/Narduzzi Most interesting:Bollman/ Fickell. Especially with the anecdote about Vrabel's confrontation of Bollman after a staff meeting that year. Could make this a grudge match on both sidelines when their offense is facing our defense.
Comment 16 Nov 2013
What got me was the camera angle from the direction of the line of scrimmage. It seemed like half the fans in the stands that the play was being run toward, had their backs turned to watch it on the scoreboard rather than watching it live right in front of them.
Comment 28 Oct 2013
I would love to see the BTN have a weekly show dedicated to the weeks band performances around the conference during the halftime shows. Performances like this really warrant such attention, far more than replaying the same game of the week for a fifth or sixth time.
Comment 01 Sep 2013
Yeah, it does put a possible new slant on things. That maybe Sumlin had considered suspending him for his conduct in the off season, and got "overruled." If that in fact did happen, I hope that if it does blow up and sanctions against A&M result, that Sumlin isn't the one left holding the bag.
Comment 20 Aug 2013
Most any of the NCAA 's rules were created as a response to some school/coach trying to gain an advantage through a loophole. With regards to the eligibility of the marine wanting to play at MTSU, keep in mind that many schools recruit internationally. How would you feel if TSUN started recruiting hockey players from Russia's Red Army team? The truth is many countries use their militaries to pay their "amateur" athletes. The NCAA's rule was likely an attempt to head off future problems. That being said, the rule was applied, and with a quick examination of the facts, the NCAA determined that for this particular case, no competitive advantage would result. In fairness to the NCAA, they acted quickly and the athlete missed no playing time. If it was able to investigate and act so quickly and decisively (and justly) more often, people would still find things to bitch about.
Comment 08 Aug 2013

(since everyone in their conference roots for their whole conference, they won't see Bama or Auburn fans piling on TA&M like PSU and TSUN fans did on Ohio State).


Obviously you never read some of the conspiracy threads during the Cam Newton debacle that were started by Bama and LSU fans.

Comment 02 Aug 2013

It wouldn't stop it.  But it would force them to keep options open for the kids.  One of the things that seems to make people point the finger at SEC schools, is the way that kids transfer out, are kicked out for team rules violations, or given medical waivers, the week before summer camp begins.  This is far too late in the process for these kids to have options available to them.  They still have to sit out a year.  Rarely is there a school that has open scholarships available that late in the offseason.  So if they want to go somewhere else, it is on their dime.  And, with those kind of hurdles, it becomes more likely they drop out of the system. 

With a four year scholarship, essentially a written contract, the coach has to make sure his actions can withstand a lawsuit.  That will definitely reduce, even if it does not eliminate, the blatant oversigning.

Comment 11 Jun 2013

Uzelac was a jerk, no doubt. I remember what he did with Kent Graham, who went on to a decent (for OSU quarterbacks) NFL career.  What a waste. 

However, there was a lot more to the Robert Smith story.  The summer after he walked off the team, I was in a Physics class that Robert Smith was enrolled in.  Other than the first day of class, and exam days, you never saw him.  He had a young lady taking his notes for him.  The Lantern about that time did a story about him working a summer job doing construction in Dayton, instead of attending class. 


Comment 23 Apr 2013

I agree with the concept of convincing a majority of ACC members to dissolve the GOR.  That is highly unlikely, but is about the only way the B1G would proceed with targetting those schools.  Delaney and the B1G has no interest in challenging a GOR agreement in court, as it is just such an agreement that protects its own conference.  The last thing that the B1G would want is to successfully get an FSU out of such a contract and then lose a maryland or nebraska whose new administrators might have decided that the move hasn't worked out as well as was hoped.  

Comment 27 Mar 2013

And for those who.purchase the books on tape version, voiced by Jeff Foxworthy, they will throw in a couple of yellow hi-literz for marking the crucial passages.