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August 23, 2014 at 10:25am

Game was initially scheduled to be played in Ireland, but due to the volcanic activity in Iceland the game was in jeopardy. Bloomberg has just reported that the volcano erupted. Could end the possibility of the game being played across the pond due to the lack of flights to Ireland. Last time a volcano erupted in Iceland over 100,000 flights across Europe were grounded. 

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What I have been wondering is does this mean they are going to cancel the game entirely or are they willing to quickly schedule it for one of their home fields?

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Too bad, I was looking forward to watching a game in the morning

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Maybe they should play it on an aircraft carrier

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If PSU can find a way to get this game canceled it may give the  cult members an extra week of believing they can be B1G champs. 

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Seeing as how the AAC doesn't have a championship game and PSU is ineligible for post-season play, I'd look for them to reschedule somewhere on 12/6. 

EDIT: I should have checked first. UCF has a game scheduled on 12/4. I'd still look for them to try to move that game so they could play PSU on 12/6. 

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No bowl games? No problem... we play game in far away lands.

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It seems even nature wants that penalty to stand.

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Maybe they could make history and play the first football game on the moon.

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I'll admit to being a bit bias (I'm a UCF Alum) but if the game is rescheduled, I sure as hell hope it's in Orlando.  We beat Penn State AT Penn State last year, so we should get a chance to play them at our place this year!

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Good.  It was never more than a stupid gimmick to begin with.

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Agreed-I understand ND playing in Ireland, but this makes no sense at all.

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A lot of over thinking going on in the NCAA

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To be honest, I was looking forward to watching a game before ours at noon that day. Thinking it'll calm my nerves.

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