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Comment 1 hour ago

Nope not timing, but not making it to the B1G championship game. If the Buckeyes had lost at the beginning of conference play to the Spartans I can't imagine a scenario all else the same that the Buckeyes are in any better of a position. 

Comment 2 hours ago

This. Best question when someone suggests going to Oklahoma or Texas etc. is ask yourself if Urban were to retire would you be happy with the Buckeyes hiring a guy from Memphis? My guess is probably not. At this point, the big name programs go big name hunting and are looking for successful mid to high tier P5 coaches who have had pretty good success there.

VaTech gives him the opportunity to show he can win at the highest level and deserves the big job and paycheck. 

Comment 25 Nov 2015

Byron Scott is the problem. Not in the fire him type way, but more he wants to keep a job so he plays who he thinks can win him enough games this year to keep his job. Kobe went 1/14 yesterday. He's done. Byron continues to play him for thinking he'll help win a few extra games. Let the young guys play, learn from it, and grow. Hard for a 19 year old kid to learn when all he does is pass to Kobe to put up a brick. 

Comment 24 Nov 2015

IIRC, sacks count towards QB runs. When the line isn't looking good, and the QB had to scramble then those runs count towards the total. Not that I disagree with the last game, but otherwise saying calling the QB run too often is the issue oversimplifies it.

Do I think it's a crutch that Urban sometimes relies too heavily on occasion? Yes, but I think more is involved than simply #feedzeke problem solved. 

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Yeah. Sorry that wasn't clear. I more meant that I remembered it was coming up and checked the match-ups. The Maryland UNC game will be good.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

I saw Northwestern v. UNC and remembered the B1G/ ACC tournament. I saw the Bucks are playing UVA. Lol

Comment 23 Nov 2015

There'd be an argument. ND would have wins over Stanford, Temple, USC and Navy. B1G would have 2 wins over top 15 teams.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Under your analysis, its possible.

Take the AP top 10.








Ohio State

If MSU loses, and Ohio State beats Michigan then Iowa, they have a good shot assuming, but would need 1 upset. I think under your scenario, Ohio State would be behind Clemson, Alabama, ND, and Oklahoma. Don't see them jumping any of those teams if they win out. However, one loss to any of those teams could do it.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

All TV revenue. Schools eat the tickets they don't sell because they will easily make up for it with the money that comes for airing that game. Don't Care U vs. East Northwest State is the only game on during mid-December each night until NYE (sans Sundays), so people end up watching.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Per BTN:

Total payouts from 35 postseason games from the 2013-14 season were $309.9 million while schools spent $97.8 million to participate. For the 2012-13 season, payouts were $300.8 million and expenses were $90.3 million.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Maybe Thanksgiving Break has started? Idk, but does seem like a poor way to send him out.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Past 3 years? Yeah I really hate the 2012 Elite 8. Such a let down...

Comment 21 Nov 2015

No. I think that Thad Matta has built up too much good will at the school, and a firing becomes a black mark on the program. He's won more than anyone in the past ~40 years at Ohio State. If you fire him, coaches look at the firing and may think what will I have to do to keep a job there?

Make the tournament in every year since 2006 except 2008. 2 final four runs in that span, and a national championship runner-up and you fire the coach? I guess my question would be, what would you consider a successful coach based on the historical status of the program instead? Is mark reasonable? Then if you're a coach looking at the situation you have to weigh whether you want the money that comes with Ohio State vs. the expectations that come with it. 

I think the problem the past couple years (remember he's 2.5 years away from an elite 8 run), is they had a poor large recruiting class that never developed/ missed in general. With such a large class in a sport with a relatively small number of scholarships, missing on more than one or two can really sink the program. I think this years recruiting class (7 freshmen) will be his "deciding" class. Give this year away, but if next year and the year after you're looking at the same thing, then it becomes much more reasonable firing.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Going to be like that up here in Madison too. However the snow should stop in a couple hours well before kick off at 2:30. 

Comment 21 Nov 2015

I love the Fire Thad threads. Last year he couldn't develop talent (apparently) this year we are going to fully ignore the fact that 11/12 players are underclassmen.

Its gonna be a long year, but frankly that happens. It's not easy to become a blue blood program. Sure Ohio State has plenty of money to spend, but spend on what? You're not going to hire away anyone bigger to Ohio State. Possible to get an up and comer and keep him for a while like Thad? Sure, just as possible you have a swing and a miss.

Its also laughable when people say that the only reason the Buckeyes get these wins is because of who they schedule. Didn't that happen prior to Thad being here? Or was every non-conference game a blue blood major program?

The teams young. Going to be a long season. You got your Fire Thad thread out. Either accept it for the season, or find somewhere else to bitch and moan. The only thing a new thread is going to do is copy and paste this over and over.