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Comment 1 hour ago

What are they going to do, give a World Cup to a completely incompetent country instead of the U.S.? Oh, wait.

Comment 2 hours ago

PD, that's where you're wrong. OBP pointed out, this one isn't "bold" predictions so he's in the clear.

Comment 4 hours ago

He was more drafted due to his 2012 numbers, and the reason he appeared to be lackluster in 2013 is two fold. 1. He wasn't thrown at a whole lot because teams knew how good he is. Much easier to put up PBU and INTs when the ball is coming your way. 2. The rest of the defensive backfield was marginal at best, so it looked like the entire unit was doing terrible as opposed to the other 3 guys.

Comment 5 hours ago

I do appreciate that the U.S. Federation did come out and say they were voting for Prince Ali. I'm not too surprised, but slightly disappointed.

From what I gather, the reason he keeps getting reelected is that he does keep it "even". I.e. the small countries who technically still have as strong a voting power as the U.S. (for example) regardless of their size, whether their team is ever in the finals, etc. Because of this, Sepp has provided them with quite a bit of money regardless of their addition to the International Football community, and it has gained goodwill amongst those members for those votes. Many were worried that if Prince Ali was voted in, he would have been giving too much money and power to the countries with titles, money, and relevancy.

Comment 6 hours ago

In all seriousness, he may actually be that good, but if we didn't have all three QBs last year, then we don't win the national title. If the same question was asked last year about a guy like Amari Cooper, or even Montee Ball (I know, I know prior to the season) I would have been down because they were (legit) heisman candidates and at unproven positions at the time. Peppers on the other hand had a ho-hum freshman season.

Comment 6 hours ago

List of players over the past two years NOT taken in the first round:

Carlos Hyde, Jack Mewhort, Corey Linsley, Christian Bryant, Devin Smith, Jeff Heuerman, Doran Grant, Michael Bennett, Evan Spencer

I don't think Tyvis is better than all of those players.

Comment 9 hours ago

Then I'd recommend purchasing a little a head of time unless you don't mind the scalpers just to avoid the issue of not having tickets.

Particularly for a game like northern Illinois you won't go too wrong purchasing well ahead of time if you do some pricing research, or waiting till shortly before the game. I personally don't like putting it up to chance but up to you. Also, if you are going with a few people I would recommend buying earlier to get tickets together. If you are going by yourself, you may be better off waiting till that awkward one seat is left. 

Comment 11 hours ago

Gonna pull something like this?

Comment 11 hours ago

I think they can be overrated at times, however, when it will be one of the best, if not the best game that week it's fun to have all eyes on the game.

Comment 28 May 2015

while discussing our hijack accomplishments to date

I always thought the hijacking fell into the same category as the Fight Club.

First rule...

Comment 28 May 2015

I think that the camps won't be asking for too much as the smaller schools do get to draw more recruits to their "camps" by being able to promote coaching from OSU, Mich, MSU, Kent. etc. If you are the Georgia Southern's of the world, having Urban Meyer coming to your school to coach do allow the guys who won't get an OSU offer, but might be a steal for them to be seen, and see the campus.

Now, that being said, if it does become one of those things where the camps are in the middle of a city, not on a campus, and put on by a third party, then yes I can see it getting out of hand.