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Comment 4 hours ago

My thoughts exactly.

Comment 5 hours ago

Wife is on Facebook, so I stay busy too...

That's what I tell myself with the fiancee on Pintrest.

Comment 5 hours ago

As the two above said, I don't know whether to UV or DV this post because it made me laugh hysterically at work.

Comment 5 hours ago

It actually makes perfect sense. The way I've always thought about how the reevaluate at the end of every week is they give credit, lets call them points, when a team plays each game.

A good win gets you a number of points based on who you played and how your looked (and each previous week is reevaluated based on how the team you beat looked in the subsequent weeks since the game). A win against a terrible team nets you no points. A loss loses you points.

In the case of Baylor vs. TCU. Baylor had good points for beating TCU, but they also didn't have any good points for beating K-State because they hadn't played. TCU on the other hand had good points for their wins including K-State.

At the end of the season, TCU had all but maxed out their points going into the final week of the season whereas OSU gained big points for winning big against Wisky and Baylor gained the points TCU already had by beating K-State.

Comment 5 hours ago

I guess you either weren't here or missed the blow up buckshot of the president being announced as graduation speaker.

what may seem like an innocent post, which seemed to be the case here, blows up when one guy goes off on one side or another.

I understand it may just be an observation, but I can think of many others who could have been put in that picture who didn't have political affiliations.

Comment 6 hours ago

Ye of little faith of 07/10's desire to have that title

(writes down info to win the title back)

Comment 6 hours ago

I'm sure. On the otherhand when I was a lurker I would read the main articles, the forums, and then that would be it for a while. Not saying lurkers aren't out there or are less in tune with the site, but after you've read everything do you continue to read through forums and the back and forth?

I would just imagine that those who post quite regularly come back to engage in their active discussion and again continue to accumulate the HS, so that's the only reason for my question.

Comment 6 hours ago

Tyvis is an intelligent player and understands the game; understands offenses.

“Erick (Smith) is a guy that we’re high on and he continues to grow.”

So is it possible that Tyvis' intelligence outweighs Smith as he "continues to grow"? I mean I don't get anything from that quote that indicates that Smith is a better player or even sure tackler other than that he's been good and both need room for improvement.

Comment 6 hours ago

But again, the only play I saw of Vonn Bell playing that well (obviously he wasn't on the field) was the interception against Clemson. Everyone seems to extrapolate that he was therefore a better player. Did he play better than Pitt in his Sophomore year? Of course, but he also had another offseason and experience under his belt.

If you listen to everyone, including team members, the Buckeyes wouldn't have won the National Championship without C. Grant's leadership and experience. Is it possible that players offer something other than raw talent?

Again, I'm not saying that he is or isn't a better player, but what have you seen, or where have you watched that he is a ballhawk capable of playing Starting Safety over what you get in Powell? Is there tape that I'm missing?

Comment 6 hours ago

I would look at the HS leaderboard for an idea. Kind of hard to be on here without posting to an extent, and those that do get HS in return.

Comment 6 hours ago
My main point is Smith is a ballhawk and a much better/willing tackler than Powell is right now

But based on what? Coaches saying he's been great since he's been there? I would say actions speak louder than words and the fact that Smith wasn't on the field and Powell was speaks to the fact that they think Powell puts them in a better position to win.

Comment 7 hours ago

Considering he wanted 4 million

I want 10 million doesn't mean I'm worth a single dollar of it. I don't disagree that he's cheap, but just because he thinks he's worth that much doesn't mean too much.

Comment 7 hours ago

IIRC, he was more of a change of pace, wildcat QB. I guess if Cardale were to be the starting QB I could see Braxton taking a couple of snaps there, but if JT is the starter he offers the ability to break plays with his feet and distribute as well that it wouldn't be much of a change of pace.

I would be shocked if Braxton didn't take a couple snaps at QB, but I also don't see it as more than a play or two here and there not like a multiple snaps a game type deal.

Comment 8 hours ago

Not disrespected at all. I think your comment is exactly what I was getting at. The average NFL player plays 3 years in the league. The rookie contract is 3 years with a 4th year team option. Many of the non-first round picks are paid in the mid-hundred thousands. Good money, but if you made 1.5 million dollars over your career pre-tax (and those tax rates aren't particularly nice to those large amounts) it doesn't end up being as much as one would think.

Many people look at the Tom Brady, Peyton Manning contracts and think that these guys are all set for life (and the one's I've listed are), but the guys in the NFL who spent 4 years getting beat up in college and 3 years in the NFL with who knows how many injuries really don't make it big.

Again, I think Josh Smith is being over dramatic with how much money he makes and the relative strain he puts on his money making machine (read: body), but I also think people are quick on certain sports contracts over others.

Comment 9 hours ago

While I am not one to usually mock athletes with their money (sometimes think people need to keep the NFL type players lifetime earning potential in perspective when mocking thier 6 figure salaries) I think Josh Smith making this kind of money will be just fine. NBA players don't go through nearly the grind of NFL, and can play for a while that this will be a few year kind of thing.

Comment 13 hours ago

Cardale Jones, and Vonn Bell have also had speculation about 1st Round Grades too.