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Shouldn't have taken this long.

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Meh. Even though he was guilty as hell, they gave him due process.

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It was just a matter of time

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Good on Hoke for making the right decision.

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"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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It was only a matter of time, and was the right thing to do. Sad situation, but totally necessary. Due process and going through the evidence doesn't happen overnight. Here is what Hoke said in the release:

“Csont’e York has been dismissed from the Michigan football program. Representing the University of Michigan is a privilege and, while second chances are certainly deserved, sometimes it’s better for everyone if that happens somewhere else. Overall, I have been proud of how responsible our team has been this offseason and how hard they’ve worked to prepare for the season.”

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So why did Frank Clark plead guilty to a felony but only get a 2 game suspension? Is that something he is "proud" of?

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Because Clark is a  starting DE and was needed immediately. A felony should be an automatic dismissal. 

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Had to happen. Due the face!

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Should'a suspended him as soon as he saw the video.  Wait for due process to boot him, sure.  But the suspension should have happened immediately. 

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This is more along the lines of what I meant.

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I believe Hoke suspended him well before he saw the video.  The first reports of York's suspension hit mgoblog on August 3.  The video wasn't posted anywhere until August 12th.  Maybe Hoke or others in privileged positions had early access to the video.  But, I believe Hoke suspended him as soon as he knew York got into some trouble, nine days before the public saw the video.

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Yes.  York had been suspended indefinitely, and news of the suspension hit as soon as team matters became public knowledge with the beginning of fall camp.  The incident happened in July; York was arrested within hours of the incident; my guess is that Hoke found out soon enough after that, and probably suspended York as soon as he had a chance to speak to York privately.

I predicted on these forums that this would happen, and sooner rather than later.  I had only thought that Hoke would wait until York's case came to court officially.  Hoke may have done that, if this weren't a crime of violence with (publicized) video evidence.

Hoke is not soft on punishment, but he is intensely loyal to his players and remarkably dismissive of any rights of the press and public to have accurate and complete information.

Frank Clark (sigh; again) pled guilty to a felony charge based upon the value of a stolen laptop; the plea itself was taken under the applicable diversion law in Michigan such that having successfully completed a year's probation, Clark now has no conviction whatsoever on his record.  And since it was raised by someone else on this site, not me, we should all remember that Urban Meyer did not dismiss Cam Newton from the Florida Gators for an alleged laptop theft.

No  one has said anything about Da'Mario Jones, the other Michigan player seen in the surveillance video.  I think Jones was arrested along with York, but was not charged with anything.

I'm uncomfortable with Jones' status with the team.  There may be a good story explaining Jones' actions that night.  The notion that Jones helped set up the victim for a punch seems plainly crazy to me.  But he ran off with York.  That seems to me inexplicable.

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I wasn't watching Jones, but it wouldn't shock me if he did in fact have something to do with the altercation. That said, it didn't look like he technically did anything on the video, unless I missed something?

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I also don't think Jones did anything on the video.  But he ran off with York.  They were (I think) both arrested at someone's apartment (York's?/shared?) a few hours later.  As I say, it could be that Jones has a good story for his end of the matter.  It might even be that York has his own side of the story; one that deserves a hearing.  It couldn't possibly excuse what he did; but perhaps there might be some understanding all of it.

Anyway, I'd be a lot more comfortable if I had a clearer understanding of any innocence on the part of Da'Mario Jones.  I'm really uncomfortable with the status quo.