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say it ain't so Notre Dame say it ain't so

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August 17, 2014 at 8:52am

I am SHOCKED AND APPALLED I say, upSET, that ND is being investigated for misconduct and may have to vacate their... humiliating loss form 2012.

how does ND manage to kill video taking kids, have girls who were allegedly raped by football players kill themselves, phantom girl friend oddness and repeated academic misconduct findings... largely escape the news cycle?

[shrug] ok not really shocked.  mebbe just a tad bitter for some reason.

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In the Buckshots that DJ posted and is still on the main page of this site.


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yeah found it after i posted that.  no nuke button alas

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You're not gonna get the shock value you seem to be looking for.  Look at what Remy referred to if you're really looking for a discussion. 

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You don't vacate losses, only wins.