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Comment 05 Oct 2014

All the one dimensional rah rah stuff everyone spouts about Braxton. All he did was win. And I would put money on the fact, if he was playing, the VT game would have been a rout. No second level of defenders means brax would still be running. 

I hope we do have a QB controversy next year as that means brax is fully healthy.  Then, with two QBs a maturing line and a plethora of weapons, we can make another serious title run. I would be stunned if the Bucks aren't a top favorite next year actually. 

This year is just gravy. Enjoying every minute like a bonus round. 

Comment 05 Oct 2014

pass D was still letting them stay in the game.  those PI calls on critical 3rd downs led to scores 2x.  The D Grant one was more of a girlie hand fight with the WR but he has to know as a senior how not to get caught with that.  The one against Lee was just a predictable matchup LB vs WR where the LB never looked back.  There was just one horribly blown coverage that I recall where the receiver was camped out alone behind the D... I guess that's an improvement.

then again the D line pressure was good.  Bosa crashing down clearly led to that pick before the half.  Can't help but think about what this D line would be like with Spence in there.  I love the way they line up Bosa everywhere though.  keeps those double teams in check.

If the D can keep progressing we have a chance to see something special.  Urb didn't sound so happy at the post game comments with demoted-Mcshay (what was he doing on the sideline? in a suit? lose a bet??)

Comment 01 Oct 2014

Last year we were power run inside, inverted veer outside quick out pass and streak to Devin Smith. 

Basically, not one dimensional but simpler in our configurations.

ironically, after just 4 games there are times when I have no idea where he is going to spread the ball... This is a good thing cause the D doesn't either!  Guitonish!

Comment 30 Sep 2014

I had a strong feeling Elliot was going to have a break out game. I actually feel ok about Apple in the long term this year. He was badly badly burnt. But like last year when decker was getting disabused by Khalil Mack, time to embrace him, help him with his technique and play some ball!  No team is going to beat you if their only offense is a couple balls over the top (see Bucks vs VT). 

I am not waiting for next year.  I want both this year AND next

Comment 30 Sep 2014

I feel the answer to this is in the 45 (frakkin) first downs.  up tempo means the defense doesn't get to make down specific personnel changes and relieve fatigued linemen.  Nothing is as entertaining as watching a 300 lb lineman having to sprint off the field late in the game when he is already dog tired.  Also, giving the D less time to read and translate the O formation puts them on the back foot 'reacting' rather than 'anticipating.

MSU aren't as fazed by this as their D base seems largely the same with subtle variations depending on the Offensive action.

TOP for the Cincy game was what 41 to 18 minutes?  As much as their O was happy to have scored in 3 seconds... the cinch D couldn't have been that excited about spending 2/3 of the game on the field.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

What was your first hint? And where have you been traveling without a signal for two years?  

Average is still better than last year. And you have go from god awful, to bad through average until finally you can glimpse good.

Apple got owned but grant seemed ok? Patience. They will slowly improve

Comment 21 Sep 2014

abdullah sounds almost intelligent when being interviewed.  he is far and away the B1G back right now... showing good heart week after week.  have to admire the way he just doesn't go down.

Comment 19 Sep 2014

No disrespect to our other ends but it would be fun once to come out in a 3-4 since we don't have spence and have both grant and kwon showing blitz. Then deciding based on audibles who to drop back or maybe let one of them come on a delayed blitz. Or.. Or...

im gonna go mess up our D on the Xbox ;)

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Did anyone notice previously when Meyer said he was having the 1s practice vs the 1s last week?  I hope they don't let up at all this week in spite of the bye