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Comment 5 hours ago

yeah that 'sky's the limit' caught my eye.  they can't afford the offensively regress because the D will certainly not be better (compared to the Bucks whose back D arguably can't be worse).  They lost their great CB/safety/LB cohesion so will need to do more than just 'get by' on their offence.

I feel for their fans, anxiety has to be high going into every game.  welcome to the other side kids, now you are exPECTed to win.  except against the bucks and oregon

Comment 11 hours ago

The SEC was based on a split household brother vs brother rebellion mindset  the states are relatively small and schools can throw grenades in each other's backyards due to close proximity. 

We need more in state hatred.  Come on indy and Turdue!  Break out the pitchforks wildcats -- we're going on a mass teabagging campaign to show who is Illinot!

just not gonna happen... Too busy working on that research grant. 

Comment 24 Jul 2014

really no need to go there.  Let's try to keep 'Mericans looking non prejudiced, shall we?

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Perhaps it will be better schematically but I am very curious who will step up and be our on-field general for the defense, the one who studies up on the opponents tendencies, not just on tape, but during the course of the game and COMMINICATES THIS INFORMATION TO HIS FELLOW BULLETS PRESNAP!  Ash can't do it all alone. 

Comment 22 Jul 2014

i really hope we aren't putting all our hopes on freshmen.  They are the most prone to head scratching inconsistencies.  yes even the great ones will make mistakes.  As was said 'Best thing about Freshmen?  They become Sophomores'.  I wouldn't put up the best high school team against the worst team in the B1G (yeah Purdue I'm looking at you) and not expect them to get beat up on.  College game is different.  boys become men.  and hits they be a comin'.

'New love' is a thrill but, 'stable hard hitting love' is for(4 or so years)ever

Comment 18 Jul 2014

jokes aside, I don't think spring can or should ever be used as a measure of reality.  first off were there any first teamers even playing?  O Line was laughable and our backups have been busy playing school not getting reps with the 1st.  there are times I feel I could play QB on this offence there are so many weapons (joke after all!)

Comment 18 Jul 2014

Haha. Nice!

i want to win a bet and take over Emmerts NCAA account.   Oh the fun that could be had!  Way more than Colbert on the... What was it NBA? NFL?