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Comment 26 Oct 2016

Was at the game, hate to admit/remember it. my takeaways though we're feeling the animal hunger growing in the crowd (in spite of wind, rain, bleah) at the start of the 4th quarter... promptly followed by them getting to JT for short or NG whipping them into a frenzy. 

After that we went into conservative mode with play calls (JT was amazing actually escaping the rush). One clear thing which I haven't heard enough about was the predictability of our snap count when the crowd noise got loud. there was this weird sequence where Elf would lift up his head, LBs would take off downhill, ball was snapped and JT was pressured/sacked. no variability was observed. I was half way up the stands and I knew exactly when the ball was gonna be snapped. personally I feel this hurt our ability to push with the line and assert ou will.

One of the biggest underrated factors at away games. let alone night games. let alone a crazed happy valley. I felt the nervous panic can't imagine what the freshmen were going through!

Comment 22 Oct 2016

We're here. No mention of the alcohol laws which I found amusing to hear the local kids (mostly girls) complaining about. 

No alcohol sold in the grocery chains, etc. and the Only state approved Wine and Spirits store opens at 11am and closes at 10Pm. There was a beer shop across the street (across from Red Lobster) selling a variety of beers and flavored beers (open til 2AM?) but there is a limit to how much you can buy. somethjng like 197 ounces? so plan your inebriation early rather than expect to come out of the game and be able to buy...

any 11ers with solid gameday tailgate plans willl find 7 of us polluting the White Out. If we can find you happy to buy y'all a round! There is siomethibf about cold rain that quite literally dampens enthusiasm. 

Go Bucks! O-H!

Comment 17 Oct 2016

is it really hard to jump the count when they do that hand dip late in the count? I could always figure exacrly when they were gonna hike the ball and I'm a few thousand miles away stuck in China. 

I'm pretty sure these guys had our every tendency mapped out and abused us for it. and we didn't make them pay! that triple option need a screen pass badly. Curtis was getting killed

Comment 17 Oct 2016

just observing, when he has time and his mind is focused m (meaning he has time and it is doordietime with the throw JT feels plenty accurate. 

That tear drop to Dontre was lovely as was the throw to Noah inn the end zone in OT. 

Personally I think errors are mostly mental (even the one in the rain when he should have changed the play). he is thinking so much about what should the play all adjustment be, what is the defense doing and he tends to forget to get his feet set properly and focus on his target.

I bet in practice he is fine because it takes the extreme stress of a game situation to blinker the mind to survival instincts.

As Urbz said. he wasn't perfect by any stretch but he had some gutsy runs, you gotta love his es capability in the pocket and he won the game. period. 

Imagine this team stayed together for another year so they could build rapport.....