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Comment 08 Dec 2016

Maybe i'm alone in not hating on Beck but... has anyone noticed our serious uptick in QB recruiting with him? He is apparently worth a damn after all. #whoknew

Our offensive play-calling is largely on Warriner, poor execution is largely on youth, blah blah the blame can be spread around. Watching the UM game multiple times and realizing the play calls were mostly spot on and they actually won the game by reacting to the tendencies of the UM D to overplay (or Peppers to be way out of position) and scoring seemingly at will in OT.  

yes it could have happened 4 quarters or so earlier but... ok fair enough. 

Warriner was great when focused on the O line which is our weakest point right now. They have lost some fundamental footwork (it wasn't just Prince getting burned vs. TTUN it was all but Jamarco) and on the field adjustments for the line.

Admittedly Beck always looks lost if the camera catches him in the booth and we all blame him for JT's weenier arm regression. statistics be damned. but still. why can't folks accept we have 40+ new starters as being part of the cause of our offensive suckiness?