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IH8UOFM's picture

Sad day when a hot dog is the highlight of a sports package....

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I'm sure Hoke was involved in this decision.

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It was supposed to be Krispy Kreme day but we all know what happened to the doughnuts

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Ha - just posted the same thing!  I think you might have just beat me to it...definitely sad state of affairs up there!

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Groveport Heisman's picture

Surprised this great package doesnt include a small personal sized Dominos pepperoni pizza.

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I'm already living social.  I said hello to 3 different people while walking my dog this morning.

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sharks's picture

Would have thought App State would be a hot ticket

A man got to have a code...

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Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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Too soon...

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Rather remember him happy than any other way.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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69 Dudes!!!

-The Aristocrats!

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Now, are there any restrictions on who is eligible for this free hot dog?

-Brady Hoke

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I'll pay that to watch Michigan lose to Appy again

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Rob Reese's picture

My thoughts exactly.  I get a hotdog, a drink, a t-shirt and program commemorating the UofM loss, and a seat for $69? And the possibility of a fireworks show?   I know Detroit's bankrupt and all, but it costs me more than that just to get in Progressive Field and watch .500 baseball.  Sign me up!

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Hovenaut's picture


Living social will hawk any old piece o' crap.

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Maybe Buckeye fans should try and take over UM stadium for the game.  It would be a great recruiting tools.

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Would OSU have to report it for secondary violations? 

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That would be sweet to see 30000 red jerseys in the crowd doing our wave for the first game of the year.  I'll go if 29,999 more of us go.



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Back in the days of WCW, they actually gave tickets away for free to get the arenas full.  Discounted tickets with perks - not a bad idea when you're having trouble selling tickets.  Of course, another way to remedy this problem is to field better football teams and bring in better competition OOC (can't do much about B1G games).

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ugh...that would be an awesome deal.....for an OSU game. Instead I had to sell my organs for a trip up north this year.

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Who the hell wants to see us play app state again? They could give those tix away and only have 100,000 in the stadium. It is really not that surprising...

Seattle Linga's picture

Their next promotion is just around the corner.

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Down to $65 now

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