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April 4, 2014 at 1:56am

A couple of my buddies were talking about paying players, and one of the most divisive topics was how valuable a college's "brand" is. The example that was introduced was something like this: if Ohio State switched players with Kent State for 4 years, how much money would they lose in revenue? What if it was for 1 year?

For the purpose of this, ignore any potential loss in revenue caused by firing a coach/looking for his replacement. 

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Those of us that frequent this site will always support the team so the revenue doesn't change from our perspective.  However, the fair weather fans would leave in droves if we had Kent State players because we'd have a losing record, not go to bowl games, not compete for B1G titles, etc.

Yeti's have feelings too.

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The sad thing is I believe with Kent State's roster either UFM or JT would probably get those teams to 6-6 and a bowl berth.

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There is something to be said about branding. I have not heard a sufficient response that addresses this. Braxton Miller sells a ton of jerseys. That said, how much of it is him and how much of it is the school? He would be a standout player if he were playing for Purdue, but he wouldn't sell nearly the same amount because the school and fan base is much smaller. If would be interesting to see how many RGIII jerseys sold in college because he went pro and had the number one selling jersey in the NFL, but as he came from a non-traditional football power he probably did not sell nearly as many as he could of with a traditionally strong program.

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At One Year there is no appreciable loss. I would suggest that you can look to the 2011 6-7 season as a demonstration of a one down year, although we still did have "name" players. Reaction time is slower than just one year, we'd still have huge crowds, be on tv and sell jerseys/t shirts and the like.  Four years would be noticable though, I don't even want to think about how Purdon't fans stay Purdon't fans......

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The revenue directly from going to bowl games is an obvious effect. But all I could find about revenue from the 2011 season is here. It says there was a 5% loss, but I'm not sure what all that includes. 5% is noticeable, but that's still probably in the upper echelon of college football programs. 

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I believe the B1G distributes bowl revenues equally, and with the tie ins, the only real fluctuation is whether or not the B1G get's a team into the playoffs or not, and advances or not. Which isn't a guarantee. 

The 5% loss is just in royalties, (a couple million out of 100+ million overall revenues) and you had bigger decreases for  royalties in winning years just before that - so I'm not even sure that particular dip has a strong causal correlation with the 2011 losses, rather than being within the usual fluctuations of that particular revenue. 

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There was a slight dip in 2011. How much of that was because of tatgate is unknown though. I generally agree with you though. One year would have a minor dip. Four years would probably cost you about 25-50%. 

Another thing is tv money. Since the B1G splits money evenly, there would be no loss there. Since conference money is a big chunk, that would help negate individual losses. 

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I know there has been a noticable drop of Michigan merchandise being displayed and worn, up here in Northwest Ohio since 2002.  There is a slight spike around the begining of September, each year, but by mid October, it is usually back under a rock.  People support a winner, that is a fact.  I knew of one Seattle Seahawk lifelong fan, before last year.... he even thought Jon Kitna was a good QB, but it was funny that the few weeks before and after the SuperBowl, I ran into 5 or 6 people that were Lifelong Seahawk fans.  The Bandwagon is strong and the Bandwagon fans spend their money to get the merchandise that let's others know that they support a winner.

So a 4 year drop in OSU's brand would hurt, but it would definitelty set them up for a huge spike, when the 4 years past, and they started winning again.

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I would buy a generic Ohio State jersey without a  player's name or number on it. I would not buy a Braxton Miller jersey if it didn't have an Ohio State logo on it.  I will quit being a college sports' fan when players start getting paid. I show up to watch the Clippers on dime-a-dog night but I go to Cleveland if I want to watch professional baseball. If I want to watch professional football, I'll go to Cleveland...wait....yeah...cleveland. The Browns are bad but very few college kids are good enough to play for them. 

I am for kids getting lifetime medical treatment and benefits for injuries suffered as college athletes and I could live with players receiving stipends and travel money but that is all. If the door is opened for endorsement deals then we will see every 5-star recruit offered a deal with Nike to go to Oregon or a deal with UA to play for Maryland. Scum recruits will be paid outrageous $ to do pizza commercials.  I don't ever want to see an Ohio State football player modeling Victorias Secret.