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EA NCAA 14/15 Football Updates

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August 27, 2014 at 2:55pm

For those of you who are enthusiasts of the game, there's an epic community of sports game enthusiasts over at Operation Sports.

Currently a team of dedicated guys is over there updating the ENTIRE NCAA 14 game roster to this current season. You can update to the rosters they currently have (WIP), find some new NCAA '15 game covers, and for the REALLY hands on guys, you can even implement the new 4-team playoff

I was waiting for an official depth chart to be released and now that it has, I will be using it as a base to make super custom edits to the OSU roster in particular as far as player appearance and gear goes along with an accurate depth chart.

Stay tuned friends,

Go Bucks!

Edit: I will be editing rosters for the PS3 first and then the XBOX360. To simplify the process PS3 users will also be able to download them directly from me via the Roster Share option and I'll need a volunteer to upload the XBOX360 version for our fellow 11Ws.

SN: I'll also being making a new Ohio State themed NCAA '15 cover for both systems. 

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So how do I get it and when?

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Make sure that any money you make off of this venture goes directly to Mark Emmert's bank account, we wouldn't want any of the players getting any of it.

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This is awesome! Thanks! 

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Im also curious as to how I get this and when can I get it thanks 


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Im going to bump this so we can find out how this works. U cant just post this info & never come back to the thread to help ppl out now and to explain. 


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