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I'm a moderately cool guy born in Columbus, OH. Moved around to Steubenville, Pittsburgh, & Atlanta while growing up before coming home. Graduated from The Art Institutes via Cincinnati. Man of God, Family, & Friends and of course, a passionate Buckeye.


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Comment 08 Oct 2015

Nobody could question Cardale's effort. I really just want the guy to play happy again. They need to have fun out there, get out of this funk, and get going. I hope he goes off this week.

Comment 07 Oct 2015
Na'u ka hau'oli! (My wife grew up on Ewa Beach!) Always a pleasure to meet someone from there, such an amazing culture (I got mistaken for a Samoan a few times on our visits). Aloha, brethren!
Comment 07 Oct 2015
I think Bosa is the best defensive linemen in college football, and he already lines up on the inside on occasion in the exact set I'm talking about, but Washington was much more stout at holding the middle of that defense at the point of attack, IMO.
Comment 07 Oct 2015

No, they remember that in spite of getting hurt at the end of the season, J.T. Barrett was 5th in the Heisman Voting, 2nd in QBR, 3rd in Adjusted Yards Per Attempt, 4th in Total TDs, 6th in Passing TDs, 3rd Team AP All American...

I mean this is a guy who had 1,354yds (67.5%) passing, 17TDs 276yds rushing 2TDs five games into the season with a still mostly unproven team at that I said earlier, the comparisons have whole different contexts to them.

Comment 07 Oct 2015

It wasn't an issue of the article, but the author of the Skully. D.J. has a bias, clear bias and lays it on pretty thick. Whenever someone critiques Cardale on its own merits, that reality is undermined by the assumption that it's in favor of J.T. If there was NO J.T. to replace Cardale, that wouldn't change the fact that the offense hasn't really progressed efficiency wise from the playoff run.

Teams have tape on Cardale now. The 3rd Down and Redzone efficiencies are atrocious.

And the offense as a whole has mostly been criticized in the passing game and for not running like they just did on Indiana despite Zeke going for over a 100+ yards a game this year.

And I don't know why you're comparing Indiana games...I didn't, but if you want to compare their 5th games of the season, last year was against Maryland, a Win 52-24. Our Defense forced 4 INTs, and J.T. went for 18/23 (78%)  267yds 11.6ypa 4 TDs 0 INTs RUSH 71yds 16 carries 1 TD. Zeke went for 139yds on 23 carries...9 different receivers...

I honestly think Meyer might be torn because our line blocks better with a gap blocking scheme as opposed to the zone blocking scheme which is necessary for the read option to he's willingly sacrificing part of his offense to capitalize on one of it's strengths, but worrying about your offense being inefficient against lesser competition isn't what I would consider a little thing...

Comment 07 Oct 2015

Anybody else love the HEART of this DEFENSE???

I digress, there may come a point when Washington has to go back the NT, Bosa sides inside to the 3-Technique, and Hubbard takes his spot on the outside. Those guys are our best 4 guys RIGHT NOW and according to Urban, the best should play...based on what we've seen so far, I'm not so sure Schutt and company will hold the fort the last two games of the season...and that concerns me with how MSU and TTUN are power running right now off the right tackle...

Comment 07 Oct 2015

Apparently it isn't the entire offense given how Zeke and the Slobs turned in a vintage playoff performance.

Urban figured out that teams were using a lot of movement to stymie our zone-blocking scheme up front. So just like they did for the playoffs, they switched their scheme to gap-blocking and became unstoppable! Like once Zeke gets north and south, guys in the second level aren't stopping him! And they were clearly stacking the box, but it didn't matter!

So it's not necessarily telling us that, it's telling us that we have the wrong combination of offensive philosophy! We ALL see it whether they want to admit to it or not, they WONDER, "Man, I wonder how this offense would look if we could take when J.T. dismantled Michigan State at East Lansing, when the Silver Bullets plays lights out like the playoffs, and with Zeke and the Slobs running for 200+ yards a game, probably 50+ yards receiving."

We CLEARLY see two of the elements at we know that the running element was NEVER dependent on that passing element. The Defense is tough & resilient. Now only the distributor is missing on the offense.

Comment 07 Oct 2015

You really gotta stop your one sided article slants against J.T./pro Cardale. You might not realize it (or maybe you do), but you're still perpetuating this whole #QBGeddon thing and undermining the intelligence of Buckeye fans when you do it.

We're not blind and devoid of context. We saw J.T. Barrett with basically two weeks to get starter's reps for the season, 4 of 5 new offensive line starters and largely unproven playmakers at the skill positions including Zeke, Mike Thomas, Jalin Marshall, etc.; there was certain level of temperance that goes with essentially breaking a whole new offense (players wise) 5 weeks into the season versus the present.

Now, fast forward to a returning veteran offensive line, the fact that the Indiana game killed the REAL myth of a deep threat being the reason Zeke was on that run in the playoffs (turns out it was just switching to gap-blocking again), veteran playmakers who know the offense and you want to make an inaccurate comparison like that? Apples and Oranges.

I'm just sick of the excuses being made for Cardale and this offensive philosophy. This is the SAME offense we saw against Oregon and Alabama folks. We switched to gap-blocking, Zeke ran crazy. Cardale did NOT have a great game against Bama or Oregon, he was absolutely clutch, but you can argue his only truly great game was against Wisconsin. Bad decision making, Bad ball security, but now, not converting those third downs. 

This isn't hate on Cardale or bash Cardale either, this is just obvious if you're a fan and you love the sport. Growth is needed and Buckeye Nation is trying to be patient. The expectations of progress aren't exactly fair, because it is being made against last year when it was visible. Last year when the offense got going, it was just stretches of really efficient play with big plays sprinkled in. Highly efficient, High volume. Now our offense is both inefficient and low-volume. So unless we keep gap-blocking for Zeke to run crazy, the Indiana game is going to be what our regular offense looks like for a while. 

Urban isn't helping things either by saying that "scheme doesn't matter", but that's a whole other thread.

Comment 02 Oct 2015
I can understand why you'd say that, but if you really knew Urban, I'd doubt you'd make this argument. Urban is constantly exchanging concepts with guys like Jim Harbaugh, Kevin Sumlin, Chip Kelly, Bill Belechick, Gus Malzahn, Mike Helfrich, etc. To get an edge on offense. What I'm really curious about is why you and the many Cardale supporters made this a QB Geddon issue? Literally nobody mentioned J.T. in the thread until you guys brought him up as if Cardale's mechanics and the offensive philosophy can't be discussed independently of that QB competition? You guys are too, but seriously though, Lord forbid we lose a game to a team we shouldn't and Cardale has a bad game. I'd hate to see people still torn by the QB decision cannibalising each other.
Comment 02 Oct 2015
It's not really about QB Geddon, to be perfectly honest, nobody is undecided about these two things. Cardale is a nimble 6'5" bulldozer with a howitzer for an arm. Both of those things lend themselves to the aforementioned, seeing over line of guys who are all giants and throwing the ball down field. The issue is do we have the personel to run that offense efficiently and does our QB have the accuracy to make those plays downfield and the decision making to spread the ball around? Most of our skill guys were all ATHs with RB/QB backgrounds...we only have a few true WRs that get mentioned, Thomas, Smith, Clark, & Hill. So we seem stuck in this conundrum of our identity. Are we trying to be like Auburn, TCU, Oregon, and A&M? Are we trying to be like LSU, USC, or Florida State? Like we have a very unclear picture so far. QB play is only part of it.
Comment 02 Oct 2015
Yea, I mean maybe you can chalk it up to timing. Once QBs and WRs get on the same page, it becomes easier in the passing game, but ESPN released and article about how inefficient and low volume our offense has been this year, and it really makes me wonder why Urban changed the offense so much? I mean right now we look kinda Auburn or Texas A&M ish, and I dislike it. A lot. Cardale still hasn't made me comfortable just yet, but when Urban is talking about different guys getting touches and obviously wants to keep the read-option element by disrupting the offense for Braxton to take direct snaps, seems more like to me he's trying to wedge 12 gauge and our plethora of H-Bs into an offense that wasn't designed for what our philosophy is now.
Comment 26 Sep 2015

Props to you too Buckeye John, loved the Matrix reference! 

Comment 26 Sep 2015

Yes, but you can't forget that those in Zion can still plug in and do things in the Matrix that the slaves to the system can't do. Sounds like you'd be with this guy...


Comment 26 Sep 2015

They actually just upgraded Google Wallet a great deal and have kinda replaced it with the new "Android Pay" which you might wanna take a look at. They literally just released it about a week or so ago. 

Comment 25 Sep 2015

Disagree, I enjoy Bomani Jones a lot, especially his title show, "The Right Time" because it has more of "chillin in the den with the fellas" kinda feel to it and a refreshing perspective from the non status quo at ESPN.

Le Batard's show is hilarious, it's the complete other end of The Herd where it doesn't take itself so seriously, isn't elitist, and they have some really funny bits (The What People Look Like in Sports is great), and I enjoy not listening to the same sports show that's only slightly different than the next...I mean hell it's sure better than listening to the Common Man and T-Bone (who is absolutely horrible, we need much more "company" like a rotating seat, PLEASE but then I realize I'm not setting the bar very high though.)

Don't listen to His & Hers too often (class), but I do like when they visit the Mike & Mike set. 

Comment 21 Sep 2015

I think our expectations of Dontre need to be tempered. I mean his freshman season, his numbers were on par with Percy Harvin in his first year in the H-B position, the complaint was that he was too small, but always seemed like he was on the verge of breaking one, but would get tripped up by arm tackles. So he dedicates himself, puts on like 15lbs of muscle and has had recovery issues with a broken foot, which he played on against MSU in East Lansing and caught a TD pass.

It takes time to recover from foot/leg injuries of any sort, but I don't think we should brand him anything close to disappointing or a bust. The guy makes plays when he's on the field, it just so happens he has to split his reps with guys who are equally talented as him and Braxton. It's not too long ago that he was dazzling in the open field with spin moves and such of his own. Just give him the time he's earned by fighting and being a dedicated Buckeye.

Comment 20 Sep 2015

The Offense has looked lethargic since the VT game.

I think that Urban's change in offensive philosophy has low-key crippled the offense. His teams throughout his tenures have been read-option, defend the whole field, athletes-in-space offense. I think it's a total cop out to say "defenses are catching up to it" etc. because they're not. Oregon, Texas A&M, LSU, TCU, etc. are still blowing teams out with the read-option offense. Oregon could've beaten MSU if not for an overthrow on a wide open WR. Ole Miss just knocked off Alabama using read-option elements. It's the lack of ability to throw in the power run and play action (which are the wrinkles in the read-option, as opposed to the opposite) that hamper other teams where Ohio State succeeded last year.

I think Urban bought the hype and the recency bias with Cardale Jones. We all know by now that Cardale isn't the ideal read-option QB, he's just a big, nimble, athlete, but he just simply doesn't have command of it. So since he was the starter, they nix it, and build the offense around what they did in the CFP which IMO was a mistake.

Not having Devin Smith, or the numbers threat advantage of the QB taking it to the house has hurt this offense in concept and has disrupted the timing and identity of the offense. They need to go back to basics, let J.T. get the 1st team reps to get his timing down, be "The Distributor" and get this offense humming again, and stop subbing the two deep so much. 

Comment 19 Sep 2015
Couldn't disagree more with your analysis of J.T. last year. The team was still growing and gaining an identity last season and Cardale had the luxury of taking the helm when the TEAM was firing on all cylinders. Cardale has yet to have a game as good as J.T. did against Michigan State which was arguably the best defense we faced last season save for Alabama & maybe Penn State (and he lead us in OT on a sprained MCL). Cardale is great for throwing it hard and on a rope, but he's largely a 50/50 ball QB whereas when J.T. is in rhythm, the dude is a surgeon. Jalin Marshall & Devon Smith bailed out Cardale's bad throws on more than one occasion. Heck even Cardale's throw for a TD to Curtis Samuel against VT was a bad throw that Samuel made an adjustment for. I mean it's evident how important Devin Smith was for Cardale's game. It's also evdient that splitting reps is hurting both guys, as both QBs said. But the offense is completely unlocked with J.T. and they changed it with Cardale. We were a power-spread team that made you defend the whole width of the field with athletes in space, now Urban is saying we're a power-run, play-action team, and I think we're having an identity crisis.