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Comment 17 Jan 2017

Sheffield and Ward on the outside; Webb in the slot. Fuller and Smith at the Safeties. It's been a long time coming for Erick Smith, but if he's healthy there were scouts talking about how he could be the better pro prospect than Marshon Lattimore. 

I'm not sold on Arnette, but I think Okudah or Wade could beat him out potentially in dime packages. 

Comment 17 Jan 2017

Probably not physically as gifted as Malik, but remember Malik was like <insert Harbaugh hands.jpg> this close to quitting the team until he rededicated himself and as a result will be a Day 1 draft pick. 

Comment 17 Jan 2017

It's not really. As I laid out in another post he officially had 35 overthrows, but what I said in context was that maybe 10 of them were just egregiously bad and those overthrows are being highlighted as his standard; when there was also 19 drops as well when he was on the money down field and it bounces off a guy's chest or off of his helmet.

We've regularly seen J.T. make some beautiful throws downfield where he'll drop dimes in a bucket then make some terrible what the hell was that kinda throws, but all of that comes with familiarity and trust. The only guys he trusted were Samuel and Baugh. People neglect the fact that 4 outta the top 5 receivers were out all throughout spring ball with injuries too or recovering from surgery. That's a lot of missed reps and timing.

Given how much he was pressured (this is with only the standard rush) including having literally the worst Pass-Pro tackle in college football, on average that's 2.69 overthrows per game. It's not as bad as everyone tries to make it out to be, because they couple that with offense sucking in general the last two years. It's not who's making who look bad. Even Urban himself said on many occasions, nobody is really separating themselves when it comes to the WRs. The fact that Austin Mack and Ben Victor were able to immediately crack the two-deep as true freshman should be telling enough too.

FYI, Pro Football Focus isn't just a UM homer ran thing, Josh L. is only one analyst. Steve Palazzolo, Sam Monson, Gordon McGuinness, Nathan Jahnke, and Mike Renner are also analysts for the site and like it or not, the advanced analytics are legit. 

Comment 16 Jan 2017
Yea, but some stats are objective and this isn't just "stat spinning" these are facts. Pro Football Focus even took note and said that J.T.s downfield success rate was a similar percentage to his 2014 season. Like I said, you're drawing purely from an anecdotal standpoint and recency bias. The last thing you saw was J.T. and this offense struggling downfield in marquee matchups and other QBs being able to toss it up and have their WRs go get it. Nevermind J.T.s 21 to 3 TD ratio with a clean pocket, his 10 to 0 ratio against the blitz, his very much improved pocket presence and play extension with receivers who clearly don't run the scramble drill. And you can say it's "simply not true" about the downfield throws with Cardale, but it is. They ran the same base offense, it's just that Wisconsin gave them a favorable match up with a freshman corner. Against Bama there were two completed deep balls to Devin Smith, one for a TD, for a total of 87 yards and a 43.5 yd average. Against Oregon, there was one deep ball completed to Devin Smith for 45yds and one to Corey Smith for 50yds. No TDs. In the base offense these were always "shot" plays. But it would seem now that Urban wants his passing offense to go vertical while retaining his horizontal and running game wrinkles. I mean when Braxton went down, I predicted J.T. would be a Heisman candidate that season. He has all the ability and Tom Herman was able to pull it out of him. Now I'm anxious to see what Wilson can do with these horses.
Comment 16 Jan 2017

Thanks for confirming the points of my post; rehashing the same things. I pointed out (if you actually read everything) that there were maybe ten such throws this year and confirming for me that it's not a prominent part of the offense. "Dozens" is a wild exaggeration negate the fact that he completed 67% of such throws with a clean pocket for 21 TDs though.

Characterizing him as "terribly inaccurate" for some 15-17 throws out of 300 or so? 35 of which were officially overthrown, 19 of which were drops, and 12 batted down at the LOS? That's the rub, people are condensing his season to the average 7 total times per game when a pass was overthrown or batted down at the LOS, nevermind the normalcy of this average being similar to QBs they covet or QBs they've never seen before.

And actually Cardales downfield frequency wasn't any more than JTs as they ran the same base plays which resulted in deep balls to Devin Smith - the same ones J.T. had been throwing all year - and the same ones that disappeared when Cardale was starting and there wasn't a truly legitimate deep threat on the team. That's what J.T.'s whole weenie arm rant was about; people inaccurately using he term "arm strength" when talking about deep balls. Underthrowing people isn't about arm strength it's about timing. Arm strength is more akin to how fast can you get it to your WR through tight windows, not how far you can throw the ball I mean the dude threw it 60 yards in a passing competition...the issue is Cardale has exceptional arm strength when compared to anyone, but then again so did JaMarcus Russell. 

Comment 16 Jan 2017

I was actually working on a similar article in support of J.T. The fact of the matter is the casual fan is numb to how an offense works. They just assume that an offense is limited by its QB only and that's simply not the case. Urban Meyer doesn't run a vertical offense and never has. The vertical pass is a wrinkle in Urban's offense. His philosophy has always been, stretch the field horizontally, get athletes in space one on one, and let them make a play to get chunk yardage with RAC.

That said, J.T. can only play in the system and under the structure he's allowed to play in. If he's instructed to hold the ball and be conservative than that's what he has to do. If the passing game coordination is based on short to intermediate passes, then that can be factor of several things:

If you don't have WRs who can outrun DBs, out-route DBs, or out-jump DBs for 50/50 balls, then your offense simply isn't going run plays designed to go that way. If you don't have the pass protection to allow those routes to develop you're not going to call those plays either. There's also the overlooked fact that 4 out the top 5 wideouts were injured or recovering from surgery during Spring Ball if I'm not mistaken. So it's not like J.T. had all the time to develop chemistry with them until they were healthy enough in fall camp. It's not merely a function of "well J.T. struggles against elite defenses" eh no, how about Ohio State's whole offense has struggled against elite defenses that have been able to take away the power run. This is why the QB run has been so heavily leaned on.

There's a very specific reason why Urban said "we're going to let J.T. play AND open up the offense" which suggests that the coaching schemes were holding J.T. back and a lack of reps going deep. Even Cardale himself said, it AIN'T the QB. It's this staff being unable to find the balance it wanted which is the reason why Urban got Kevin Wilson. In 2015 his offense had a QB complete 60% for 3500+ yards, 27 TDs to 7 INTS, two 1000+ yard rushers, and three receivers with over 50+ catches, with 1,000+. 900+, and 650+ yards respectively. We see Urban isn't really recruiting the H-back type any more, but true WRs who will definitely compliment this offense more going forward.

Recency bias has everyone thinking J.T. was just missing guys left and right, but only because he had some glaringly bad misses on few occasions, but you're really talking about maybe 10 throws that were that bad the whole season. Every QB has misses where they flat out miss easy throws, throwing behind guys or overthrowing them. These same people will talk about how great Trace McSorley was, but he only completed 57% of his passes this year, but he played in a vertical offense with WRs and a TE who could go get it and win 50/50 balls and the same could be said of most of the QBs names we've seen floated about, Darnold, Watson, etc. I mean show me the comparative pass pro and the early round receivers that J.T. has too please?

The stats the Ozone article missed and misstated are these very important ones:

"Barrett was pressured 101 times on 404 dropbacks. An absurd 44 of those 101 pressures came against Penn State and Michigan. According to the guys at Pro Football Focus, right tackle Isaiah Prince has allowed a nation worst 45 pressures on the season. Out of those 404 dropbacks, Barrett was sacked 25 times and hit 36 times. With the high amount of pressures, it shows that Barrett has pretty good pocket awareness and ability to avoid the rush if he was only hit 36 times and sacked 25.

Also according to Pro Football Focus, Barrett completed 66.9 percent of his passes when he was given a clean pocket, along with a 21 touchdown passes to only 3 interceptions. When facing pressure, his completion percentage dipped to 46.8 percent and threw only 3 touchdowns to 1 interception. When facing the blitz, the quarterback was sensational — completing 59.8 percent of his passes and recording 10 touchdowns to 0 interceptions. For all of the negatives that are pointed out about his game, Barrett is quite accurate when facing a clean pocket or one less defender in the secondary. The blitz numbers show that he makes quick decisions and can easily dissect the blitz."

For comparison, Deshaun Watson's numbers are similar against the blitz and against pressure with him toasting the blitz for 22 TDs, but his completion percentage dipping to 47.6% and 6 INTs against the rush, good for 68th out of 70 qualifying QBs, while also missing easy throws of his own for a -10.6 grade according to Pro Football Focus.

Bottom line the whole offense has been mess for two straight years and Urban is correcting it.

Comment 14 Jan 2017

I know this might sound crazy, but I think both Campbell and McLaurin should move to H-B; primarily because that's the position they were recruited to play, not to be every down WRs. Parris is good with the ball in his hands. He's fast, runs hard, and has the size to run consistently. Run TMC is similar; he was a do everything guy in high school, running, catching, and wildcat and he needs to be put into space. Both are about 6'0" 200lbs, but with McCall and EGW waiting in the wings we'll have to see how Kevin Wilson utilizes them.

Comment 13 Jan 2017

This is brilliant. 

I also think that they should just put a premium on advertising space too. People are more likely to be annoyed by seeing the same damn commercial six times a game than encouraged to buy something, so offer less advertising spots for more money so they make sure they get their revenues while increasing the bidding wars for TV time and eliminating the multitude of commercials for a prime few so we watch more of the game. 

Comment 09 Jan 2017

Well I think more people have optimism given that the entire defensive front is coming back (including Tracey Sprinkle in the middle) and Darius Slade. Baker and Worley are back, and Booker is talented enough to fill that MLB spot and there's great depth behind him with guys like Harrison and Jones who got PT last season. In the secondary, we've seen what 1 year starters can do, and Lattimore, Hooker, and Ward were ball hawks in this defense. I think Webb is out of place as safety and needs to go back to the slot where he can be more man to man and physical. In 1 on 1s he was constantly shutting down great WRs before he came and was the National DB of the year (like the incoming Shaun Wade), plus the additions of the aforementioned, along with Pryor, Okudah, Williamson, etc. should see this secondary elite again, especially with them being early enrollees.

The OL is only gonna get better with the additions of Wyatt and Meyers plus the return of Malcolm Pridgeon who was expected to compete for and start last season before he got hurt.

Then the entire offense is going to benefit from Kevin Wilson being the OC. I would love nothing more than to see Mack, Victor, Grimes, and Lindsay utilized properly along with Hill, McLaurin, Campbell (and hopefully Torrance Gibson and EGW) in the passing game. 

Comment 09 Jan 2017

He's flying here today...we don't know if he's already been reinstated, or if I dunno maybe he needs to sit down with academic advisors and figure out what classes he can get into, and then enroll. I mean he has til the end of the week. Let's not count him out yet.

Comment 05 Jan 2017

I'd say that assessment is unfair to J.T. you don't finish your season 2nd in QBR to the eventual Heisman Winner and finish a top 5 Heisman finalist while breaking Drew Brees Big Ten TD record and compare him to a damn Nissan Pathfinder...  I think the OP's original analogy was spot on. J.T. might not be a Ferrari, but the things already done in the right situation shows him to be well above average...

Comment 05 Jan 2017

Um,  that's not true Buckeye-Bengal, J.T. was great against the blitz this year completing near 60% percent of his passes with 10 TDs and no INTs... on the contrary J.T. was bad when pressure was allowed (what QB isn't?) with his percentage dipping to 46.8% but still 3 TDs and only 1 INT... when J.T. has a clean pocket though... near 67% 21 TDs 3 INTs.

Clearly a lack of protection, inconsistency with WRs, and terrible offensive playcalling have had a lot more to do with it than the trigger man.

Comment 04 Jan 2017

Check out his stat lines for the games against Michigan and Penn State. He struggled mightily with a great O-line and awesome receivers.

See it's when people say stuff like this is when you can tell recency effect is taking place. Consider the fact that this was still his 1st season starting, was still going to make some freshman mistakes, etc. but when you say things like check the stat lines, well did you?

Against Michigan, he was 13-21 (62%) 174 yds, 1 TD 148 QB rating along with 15 carries for 89 yds 2 TDs. He was shredding Michigan and wasn't struggling at all. QBs in this system don't always have to go for 250+ yards passing in order to have great or impactful game. You just need to be a serious RPO (run pass option) threat, and nobody in the country had scored more touchdowns using the read option in the country than Ohio State that year, then there's the whole thing of him only being second to Mariota in QBR too?

J.T. was no where near as bad as people think he is from a tools and ability standpoint. If you don't have an offensive identity, can't establish an offensive rhythm and so on, it doesn't matter who you have and 2015 was proof of that. Still had Marshall, Thomas, Vannett, Zeke, etc and the whole offense suffered. 

Comment 04 Jan 2017

Exactly. All good QBs miss guys from time to time or make bad throws. The guy had a QBR second only to Marcus Mariota that season, and was on pace to beat Joe Germaine's single season passing record and rush for over 1,000 yards, while hitting plenty of guys between the numbers, throwing guys open, and hitting guys in stride.

I don't think these guys even know what it means to have a "weak arm" either. J.T. has plenty of zip on his throws and can throw the ball 60 yards. You don't have to be able to throw the ball 70+ yards to be a successful QB...having a strong arm is about throwing deep outs, drive the ball deep, and fit it in tight windows. J.T. has proven he can do all of these things; his issue with deep balls isn't arm strength, but timing. 

Comment 04 Jan 2017

C'mon, Burrow throwing passes against the 2nd and 3rd string DBs in both cases isn't show casing anything. Some of you need to rewatch the Maryland game too. Burrow was missing WRs and making bad throws in that game too against Maryland's 2nd and 3rd string 2-3 star players with no pressure to perform with large leads. 

The situations aren't remotely the same. 

Comment 04 Jan 2017

I think it'll be Victor, Hill, and Brown starting. Parris needs to be moved to the H-B, because he was a dynamic RB in high school, and honestly, Urban over-recruited too many best athlete on the team types, and I think he's realizing that has been as mistake with his approaches in these last few recruiting classes.

The second rotation of WRs should be Mack, McLaurin, and Gibson.  EGW should be moved to the slot or H-B also. IMO Eric Glover-Williams is wasting away on defense, and with Okudah, Holmes, Wade, Riep, Williamson, Pryor, etc. coming in, his skill set needs to be taken advantage of. He could truly be what Johnnie Dixon should've been if not for all his injuries.

So basically, every rotation should have a guy with size and speed (Victor/Gibson), a great route runner (Hill/Mack), a mismatch maker (McLaurin [speed]/Brown [size]) and a dynamic H-B (McCall, EGW, Campbell).

I think Grimes and Lindsey will be good to go full speed by fall camp, but we'll see how it goes.

Comment 04 Jan 2017

Buckeye Nation is a demanding fan base with high expectations, but I'll be damned if this fan base doesn't suffer terribly from recency bias and recency effect when it comes to our beloved Buckeyes and especially with J.T. Barrett.

I need all you people to really listen to what Beck said or better yet, if you tune into the Eleven Warriors show on television and listen to what Boren said about J.T.

Then go back to 2014 when J.T. had capable receivers and the ball wasn't being force fed to anyone or the offense didn't just run and function on two guys. Go rewatch the game against Michigan St in East Lansing. Listen to the things the commentators are saying about Tom Herman's play calling, how the formations are multiple, players shifting, the line giving J.T. time to execute, J.T. moving left or moving right; quick decisive throws when the ball needed to get out, perfect touch on the deep balls...etc.  16/26 300yds 3 TDs 108yds 2 TDs. Then back to 2015, when J.T. was simply able to execute elements of the offense better and jump started the team after that messy start and destroyed the Nittany Lions in the Blackout. 

Beck essentially said the whole offense was broken. He said it's "everything". So if Warriner & Beck failed as OCs to create an offensive philosophy and ineffective play calling that did NOT fit J.T.'s strengths, then why is Barrett taking all the heat? He doesn't exactly have Devin Smith, Michael Thomas, and Jalin Marshall to throw to anymore.  His offensive line isn't protecting him all that well.

And I don't know if some of you guys know this, but if you put Burrow or Haskins or Martell out there with those WRs, this offensive play calling dumpster fire, and that type of protection, they're going to struggle too no matter how much talent you think they might have. 

Urban is always emphasizing about 9 units strong, well when you've got the entire offensive coaching staff - Warriner, Beck, Smith, and Studrawa failing; you've got Cardale coming out telling you straight up that it's NOT the QB...and then Darron Lee saying the play calling was trash for the last TWO seasons; just HOW exactly is J.T. supposed to thrive in any of that??? They literally trotted him out with only Curtis Samuel and the Silver Bullets and said, here this should be enough with this offensive gameplan consisting of 5 plays

Give the man some weapons, give him an ace OC, and give him some damn time in the pocket and watch the man go to work and make all you naysayers eat crow again. The Distributor will rise again.

P.S. You haters are also looney if you don't think OSU still doesn't beat Wisky, Bama, and Oregon with J.T. I wager it would've been worse with the way Zeke was going off because of how much more of a threat J.T. is a runner, and the hesitation created as a RPO in play action would've been on point the same way it was in East Lansing. No disrespect to the Iron King though, he did the damn thing.

Go Bucks.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

They are Dontre Wilson, Corey Smith, Pat Elflein, Joe Burger, Craig Fada, Malik Hooker, Gareon Conley, Cameron Johnston, Tyler Durbin and Cameron Johnston

I'm thinking you meant Cam Burrows?

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Yea, but you've got have game reps throwing the deep ball to develop that timing and chemistry. J.T. had the same issues with Devin Smith when everyone thought J.T. couldn't throw it deep and he said, we've just got to get our timing down and we'll be fine, then he started dropping dimes to Devin Smith with relative ease. It's all about timing and rhythm and the Warriner-Beck offense simply couldn't create it.

Comment 02 Jan 2017

And the crazy thing is that Trace isn't making amazing throws either, he's just giving his guys a chance to make a play and WRs are just winning battles against the USC DBs...their receivers are aggressive, they go get the ball, they catch with their hands, and when the play breaks down they don't stop trying to get open... 

Comment 31 Dec 2016

I'm tired of that speculation about JT moving on. The dude pretty much had a whole new receiving corp with no true receivers. Why won't fans simply chalk these up either as recruiting misses or poor coaching and development??? 

When he had Michael Thomas, Devin Smith, Evan Spencer, and Jalin Marshall, he was hitting guys in stride, completing slant routes in stride, completing deep outs, and when he got the timing down, he was hitting the deep ball with regularity.

I'm sick and tired of so called "fans" shitting on this QB whom you all chanted for when Cardale was stinking it up last season, and who has literally carried this offense this season, because of an inept offensive coaching staff that couldn't script plays if their lives depended on it; have an offensive line coach who couldn't coach his guys up to defend a damn twist and stunt; We've got a bunch of athletes that we don't use in space AT ALL; we've seen what Terry McLaurin, Paris Campbell,  Dontre Wilson, etc could do where were all the jet sweeps and screen plays to these guys??? You know the non-obvious guys that Clemson got the ball to who gashed the defense with creativity???

For all this talk about how J.T. regressed - the fact is that this coaching staff regressed on offense across the board. Losing Tom Herman and kicking Warriner up to the box with Beck was a HUGE downgrade, and coach Stud isn't in Warriner's league. I remember when Bama was using twists in '14, and by halftime Warriner corrected that and shut that shit down.

J.T. was on tonight. Balls hit guys in the hands and they were dropping them left and right, killing drives and missing scoring opportunities. If you don't throw downfield with game reps, you're not going to get good at it and you won't get the timing...period. The few times we went downfield we had shots to make plays and it's telling when Binjimen Victor was the only guy making plays.