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I'm a moderately cool guy born in Columbus, OH. Moved around to Steubenville, Pittsburgh, & Atlanta while growing up before coming home. Graduated from The Art Institutes via Cincinnati. Man of God, Family, & Friends and of course, a passionate Buckeye.


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Comment 3 hours ago

No, not Braxton. I DO thinking he favorably compares to JT, but he's not in Braxton's league as an athlete... FWIW, I do think when the time comes he'll beat out Gibson and then Gibson will be his goto WR...

Comment 18 Nov 2014
Baker = Walkout LB, Hilliard = Strong LB or MLB, Conner = MLB or SLB
Comment 18 Nov 2014
LMAO she sonned him with the crying UT Cartman! Hahaha
Comment 17 Nov 2014

Thanks man! I just had a gut feeling about him! Glad it turned out to be even better than I thought! Go Bucks!

Comment 16 Nov 2014
The things we witnessed this weekend is what makes college football amazing. We've had every type of game this weekend! That said, it would be amazing to see our boys get the #4 nod, and it would be even better to see Auburn beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl. Then whoever comes from the West then lose to the SEC East champ just to create a cluster fk for ESPN. It would be hilarious to have the narrative change from "can two SEC teams get in" to "which SEC team can get in over a one loss Big XII team?"
Comment 14 Nov 2014
Very well done, a perfect blend of the telecast and radio commentary, excellent and applicable GoT references, and a great sound track. Nice!
Comment 14 Nov 2014

You don't want sharp tongued sarcastic rebukes? Then stop with the disgusting victim blaming.

You don't have any sympathy for a girl who was sexually abused? Fine, then you should also stop expecting any towards the one who carried out that abuse.

To be blunt, you are part of the problem.

No, I don't want your remarks because Mod: Stay classy for the sake of being one, like you normally do and the shit is old-hat.

Also, I said I find it hard to because she's obviously akin to sexually disrespecting herself and showed a total disregard of her own well being by -gasp- YES putting HERSELF in that position by getting drunk til the point of being incapacitated. She has to be responsible too, victim or not.

To be blunt, you're the problem if you don't hold everyone accountable, adults, parents, coaches; everybody. And I'm not asking for sympathy for Ma'Lik, just some perspective that's objective.

Comment 14 Nov 2014

I completely agree John, I'm definitely not the "standby and watch" type. That's exactly why I didn't hangout with but a few of my guys during football season. Some of those guys, the way they talked about and treated girls (even though some of them were groupies) I never vibed with. If I was there and I was their age, I would've done something to protect her, that's for sure - at least find one of her friends or some responsible girls I could trust to watch her and not just for her sake, but because as teammates someone has to have enough sense to NOT go full retard.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

If you're in this area, Safe Auto is the way to go for cheap, liability only insurance w/ an SR22. I know because I had one from like 2007 to 2012... (poor college who always happened to get pulled over when I couldn't afford insurance that month, lol).

Comment 13 Nov 2014

We don't disagree at all John, but here's the facts:

There was no pecker and no piss from Ma'Lik. Trent was the one who pissed on her. And neither kid stuck his pecker in her, there was digital penetration, i.e. they were screwing around and "got their fingers wet" so to speak, but even the medical exam proved that wasn't even forceful in it's nature. That's why I was saying we need to pump the brakes on him being "rapist".

And people can try to absolve the girl all they want, but I have an 8 year old daughter so the responsibility of the parents and that girl isn't getting a pass from me either. I know of the girl, she goes to Weir Madonna which is just across the bridge from Steubenville and she has a known reputation for dealing sexually and fellatioiously with athletes - does that mean she deserved to get fingered while she was passed out? NO, but when you're constantly slutting yourself to athletes then I find it hard to have sympathy for you...IJS.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Not quite. First of all, when we think of rape, normally when we think of rape, we equate it to man overpowering a woman, physically assaulting her to the point of helplessness and forcing her to engage in some sort of intercourse.

That's not what happened here.

This KID because yes, being 16 SOME people make poor choices, especially when they are unsupervised, drunk, entitled athletes; decided take advantage of girl who was also drunk, and a KNOWN bop around those parts and while I'm not trying to trivialize it AT ALL (it was disgusting act regardless), you're acting like he's some sort of deviant sexual predator that's out here hunting down victims with no moral regard.

There's no need for all your sensationalism and demonizing when it's clear these were two kids screwing around who crossed the line.

He did his time, he screwed up, but that doesn't mean his whole life should be tarnished because he made a mistake as a 16 year old under the influence.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Way to have some sense of reason Cajun.

I do know him and his family and it was definitely the latter: "...somebody the perpetrated a horrible act out of childish ignorance..." and that goes for the girl too, to put it lightly she was a party girl who liked athletes... so yea all parties involved definitely have to something to take away from it...

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Well given that I'm from Steubenville (most of my older family and first cousins are still there) and I know that football program and Ma'Lik's family pretty well, I'd say congrats to him for having the focus and dedication to win that award.

That said, the kid committed an act in which was atrocious overall, but you can't hold it against him forever. He was a underage drinking, dumb 16 year old, who was entitled as a football player, dealing with a fast young lady, who crossed the line (however so egregious), but let's not make this asinine choice of his out to be more than it was.