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I'm a moderately cool guy born in Columbus, OH. Moved around to Steubenville, Pittsburgh, & Atlanta while growing up before coming home. Graduated from The Art Institutes via Cincinnati. Man of God, Family, & Friends and of course, a passionate Buckeye.


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Comment 20 hours ago

IMHO, the 2006 edition of The Game was THE best hands down. The Game is disrespected by a noon kick off, B1G tradition be damned. The Game deserves to be a Prime-Time event with the eyes of the nation gazing at the greatest rivalry in all of sports.

Give me 8PM in the Shoe all day, every day.

Comment 28 Jul 2014


Rushing Stats:

Ezekiel Elliott    30car    262yds    8.7ypc    57(long)    2TDS

Dontre Wilson    31car    250yds    8.1ypc    26(long)    1TDS

Dontre did most of his damage on passes in space, so it was only right that he move into that Hybrid spot,but as a rusher he had a better year than Dontre did (splitting hairs).

Comment 28 Jul 2014

There's no way Williams will start if it's not necessary. Hopefully Lee takes that position, then Slam's distant cousin Trevor (the VA Tech transfer) has his hardship waiver clear (stupid transfer rules anyway), and he (Trevor), Lee, & Bell can platoon the position. Amir & McDonald need to be welded to the last two spots on the bench permanently, IMO. They just simply aren't good and very below average for the caliber of player they SHOULD be.

If we don't lose Russell after a year, that incoming class with him, along with Tate, Mitchell, Grandstaff, & Giddens would be a PROBLEM. I would expect nothing less than a Final Four appearance, especially with depth we'd have then. 

Comment 25 Jul 2014

With all due respect to the "world" and the "times" they will NEVER be the driving force behind how I carry myself. I won't think being a robot lacking any kind of flavor is any more egregious than an over the top-broham. I'm a fan of moderation.

You can't ever put "how to treat people" in a box because culture doesn't have any general standard, it's a collection of creative extremes, life's frustrations, and the wisdom to treat people accordingly. There are people in the world who'd be uncomfortable with having someone put their hand on their shoulder and consider that sexual harassment - versus people who think shaking hands and church hugs is how enemies greet and would rather hug & kiss.

The world hasn't changed, it's the same as it's ever been: nothing new under the sun. It's all relative.

Comment 25 Jul 2014
Semantics to make a point that casts a different light here. With snitching it's more of base level term to cover the general sense of loyalty to the unwritten rules that exist in a lot of things we partake in. The fact of the matter is suggesting destroying the very fabric of The Best Damn Band In The Land by using semtex! All of that over the few built-in allowable lapses in judgement this society has regarding traditions at what can only be described as the pinnacle of attention? All that for a moment of true political correctness doesn't seem like a fair trade. It's a no win scenario now, that probably should've been handled in-house.
Comment 25 Jul 2014

We can't arbitrarily brand all forms of hazing with the most extreme incidents of it. Obviously there is a line with everyone, but hazing by definition consists of rituals that are meant to break you down. It's no different than the football coach who makes the team run extra sprints because he wants to see who's gonna quit; who's got heart; who's gonna step up? 

The whole point of it is to break you down as an individual and your willingness to do that, in order to become part of something greater. People having to carry shoulder pads or instruments after practice is a form of hazing. Getting weird haircuts, tied to a field goal post, or some sort of foam cream in your face, is a part of it. 

As BUCKSFAN put it so eloquently:

"It's part of being human, really.  How else do you forge bonds if you aren't on a level of vulnerability, humility and openness about yourself?  That's why you join."

Now that doesn't mean the extreme actions should be warranted it, but the whole point of hazing is to dissolve ego and share your vulnerability with everyone and essentially become one as a unit. 

Comment 25 Jul 2014

Exactly AV, completely agree with this. Waters was simply the fall guy.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

Well according the the NY Post, it's essentially a parent who complained - which means likely a current band member or prospect who snitched and the "investigation" and survey they conducted was fairly weak at best. And the worst part about it is this:

He said he could not respond to specific claims, but he pointed out that university investigators had interviewed a small fraction of the people associated with the band  five current and five former members, in a band numbering more than 200  and that some witnesses were referred by the person who had made the complaint.

This is clearly a compromising bias in regards to the information gathered in order to accurately address the complaints in context to the 75+ year subculture of TBDBITL against a guy who was part of it, lived it, and was only at the helm for just under 2 years.

I still feel he deserved the benefit of trying to work with the compliance department and the president to reform the culture into something that isn't completely foreign from what it is now, but obviously scaling back to a PG-13 rating on content of that culture.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

You know that sucks, but I think it was a BAD move reneging on giving him the opportunity to fully clean it up. I think a guy who has dotted the i  and lived and breathed TBDBITL is the only type of person who could actually mold it into something that is still fun & creative while not being met with as much resistance and backlash from former & current TBDBITL members.

They need to give him another opportunity, especially just given the nature of the investigation. Sure, from a PC/corporate/ethics standpoint it makes sense to fire him, but when all things are considered about commonly accepted subcultures, things like trash talk, pranks, nicknames, inside jokes, rookie "hazing" or traditions, etc. are part of what makes up the camaraderie in any long term team or group event. 

That takes more time than 2 years, and quite frankly, the reports show that he was making an effort to temper and dial back some of the more risque things, but again, it takes a lot of time.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

I would find a way to segregate the seats even more - I would segregate them by age, group, &/or intent and do this by hooking up with some smart guys in the acoustics department.

In order for this to work, we want to situate more students and fans who would be seated in (or buy) what I'll call "Atmospheric Seats".

These seats are for students and fans alike who want to be loud, rowdy, and participate in leading cheers with the Block O along with and overall intensity of the environment.

Place them strategically around the stadium to create a whirlwind of noise throughout - meanwhile have different blocks of seats which will be assigned to older fans and families who will sit and watch the game and not necessarily want to be around the louder, rowdy fans, but place them in areas that don't carry sound as well.

Definitely double deck anywhere students are situated and also I like the idea creating a standing area for people to pile in and stand watching the game. It would be easy to make a step structure so people could see over each other.

You guys had some great ideas overall - I'd like to see grass fields back and new endzone art, and honestly Beer would be great if for nothing else than allowing them to lower ticket prices.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

You mean the one which had poor foresight, but which proceeds went to the Boys & Girls Club of America?

Let it go bro, he came back, lol

Comment 18 Jul 2014

It's amazing that people still don't get you yet, LOL.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

You're exactly right & that's how they could sign Love - in a sign and trade. They could still shed the salaries of Bennett and Waiters which would give them about 9mil (at 5.3 and 3.8 respectively) for K-Love on a (pseudo)MAX deal at 15mil, while having shooting peaces locked up for at least 2 years with all of your exceptions available to you, plus LBJ, Kyrie, & Wiggins for 5+years, then Cavs would be golden!

Now of course I believe Minnesota can decline to opt for a sign and trade in order to strap Cleveland, depending on if they can. However truthfully, getting another team involved that has to shed salary for talent wouldn't be too hard (The New York Knicks for Amare Stoudemire [MAX player at 18.2mil]  come to mind). You could trade Waiters & Bennett plus a 1st round pick the Knicks giving them youth that Phil could build with & Melo could lead, while clearing the space by making use of the amnesty clause to get Amare off the books for total of 27mil freed up, and sign love straight up Love.

The Cavs have way too many options.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

Not so much talking about the staff/OSU, but us here at 11Wers, lol, (should've specified). It seemed like most people were cooling on Gibson and happy with Burrow, with sentiments that we want accurate QBs who can sling the rock.

So I'm really speaking to the hope that he would be willing to realize his full potential as a football player; which in the end he could evolve into an amazing QB and all time great, change positions and do the same, or  simply be wasted talent.

With the QBs we're looking at, I could only imagine what it would be like for a true gunslinger to be in this offense with these kind of weapons.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

Part of this just reeks of desperation for us though. Like we're almost TOO willing to gamble on Torrance Gibson. He has an elite talent which to be frank, is NOT larger than his EGO. Not a knock on him, you've GOT to have an EGO in this game! (The kids call it SWAG these days)  

The risk reward here is definitely a true 50/50 black and white outcome: Either he's an amazing all time college football player or he ends up like a spawn of Michael Vick in a more durable package.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

Yea it's cool man; I took my daughter last time and we had front row seats watching Dame vs. EGW, plus I got to chill with Alex (former 11W now Bucknuts) and Steve Wiltfong and pick their brains a little. I was looking for the 11W sign or section, but I didn't catch em. (Alex was no help, lol). 

Besides missing my fellow 11Wers, you also get a chance to rub shoulders with some recruits (bumped into Erick Smith, Marcelys Jones, & Marshon Lattimore along with Ezekiel Elliott last time), heard an awesome speech from Eddie George, and some cool highlights on the Jumbo-tron. Music is usually playing (stuff the kids like), and the drills breed a competitive environment that's fun to watch, especially the DBs v WRs one on ones and the RBs vs LBs. 

If you do come, my suggestion is to smuggle your own snacks and drinks into the joint - the concession prices are absolutely ridiculous. .