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Comment 24 Feb 2014
Completely agree with this BuckeyeJ. Thomas & Greene on the outside and Corey Smith in the slot with guys like Marshall, Clark, Dixon, Samuel, or TMC rotating in. Big body WRs punking smaller DBs & LBs in the run game and natural WRs at that.
Comment 22 Feb 2014

You DON'T cancel 11W....11W cancels YOU...

Comment 12 Feb 2014

Matta has always had issues with rotation. I personally don't think he has recruited enough gamers, I mean the 2014 class is going to infuse the team with some dogs that have been missing, but that needs to be much more consistent. With this team however, In NO situation should Craft, Smith, & Scott be on the floor at the same time. That's essentially all defense, hustle, and no consistent scoring.

These lineups need balance. The starters of Craft, Loving, Thompson, Ross, & Williams and then the second unit rotation should be Scott, Loving, & Della Valle. They need to run better plays that get guys shots, especially since Della Valle & Loving are supposed to be spot up guys.

Comment 09 Feb 2014

I know that we as a politically correct society and culture have been taught that, but I completely disagree with that. There's power in your tongue. It can alter moods, uplift people to do inspiring, world changing things or just as easily break spirits, and destroy a person's inner being.

If you're already engaged in a physically heightened moment, especially a competitive one; it doesn't take much to be said beyond the realm of sportsmanship to a get someone going. Now of course, how we respond to words we have control over, but a man does not and should not have tolerate blatant disrespect from another man. If you disrespect a man verbally and get a physical response, that's the verbal abusers consequence. The only instance he MAY be wrong would be the court of law. It would largely depend on the judge's interpretation of the speech of the instigator and whether his intention was to breach the peace or incite the hearer to violence. (In which this case he did).

Comment 05 Feb 2014
So what, we're doing PC crap with parenting now? The people who gave birth to him and made sacrifices to put him in that position to go to college should have a say in where he attends school, especially if they have very valid, specific reasons for NOT wanting him in the state of Michigan. No age number separates you from the wisdom of honoring your great parents and I'm sure they know the kid they've been raising a lot better than we do. It's obvious that they feel he is prone to some pitfalls that could ruin his potential. They're allowed to disapprove of his decision especially if it's a "social life" issue they witnessed and had a problem with.
Comment 28 Jan 2014

It's been amazing watching the growth and being part of it the last couple years. 11W has easily chiseled itself in as a part of my inner buckeye and for a lot of us become a regular part of our every day life. Even the guys that are alums like Elika, Alex, Miles, & Derek keep touch base with us which is just flat out awesome.

This site has a collection of viewpoints with tireless effort from the staff and damn it if we haven't made it clear we appreciate you ALL.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, you guys are taking another step just because you share the same passion we do which separates you from every other Buckeye site.

All that standing, I'd like to personally thank the staff for the support, the retweets of my concept art and so on, I really appreciate that and because of you that LBJ cleat was retweeted or favorited some 10,000+ times between December and last week.

If you guys ever need an extra hand, please don't hesitate to buzz me! Much love and thanks!

Comment 26 Jan 2014
To be honest the game has simply changed. Twitter and Facebook have enabled people to give their direct opinions about situations and make people feel like they are a part of the show. ESPN's flagship shows are terrible because they cater to that narrative, but I can't hate on their E:60 programs or the 30 for 30s. OTL and Olberman (especially surprising) are good shows too.
Comment 24 Jan 2014

But I’m here to tell you fans calling out Braxton need to re-evaluate their evaluation. Simply put, it’s unfair to analyze his three seasons in a vacuum.

This I disagree with respectfully; To be fair there was a lot of hoopla about the genius of Tom Herman, the QB guru work of George Whitfield and so on.

Braxton had two years in the system, two years of tutelage from Herman, an offseason of tutelage from George Whitfield and mind you, the last two QBs to win the Heisman were redshirt freshman.

(Now of course, they're from the south and have year around football and all that, but they were much better passers than Braxton was in high school also.)

Still, these young guys have proven that throwing early in your career can set you up for an easy transition into college ball as they're able to recognize nuances of game and exploit them more: TOUCH throws against specific coverage, throwing to receivers covered in tight man when their backs are turned to the QB, timing routes, back shoulder throws, check downs, manipulating the pocket, true scrambling, etc, etc.

Some people can say it was the WRs, but we don't know how much we can blame them. Even on wide open routes we saw constant over-throws, under-throws, and no touch when it's needed. 

For his sake, I hope Braxton blossoms, but it'll take a lot more than a Troy Smith-esque season to win the Heisman next season, especially with Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariotta coming back.

Comment 19 Jan 2014
With Chris Ash coming in and taking over the secondary, I'm expecting the team to challenge them more. Damn the "we don't have the DBs" talk; CBs have to be able to play man & Safeties gotta be disciplined with range & ball skills. Last year we had an anomaly of expectations. The secondary was supposed to be the strength of the defense with all the returning experience while our front 7 was supposed to have growing pains. While it seemed like the cupboard was bare with our LBs outside of RDS, our DL will only get better. A healthy Diesel moving inside with Bennett along with Bosa & Spence with great guys rotating in will continue to allow us a strength in the trenches. If incoming LBs along with the current ones, the Abusement Park & Trey J, can step in & Luke Fickell can focus on working his linebacker magic we could have something we didn't truly have last year: a championship caliber defense. Coach Meyer & coach Herman have to own up to playing it safe on offense, even if that was because of Braxton's limitations as a passer. More guys need opportunities in the games. Not everybody practices as well as they play in games, that's the truth, and they've gotta put guys in the fire. Let then make mistakes, but trust them to make plays. Coach Warriner leaves me with zero worries regarding the offensive line. That man can coach. Last but not least this all rides on the swan song of Mr. Miller. In our wildest dreams we hope to see a repeat leap of Troy Smith-esq proportions, which would be great, but I feel even that is setting the bar low for Braxton. He has every bit the chance to be better. I'm talking about turning in seasons like the last two Heisman winners. All he has to do is trust his coaching, trust his arm, keep chemistry with his guys, and keep having fun! This is Urban Year 3 and a lot of pundits said this year would be the one. Let's not disappoint. Let's make history. The first ever college football playoff champion: The Ohio State Buckeyes has a nice ring to it no? The Chase...has just begun!
Comment 17 Jan 2014

I'm with you BVTW, I much prefer the "Block O" stripe on the sleeves rather than the old gray with white and black stripes that don't really match anything else on the uniform.

I'd say we should ditch the truncated stripes on the pants or at least situate the "Block O" logo patch in that space if we keep it and always keep the gray pants to make sure we meet our gray quota. The gray backlit numbers on the new scarlet jerseys is enough and we should always wear the gray pants IMO.

I just find the argument for needing more gray on the jerseys backwards. 2 of the 5 jerseys listed have no gray on the sleeves (including the #1). Some fans use tradition as a cop out. These same fans who complained when OSU made the change to the current jerseys saying: "We're not Wisconsin..." and giving their general disapproval: well did any of you realize that that our current jerseys are just an updated version of the '80s jerseys?

I think a lot of fans just mistake nostalgia for tradition.

Even with the complaints about the helmet stickers. Before they were subdued most recently they were a brighter green like actual buckeye leafs are:

I understand people being resistant to change and deviation from our nostalgia - I really do, but can we PLEASE stop the division between us because it under the false pretenses of tradition

Thank you. Go Bucks!

Comment 17 Jan 2014

The whole idea of recruiting great players is to recruit alphas - and to put it frankly Thad doesn't stock up enough of them in succession. He builds excellent teams; guys who are willing to lay it all out for each other: BUT we need to have more than ONE guy who will step up and take over a game on both sides of the ball.

The LAST time we did (the 2010-11 and 2011-2012 teams) saw us loose heartbreakers, but those guys were championship-caliber teams that lost to teams with similar or more NBA level talent.

Thad has to keep building like he does, and hopefully he'll be able to land some of these "1 and Done" caliber guys he keeps just missing out on on top of his already strong coaching and also to stop recruiting the same types of players; the latter is what's really the issue right now.

Comment 16 Jan 2014

The whole idea of recruiting great players is to recruit alphas - and to put it frankly Thad doesn't stock up enough of them in succession. He builds excellent teams; guys who are willing to lay it all out for each other: BUT we need to have more than ONE guy who will step up and take over a game on both sides of the ball. 

The LAST time we did (the 2010-11 and 2011-2012 teams) saw us loose heartbreakers, but those guys were championship-caliber teams that lost to teams with similar or more NBA level talent.

Thad has to keep building like he does, and hopefully he'll be able to land some of these "1 and Done" caliber guys he keeps just missing out on. 

Comment 14 Jan 2014

ACBUCKEYE, thanks for the vote of confidence. It's appreciated.

I've watched a couple of tapes from Iowa State and Arkansas to see how consistent the scheme was. From what I've seen, the bitter Wisconsin & Arkansas fans have grossly exaggerated in their hyperbole.

Ash mixes up coverages & blitzes up quite often in the early downs, but the corners are mostly playing the similar boundary/field corner protocols we're used to seeing. Also runs a lot of robber (one safety under playing center field - playmaker).

Likes to create a lot of A-gap pressure, but disguises which LB is coming form where and who's dropping with a mix of stunts.

On downs 5 yards or less and on 3rd down and long, he runs coverage schemes almost identical to what Michigan State runs - with some man-under 2 mixed there (press man with safeties over top, LBs in man or playing hook/curl zones)

If we humble Buckeyes will recall, the last two times we saw his defenses at Wisky - Braxton needed a Hail Mary in Columbus to win, and in Wisconsin, they held our boys to 14 in regulation before El Guapo overran them in OT.

He teaches his guys to be aggressive and strip the ball, and some pretty solid gang tackling from what I've seen. I'm sure Ross will kill it when it comes to the details of the matter though.

Comment 14 Jan 2014

I was concerned at first, but this was clearly the work of Tom Herman. Here's where we can read up on Chris Ash and some calming excerpts that stood out to me that lead me to believe this is a SOLID hire:

In 2012, Wisconsin led the Big Ten and ranked third in the NCAA with a three-and-out percentage of 41.72, and the Badgers' 5.23 three and outs per game topped the Big Ten and was fourth in the country.

In 2011, Ash's first as defensive coordinator at Wisconsin, the Badgers ranked 13th in the country in scoring defense, allowing an average of 19.0 points per game, and 15th in the nation in total defense.

In 2010, Ash oversaw marked improvement in the Badger pass defense. Wisconsin allowed just 193.9 passing yards per game through the air.

In 2009, his final season at Iowa State, the Cyclones tied for second in the NCAA in red zone efficiency and ranked ninth in the NCAA with 32 takeaways.

Comment 06 Jan 2014

I'm sure he's basing that solely on the tape, but honestly, both Cardale and J.T. appear to be better passers than Braxton; hell we could say many people felt like Kenny G was a better passer than Braxton.

Braxton just happens to be a better athlete.

Comment 04 Jan 2014

Oh I know, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he's a statistically brilliant QB. Don't know why  I got dv'd, but honestly, I'm among the camp in which I believe Braxton may be holding these WRs back, including Philly. 

Comment 04 Jan 2014

Even Vonn was pissed at the safety play. Watkins only burned him because he was supposed to have help. The announcers were wrong for saying that the safety helps when he gets behind the LBs, not true, it's called a 2-DEEP for a reason, that WR had two defenders in front of him and was crossing into Powell's deep zone. CJ was supposed to help Vonn over-top of Watkins. 

Comment 04 Jan 2014

One thing we're not going to do is blame this "tightness" in Braxton's shoulder for his poor throws all night.

Braxton hasn't progressed as passer, period. Completion percentage can easily be inflated by screens (which it has been all season, running screens to Philly.) 

The sad thing is that if Braxton knew how to put some damn touch on the ball, we score on that last play.

Philly had the safety beat on a double move over the middle and if Braxton puts some damn air on the ball, we complete an extremely improbable comeback.

Our DBs did as well as anyone dealing with Clemson's boys.

VERY proud of Vonn Bell & Tyvis Powell. They did excellent in their new positions. Doran Grant & Armani Reeves were right there with their guys, but have no ball awareness.

Shazier was ghost for most of the night. Jamal Marcus was great in spot duty. Joey Bosa is a WARRIOR. 

We have no intermediate or misdirection passing game - it's sad that every other good team we played did. Tom Herman - Urban Meyer...I'm honestly starting to believe Braxton's passing ability may be holding them back.

Hyde is that DUDE.

Good season if the glass is half full - Average if the glass is half empty.

Go Bucks.