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Comment 1 hour ago

I played football and was a running back (and corner on D), but I went through a series of numbers growing up:

#28 from these guys



#34 from these guys


And finally #20 for the one and only:

Comment 28 Feb 2015

I was referring to 2013 for the record, a lot of people tend to make that excuse for Braxton (i.e "Oh the receiving corps wasn't that good last season [2013]) which was what I was alluding to. 

Comment 27 Feb 2015

I know the intent of this article isn't to be divisive, but this, again, makes you wonder, just how bad our WRs were LAST year, how much of it was "system", and ultimately how much of it was on the QB running the I've mentioned before, the passing game looks much different between Guiton // Barrett running it and Miller // Cardale running it...

Comment 25 Feb 2015

Steelers pick him up inside, move Shazier to come off the edge. #BookIt 

Comment 23 Feb 2015

I think Oregon just floated Braxton's name out there to put pressure on the kid to transfer with them: "Oh, wow they think of me in the same vein as Braxton and chose me first!"

Comment 23 Feb 2015

I've always thought he should stay, but man with this infusion of talent from that class along with some better than decent bigs... you could have the kid from VA Tech and from Georgia rotate at C, Bates-Diop & Loving as stretch 4s, then between Russ, Lyle, Tate, Kam, Grandstaff, Mitchell, & Harris and we could have a REAL nice squad next year. 

Comment 20 Feb 2015
No prob @CuseGirl; it just irks me because there's so many small things we hinge on because we love our Buckeyes and want every guy to get a shot. Fans though, we don't all break down film or pay attention to stuff like those stats. I feel the same way about Cardale. He did what he was asked to, but by no means did he "lead the team" to those wins. He wasn't the sole catalyst on offense, if anyone, it was Ezekiel Elliott (the Sugar & NCG MVP) who was obviously the guy. Jones gets way too many much credit for a total team peaking at the right moment, IMO.
Comment 19 Feb 2015

Because that stat doesn't tell the whole story:

And I know everyone isn't a stats person, but here's the comparison for passing stats that really matter:

(*Braxton's stats are from the 2013 season only*)

Braxton vs. AP Ranked teams: 55% 6.97 YPA 5 TDs 1 INT Long 40yds
J.T. vs. AP Ranked teams: 62% 11.54 YPA 3 TDs 0 INT Long 79yds

Braxton on 3rd Down: 51% 6.82 YPA 3 TDs 3 INTs 12 sacks
J.T. on 3rd Down: 66% 9.12 YPA 9 TDs 4 INTs 6 sacks

Braxton in the 4th Qtr: 51% 6.03YPA  2 TDs 1 INT 4 sacks
J.T. in the 4th Qtr: 63% 7.80 YPA 7 TDs 3 INTs 9 sacks (6 of these were against VT)

Braxton in Away Games: 54% 7.19 YPA 9 TDs 3 INTs 6 sacks
J.T. in Away Games: 68% 9.88 YPA 13 TDs 4 INTs 11 sacks

Comment 14 Feb 2015

Are you serious bro? Kovalev, Andre Ward, Gennady Golovkin (super exciting), Danny Garcia, Peter Quilin, Andy Lee, Lucas Mathysee, Rigdenaux, Abner Mares, Jennings, Amir Khan, Kell Brook, Keith Thurman, Terrance Crawford, Miguel Cotto... I those are all from Heavy to Light/Super Featherweight...

Boxing fans >>> Casual fans ;-) 

Comment 14 Feb 2015

If you're putting money on Manny you're gonna walk away broke from that bet, lol.

I find it funny that people would blame Mayweather when people in Pacquiao's own camp admitted it was Arum who was holding this up the whole time. And for those who don't know, Floyd was the only one to sign ANY contract, the first negotiations which demanded (since Pacquiao was the A+ side) 8 oz gloves (Floyd prefers 10oz), the smallest ring size allowed (to limit Floyd's ring generalship), and a 10 MILLION dollar per pound weight limit penalty if he came in over the limit of 147lbs. 

The only thing he asked for was Olympic-style blood testing which Arum & Co. ran from and said he was scared of needles (though he has tattoos)... c'mon people, don't buy the okie doke. Boxing is about hitting and not getting hit - the sweet science. 

Comment 12 Feb 2015

Definitely SAM...he would've been ideal for the position with his speed, instincts, coverage ability, etc. The same way Lee made plays this year, I'd imagine Shazier doing the same and then some. Lee definitely could've subbed in on passing downs though, at the WILL spot. 

Comment 12 Feb 2015

I think we beat MSU if we gave Carlos Hyde the damn ball, LOL.  (If that was the case we play FSU for the title, but I think we'd probably lose in similar fashion like Auburn.)

It's tough to say about that WR group -- definitely more mature, and probably more talented just based on depth alone. However, Philly Brown was the 3rd leading WR as a rookie for Carolina this year, 3rd on the team in TDs, Braxton still had Evan Spencer, Devin Smith, & Dontre Wilson (along with our stellar TEs).  4 of the guys he lost on the OL all played in the NFL, 3 of them starters (Mewhort, Linsley, Norwell)... there were more than a few times when passes were thrown late or underthrown that should've been TDs too...

The thing that always comes to mind for me though, is how well the offense flowed (albeit against weaker competition) when Kenny Guiton was running it. The called Kenny G "The Distributor" and before this season said J.T. was "Guiton-ish". It's hard (for me at least) to simply finger the blame at the WRs, when it was clear that Herman and Urban called the offense completely different between the QBs and they've all stated they call the offense according to their strengths.

You definitely bring up an interesting point!

Comment 11 Feb 2015

People say it because it's a fact. J.T. Barrett proved to be the better, more consistent passer on deep balls, intermediate passes, and short passes. It's not about capability, as far as throwing the ball, but who does it on a more consistent basis. 

If JT Barrett doesn't get hurt against UM, there's a great chance he throws for 3500+ yards AND rushes for over 1000.

C'mon man, I know you're trying to defend Braxton, but J.T. doesn't miss anywhere near the same amount of open guys Braxton did, and he actually had the uncanny ability to throw guys open more consistently and there were also more than a few drops when J.T. fit the ball in tight windows, hitting guys on the hands, in stride, that they couldn't haul in. 

And I know everyone isn't a stats person, but here's the comparison for passing stats that really matter:

(*Braxton's stats are from the 2013 season only*)

Braxton vs. AP Ranked teams: 55% 6.97 YPA 5 TDs 1 INT Long 40yds
J.T. vs. AP Ranked teams: 62% 11.54 YPA 3 TDs 0 INT Long 79yds

Braxton on 3rd Down: 51% 6.82 YPA 3 TDs 3 INTs 12 sacks
J.T. on 3rd Down: 66% 9.12 YPA 9 TDs 4 INTs 6 sacks

Braxton in the 4th Qtr: 51% 6.03YPA  2 TDs 1 INT 4 sacks
J.T. in the 4th Qtr: 63% 7.80 YPA 7 TDs 3 INTs 9 sacks (6 of these were against VT)

Braxton in Away Games: 54% 7.19 YPA 9 TDs 3 INTs 6 sacks
J.T. in Away Games: 68% 9.88 YPA 13 TDs 4 INTs 11 sacks

And yes, they could all run the offense we ran against Oregon & Bama because it was a condensed version of the offense. In fact, the offense was EXACTLY how it used to run with Braxton - easy half field reads; 1-2 take off scrambles; no zone read wrinkle (with Cardale); I mean let's NOT just glaze over the fact that our OFFENSIVE LINE and EZE probably put on the most impressive post-season stretch EVER running the add J.T. Barrett to that with what he was doing late in the year and you could argue that we curb stomp Bama and Oregon WORSE than what we did. 

Comment 10 Feb 2015

YAC factors in a bunch. I think a 2 or 3 of those 50+ yard passes were those pinpoint slant routes to Mike Thomas when he broke a tackle and took off to the house.

While you present J.T. in that scenario, Cardale also isn't juking LBs and outrunning DBs for 80 yard TDs either... their running styles are an apples and oranges comparison...but as far as passing goes, J.T. was completing 65% of his passes for 7 TDs against 1 INT (post VT) for an average of 10.15 YPC when it was 3rd & 6+,  and completing 61% of his passes for 2 TDs no INTs (post VT) for an average of 11 YPC when it was 3rd & 11+ and we've already stated his case as a runner...I'm sure we would've been fine and probably not even in most of those 3rd & long situations... but we have no way to know, just to juxtapose based on what we've seen.

HOWEVER....J.T. was recognizing fronts, picking up blitzes, shifting the offense, and superb in executing the zone read. Cardale was NOT asked to do that. I'm as happy for Cardale as anyone and I think he did an excellent job doing what the coaches asked him to do, but Ezekiel Elliott and that OL are the reasons he did so well, NOT vice versa...both teams (Oregon & Bama) failed in their key objective... stop the run and that wasn't because the safeties were back... they weren't, the were in the box.

I'm convinced that J.T. would've had his way with Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon, especially with how the OL performed and how Zeke was running... those last three games were great TEAM victories, but everyone knows who the real offensive MVPs were in all three games: those 5 beasts on the OL and that grown man wearing #15.

Comment 10 Feb 2015

Yes, I said this one was the prettiest one...I didn't bring Cardale down at all, I just pointed out the fact of the matter. His arm strength is incredible, that doesn't mean he has the best arm talent among the QBs (i.e. making all the throws) and I think you're talking about the passes to Marshall & Corey Smith, but I don't think those were opposite hash throws...(I'll check again to be sure).

Cardale Jones 3 longest passes 44, 47, 50 yards.
J.T. Barrett 3 longest passes 80, 79, 63 yards.

In each of his first 3 games and last 4 games of the season, J.T. had at least one completion for 50+ yards. Now of course I believe Cardale could produce similar results with more opportunities, but I'm just trying to give credit where it's due and subdue the idea that J.T. "lacks arm strength" for the vertical passing game when his stats and game tape say different...

Comment 10 Feb 2015

You're not giving the team enough credit...and quite frankly giving Cardale too much. Tom Herman, Urban, & Warinner condensed the playbook for Cardale, give him majorly half-field, 1-2 read throws in which he was to tuck and run or throw it away, they essentially removed the read-option altogether, and the large majority of the passes completed were on 50/50 balls. 

All that said, Cardale did what he was asked to do and did it well, but we can't say he had essentially no prep when he had the same amount of time & more that any other QB would've had (a week, 2 weeks for Bama). 

He was the starter in the offseason last year, and J.T. beat him out in the fall camp because he has better command of the ENTIRE offense...

It also rubs me wrong when we don't realize that a QBs best friend is a great ground game. The SLOBS gave Cardale clean pockets for the most part, and along with EZE were running through, around, & over EVERYONE... that was NOT because of "Cardale's arm stretching the field"...that's nonsense... both Alabama's and Oregon's gameplans were to "stop the run and force Cardale to beat them" (make mistakes/turnovers) and they couldn't stop it...the same damn play every drive, and we ran it down their throats...

Also if we're fact checking, J.T. had the longest touchdown bombs of the season...and the prettiest of them at that...


Comment 01 Feb 2015

That's one way to spin it, but there's little doubt in my mind that Darron Lee as an LB or Safety would've found his way onto the field. In all honesty if Mitchell stays or Johnson wasn't forced to retire, I think Lee might've took Powell's safety spot eventually. 

Comment 01 Feb 2015

Yea I was following the recruitment of her and the other LadyBucks last year and was impressed with the class they put together! I just wish we could've completely closed the fence around Ohio for basketball on both fronts the same way we do for football. Every year Ohio produces some great talent on the hardwood, but we need to be able to recruit elite post players to change the perception for good and compete with the big names.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

And the shirts, and the hats, and Walt's poster, and a speechless Mark May, and SEC fans eating crow, and a grovelling ESPN...did I anything?

Comment 28 Jan 2015

Pause that Groveport. If you truly, truly follow the sport, nobody credible in boxing, i.e. boxers and trainers, believe that Floyd Mayweather has ducked Pacquiao (or anyone for that matter). The problem with these so-called "agreements" is that there's nothing to agree to. If you follow the execs, both have come out and said there's no contracts grafted yet. Showtime and HBO are still trying to hammer out the details. Arum & Pacquiao are just planting the seeds for a clever excuse to get out of the fight (like they did in the first & second negotiations when Pacquiao said he was scared of needles although he has tattoos, and then when Bob Arum was held in contempt of lying and breaking his gag order when they went through negotiations the 2nd time.)

The truth of the matter is Bob Arum is a snake (always has been), who from the very beginning has always miscast Mayweather as a professional in the mainstream media as if he was afraid or a cherry picker, when the facts bare out that Floyd had beaten like opponents FIRST and in all cases beat them at their best weight-classes and coming off a win. Follow the real time line and it's easy to see who's really full of BS.

Now, you don't have to like Floyd as a person; but the media nonsense that has come at his expense because of Bob Arum & Team Pacquiao is a joke. Even Pacquiao's ex-strength coach said that they've been full of shit this whole time.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

Thanks for the shout out and all your work Remy, I hope you had a great time at the All Star festivities!

But if I recall correctly, didn't you once find some sort of metric to measure the performance of the OL as far as their blocking ability and whathaveyou? I was appealing more to that along with use of EZE down the stretch. The #SLOBS were stellar in those last three games!