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I'm a moderately cool guy born in Columbus, OH. Moved around to Steubenville, Pittsburgh, & Atlanta while growing up before coming home. Graduated from The Art Institutes via Cincinnati - Currently studying Psychology at The Ohio State University. Man of God, Family, & Friends and of course, a passionate Buckeye.


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Comment 25 Apr 2017
I mean, if Schiano moves on, coach Johnson is probably next up as the DC if he wants that anyway. And given how Urban works, there's no way he let's him walk for money.
Comment 23 Apr 2017

Let's also not lose sight of the fact that This, as far as draft positions go, might've been our most talented secondary ever! We're talking about potentially 4 first round picks (Denzel Ward is a 1st Rounder next year, IMO) and then we'll see if Webb has improved as much as Coach Schiano has endorsed! 

Still, I'd have to believe that hasn't been done since maybe those 00-01 Miami teams. 

Comment 18 Apr 2017

No it is. It's just that formula is a bit archaic and hasn't been updated. I was just using that fact to point out that the 132 PE rating you used is arbitrary too.

And if you meant that as an average of all the college football teams; well then you also have to account for their leagues, their massive drops in competition, sos differentials, averages of pass defense ratings through their schedule, etc.

Either way the Spring Games don't show any correlation with the arbitrary numbers chosen and the results of each respective spring game.

Comment 18 Apr 2017

I understand the correlation that you're trying to make, but you're leaving out far too many factors and using an inaccurate baseline.

First and foremost, the College Football PE formula lends itself to an average of 100 - not 132, and the arbitrary number of 115 yards doesn't mean anything on it's own.

What you've excluded too much context from these spring games too:

2014 - J.T. was a redshirt freshman and hadn't played football since 2012 coming off his ACL injury.
2016 - 4 of the top 5 returning WRs were injured for the spring game and J.T. was told to just throw the ball where it's supposed to be and not to worry about the results.
2017 - wasn't much different from other returning starting QBs in football... (better than Sam Darnold for example)

I mean, we're also DBU too right? So J.T. is throwing against Lattimore, Conley, Hooker, Ward etc. all these likely 1st Rd. NFL corners and safeties, while having defensive players (Bosa) on record saying that the defense routinely dominated the offense in practice.

I mean, I think both Joe and Dwayne are special talents. I think they both win NCs here if we can sure up the OL recruiting.

But there's far too much nonchalance when considering the total offensive regression we suffered from a coaching and a talent standpoint. There's a reason why we've gotten new coaches and changed the recruiting methodology for WRs. 

Comment 17 Apr 2017

Kang, your whole argument is a strawman. You're completely misrepresenting the progression of a player based on the idea of the TOTAL TEAM's depletion of NFL level talent and elite coaching. Do you hear yourself? That's not even a sound argument.

Here are the facts:

It's a fact that the OL ranked no higher than 78th in any pass protection category.

It's a fact that Isaiah Prince ranked dead last (174) in the country in pass protection for any OL who took more than 50% of snaps for his team.

It's a fact that up until the Clemson  game, the OL allowed 101 pressures on 404 dropbacks. 44 of those 101 pressures came against Penn St. and Michigan. 45 of those 101 pressures were allowed by Isaiah Prince.

It's a fact that J.T. was one the best QB is the country last season against the blitz completing 60% of his throws for 10 TDs and 0 INTs. With a clean pocket he completed 67% of passes for 21 TDs against 3 INTs. He also showed excellent pocket awareness only suffering from 25 sacks and 36 hits in spite of such poor pass protection.

It's a fact that Urban Meyer has lamented the OL not being where they need to be and is on record saying he wished the second unit was more competitive, but they just aren't and there's been too many misses in OL recruiting. 

It's a fact that after the Fiesta Bowl against ND, Urban said the passing game was the focus for next (this) season. Subsequently Warriner and Beck are no longer here.

Now it's also a fact that J.T. Barrett absolutely has to improve his deep ball accuracy this season and nobody in the "Pro J.T."  camp has said differently, but people like you who try to label him a bust while ignoring the TOTAL offense's regression - that's the WRs, the OL, the RB, the TE, the only constant was the QB so OF COURSE if you remove waves NFL talent from the team there's going to be some sort of drop off; but how is that Barrett's fault? How is that an "excuse"???

Comment 17 Apr 2017

Joe Burrow will win a national title, some national QB awards, and get invited to NY before it's all said in done. That kid has the juice. I do think some of the transfer talk is overblown though.

These guys came to Ohio State knowing they would have to compete. I mean Haskins is a RS Fr and Burrow is RS So.  At worst, Joe gets the gig next year as RS Jr. and if he really balls out like we expect he will he could declare...then Haskins takes the reigns as a RS Jr. while Tate would be a RS So and Jones would be a RS Fr.

I don't think Tate would wait around...he'd probably transfer, and deservedly so cause the kid has talent and is a winner, but I think Jones would naturally be next up after Haskins just given the time frame. 

Comment 17 Apr 2017
It's mostly because it isn't exclusive to J.T. it's true for any QB. I mean when the Packers couldn't protect Aaron Rodgers he struggled. When the Steelers couldn't protect Big Ben, he struggled. When the Patriots couldn't protect Brady, he struggled. I mean over-throwing wide open guys, poor timing, bad footwork, etc. If it happens to elite QBs in the NFL, it's not unreasonable to believe it wouldn't have the same affect at this level. Urban has stated this is an OL driven team, but we've had OL concerns and those are valid when you're ranked 78th in pass protection.
Comment 17 Apr 2017
You just made an invalid comparison though Doc. The OL only goes downhill and imposes it's will on running plays. Our OL was one of the highest rated run blocking rankings in the country. We didn't have trouble running the ball. MoC was a generational talent at the college level as a RB and those guys can do more individually with what an OL gives them in execution. The OL was hardly any worse than they were the year after, it just shows you how valuable individual players are. Now when you're talking about pass blocking, our OL didn't rank higher than 78th in ANY statistical category. I mean Isaiah Prince was literally last in the country in pass blocking efficiency. 174th out of any OL that played more than 50% of the snaps. Decision making has never been an issue with J.T. and the guy does move the chains one way or another.
Comment 17 Apr 2017
Lol an "unreasonable amount of talent" what the hell does that mean? You do realize we're talking about Urban Meyer and THE Ohio State University right? Meyer has stressed the development of an effective passing game and the misses on the offensive line in recruiting for the last two seasons. They also completely changed their recruiting process as far as WRs go. These are all obvious signs that there were things internally not going well. It's not unreasonable at all to believe that the top 100 offensive linemen you recruited not be ranked no higher than 78th in ANY pass blocking statistic. It's not unreasonable to ask for REAL wideouts. We might not want to admit it, but Meyer recruited a lot of best player/athlete on the field types who had to learn how to play receiver when they got here. Nobody said J.T. never had a bad game, never missed a throw or made a bad pass and if he really was trash, I think he'd have enough character to step aside and be supportive just like he was with Cardale. But, I'm not letting you off that easy Kang. You still didn't answer my question... I'm still waiting.
Comment 16 Apr 2017
"Do you really think that Wisconsin, facing a 3rd string unknown QB, actually started out by left people back? Hell no, they loaded the shit out of the box. Alabama loaded the box too for most part, because they felt like their talented corners could stay with our receivers. Sure, they left a safety back, but they routinely put 7 or 8 guys in the box. Watch the film. And Oregon is just Oregon. Defense is at a premium in the Pac 12 these days." Best post in the whole thread. I'm so sick of that Cardale deep ball myth, like what games were you guys watching? The safeties were never further than ten yards off the ball. And people like to tie the whole run together when the reality is that CJ had really subpar, average games against both Bama and Oregon. He made some clutch runs, but it's not like he was lighting them up. In fact didn't he have more turnovers than TDs? People remember things differently when you win.
Comment 16 Apr 2017
Name a top flight program with a starting QB who does NOT have at LEAST three or four all-conference caliber players on offense at the skill positions that have won their division, their league, or competed for a playoff spot. I'll wait.
Comment 16 Apr 2017
But that logic is flawed because every QB in the history of football is dependent on the other 10 guys he's on the field with at EVERY level. His WRs and TEs have to get open, a running game for balance, his line has to protect, and his OC has to be able to gameplan to best elite DCs. The last time J.T. had that, he was 5th in the Heisman voting and had a QBR second only to Mariotta. We watched J.T. regress while ignoring that we had one of the worst pass pros in college football and near 20 drops from our WR who weren't put in the best position to succeed with short splits and garbage route combinations. NO QB regardless of arm talent is going to succeed against top defenses handicapped like that.
Comment 16 Apr 2017

Arm talent doesn't make you a better QB. That's the point.

None of them know the offense better than J.T., none of them run the read option better than J.T. and when it comes to decision making, grit, toughness, poise, clutch, etc, we haven't seen it from any of them in a real live situation to say they have that one up on him either.

J.T. is a proven winner and that's with a competent dynamic offense when he broke school records, B1G records, finishing 5th in the Heisman voting ; stepping up to rescue the offensive rhythm and hang 42 consecutively on TTUN and ND; and last season coming up big in OT, big time road night games, etc.

It is possible to appreciate and be excited for the future without undervaluing what this guy has done in SPITE of the situations he was put in for the most part. 

Comment 15 Apr 2017

Burrow and Haskins will be listed at "OR" all season long, but Burrow will be the guy because of his affinity with the offense imo.
Far as J.T. goes...just haters jumping the gun. He didn't even get to do enough today to really make any of these judgements these armchair coaches on here are making, but he was accurate and fit the ball into some tight windows against good coverage, and like the man said, if someone were better overall, they'd be starting. Period. 

Comment 08 Apr 2017

I really appreciate these spots because while we love our football team, Ohio State is home to some really, really, really good teams across all realms including this, fencing, pistols, volleyball, tennis, wrestling, etc and we're all just really spoiled to be a part of a university as fans and/or alums who get to support these fine athletes. 

Comment 06 Apr 2017

I still think these are the best recent ensemble of jerseys... just complete the stripe and maybe keep the standard helmet's finish and find a happy medium between the width of the stripes and it would be boss, IMHO...

I understand nostalgia behind the gray sleeves, but the artist in me hates the stripes on those...if they were like the stripes on the helmet and the pants I think they'd be much better.