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I'm a moderately cool guy born in Columbus, OH. Moved around to Steubenville, Pittsburgh, & Atlanta while growing up before coming home. Graduated from The Art Institutes via Cincinnati. Man of God, Family, & Friends and of course, a passionate Buckeye.


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Comment 9 minutes ago

I disagree with that notion - I mean look at schools like Florida, Texas, UCLA, etc. We can have a great hoops program as well as a great football program. 

I've often thought that Thad Matta's offensive schemes were lousy and he really didn't let the kids play. All the greatest players were able to play beyond the system and take over games when necessary, but Matta's offense doesn't really allow for that (and neither does his recruiting lately)

Comment 13 hours ago

We'll definitely see MSU tested in a way that they weren't when they played us or Stanford. The old adage in boxing is equally true in football IMO, styles make games.

With us, MSU knew they had the horses up front to contend with OSU and stacked the box while saying "Braxton, beat us with your arm if you can," and the passing game wasn't up to the task.

With Oregon it's a whole different animal: They WILL toss the rock. They WILL run the rock. Mariota WILL scramble.

BUT, I'm sure Dino and Pat are up to the task. If Stanford can give em fits then I'm sure MSU will.

Comment 14 hours ago

Hells Bells is awesome on third down... I also love the Buckeye Swag song. I don't think "Juice" gets enough run, and I actually really like the music selection from the Ohio State Football Youtube page. The video team is killing it!

Comment 01 Sep 2014

Braxton Miller is a transcendent athlete with a strong arm at the QB position. He's played QB well enough along with being an X-factor with his feet to win games.

That said, the question needs more detail - who's the better QB or who's the better football player? 

Honestly, I think if the offensive line was able to give JT more time to stand and deliver, he would've put up even bigger numbers than that. The kid showed that when he has time to survey the field, he'll go through his reads and find a guy. 

Now that being said: Ask this question after the Michigan State game, and by then we'll be able to see these guys on the O-line keep geling, along with JT & the weapons getting their game speed timing down, etc. and once that happens we'll see a totally different team.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Yes, but how are Irish people doing now? Irish people aren't still systematically oppressed because their Irish...and the Fighting Irish is both a testament to their perseverance despite all of that - and even the whole "tough sobs who drink and like to fight" isn't a terrible stereotype to have.

Counter that in contrast to my Native American brethren (maternal side great grandmother, Seneca Clan, Iroquois) and you see just how many of them are suffering, the poverty, the suicide rates, etc. and the government and corporations are still trying to strong arm them off of their land to run through pipelines such.

It's one thing to just have periods of pain throughout your history, but a whole other thing, when the people who raped and killed your ancestors have their ancestors STILL infringing on your right to live and minimizing your existence to footnote in history and disrespecting your integrity for the sake of social political debates.

It's not living in the past if the oppression is still present.

If you ever get the chance, I invite you to come to campus in November for the ALT Thanksgiving at Ohio State where Natives from all over the country come, some perform and they share their stories. Also some great Native dishes as well.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Honestly it's because of all the other redshirt-Freshman QBs who are coming out on their first start and balling out of control. Honestly, I think we're nitpicking J.T. without realizing how good a game he had by the standards you posted, but when Johnny Manziel, Marcus Marriota, Jameis Winston, etc. lit the field on fire the past couple years. and then Kenny Hill comes out and absolutely SHREDS "SEC-defense" in #9 (overrated) South Carolina, then in the big picture, it was pretty "meh", but really good in a vacuum.

One thing is, and many people touched on this, it the fact that Navy is probably the toughest, most disciplined, most determined team we'll face all year. Yes it's "assignment football" but just because we have the better talent doesn't mean that proper technique, timing, or execution can't overcome that, and we seen that happen on a few occassions. 

We also have to keep in mind that this game was used to separate guys based on their game performance, so I'm sure the coaching staff will settle in on some starters on the O-line and remember we gotta give these guys time to GEL. Once we do that and give J.T. some time to survey the field, I think he'll put up bigger numbers than what we've seen.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

I'm throwing caution to the wind. I mean c'mon Buckeyes, why not us? Why can't lightning strike and J.T. be some crazy combination of Tebow, Guiton, & Braxton with a sterling pedigree from the Land of QBs - Texas?

All of these other redshirt freshman have come in with no competitive snaps and have been setting records - Cam Newton, Marcus Mariotta, Johnny Manziel, Jameis Winston, and now Kenny Hill...Why not JT?

Crazy coincidence here: There is another former #3 DT QB from a military family in Texas, with legendary leadership qualities, who came back from a torn ACL to win the Heisman trophy, and put his school on the map: Robert Griffin III.

Why can't Joe Thomas Barrett IV be OUR transcendent QB?

I know we have a strange relationship with optimism and heartbreak being Ohioans, but damn it, It all feels right - Urban year three, athletes unleashed, aggressive "let em play" style defense, layers of talent and speed, a killer D-Line that has been forging our young O-Line, and a QB hand picked by Tom Herman & Urban Meyer.

The distributor that while we appreciate Braxton and his talent, we all wished he was when those who wondered about his passing progression, thought that this offense would be much better with a "Pass First-Run Second" or "QB who's an athlete rather than an Athlete at QB" type of deal, and Smooth Jazz gave us a taste.

In small samples it proved to be the better fit for this offense despite the QB running it, not being as talented, but just naturally a better fit.

Consider me all in on J.T.!

Comment 29 Aug 2014

Thank the Maker that I was born in Ohio, cradle of coaches, US Presidents, confederate-stomping Generals, and home of The Ohio State University Football Buckeyes! should seriously make this your tagline.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Morning Chi-Buck, well Maui is awesome (my wife grew up in Oahu), and there actually is an official Ohio State Alumni Club there, but as you can imagine it's in Honolulu. Now I don't know what your travel arrangements are like, but it's not too terribly expensive to island hop as the OSU Alumni Club gathers at Giovanni Pastrami to watch games. There's also a contact on that site for a gal who organize things for you to make arrangements. 

Now ironically, I came across this list of places from a fan of TTUN on a golf page, but if you must stay in Maui, I'm sure these places will probably do the trick!

*And The Game would kick off at 7am BTW!*

Hope you have fun and good luck!

Comment 26 Aug 2014

I just can't wait to see some runs on the edge. I loved what we had in El Guapo (who didn't?) but our RBs are athletes too and I'd love to see them in more one on one situations on the edge against some of these smaller DBs in space.

I think EzE is the starter, but I'm calling it now: EzE, Samuel, AND Rod Jones will have long TD runs against Navy. 

Comment 26 Aug 2014

Sure it is. We're talking about insults, trash talk, whether in jest or just plain mean-spirited. You don't think guys with hot wives don't get trashed talked about what a guy would want to do with her? You think there aren't any racist remarks or anything said questioning a man's manhood is said on the field?

Besides it's apples and oranges - and I hate it when people compare gay issues to black issues because I find it disrespectful to myself and people dealing with systematic racism that has been in place for centuries. We get complimented for being well spoken while a guy gets called a hero for simply being himself?

Not in the same universe indeed my friend...

Comment 25 Aug 2014

Well I'll say it's not PC to make fun of someone's sexuality, but hell, guys rip on how ugly someone's wife is or their mom, and some guys cross the line talking about wanting to do some inappropriate things... so there's a line from an integrity standpoint that some guys push, but this one is kinda hard to call given the nature of sports and trash talk among guys...

Comment 25 Aug 2014

No way does Gibson come in and beat JT. JT has been described as Guitonish and really, he's like the perfect blend of Braxton & Smooth Jazz - he's a distributor like Kenny G and by all accounts, an EXCELLENT leader (the ONLY Freshman on the LEADERSHIP council), and he's got better wheels than most are expecting. I'd say he's ability is right in line with other dual threats like Mariotta & Hundley. NOBODY was running like Braxton at QB last season and that was likely to repeat this season, but WHEN JT excels as the leader of this offense, a guy with two years in the system, a great leader of men, moves the chains on offense, calm demeanor, accurate intermediate throws, underrated deep ball - with a bunch a guys with a chip on their shoulder and speed to burn?

TG6 has talent, but he's still gotta learn the offense, still gotta get baptized by the Silver Bullets. We can't forget that this kid has been practicing against our aggressive press coverage, and our new offensive line who have been preparing against our D-Line which many believe is the best or among the best in the country!!!

It feels like we already had an edge and a mission and now we've even been made the underdogs to some extent.

Have faith!

Comment 21 Aug 2014

Call me crazy, but I think this team rallies around J.T. and he may even creep into the Heisman discussion himself. I think JT is a middle ground between Braxton & Kenny G. - not quite the explosive athlete, but a much more natural distributor and leader. I think the playmakers will thrive and he'll break records ala Kenny G.

STATLINE: 3418 Pass yds 33TDs 6INTs 540 Rush yds 10TDs

In Barrett We Trust

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Now for a present to yourself and the rest of us, could you PLEASE bargain with 97.1 to have a 11W radio show? That would be the awesomest of sauces...especially since they cite you guys so often anyway!

Comment 15 Aug 2014

Our next foursome on the line could be Beckner Jr., Sweat, Cornell (moves inside ala Bennett) and Gallimore...that would be flat out nuts.

Comment 15 Aug 2014

This is exactly what I'm saying, it's definitely shades of gray for each individual scenario, but there should be equally firm lines for forceful and antagonizing acts of violence that are baseline - not adhered to a discriminatory gender bias.

Comment 15 Aug 2014

It depends...I mean if Marriotta & Oregon can gash Alabama like Manziel and A&M did, then it would definitely be a game that would come down to who could get that timely stop.

Comment 15 Aug 2014

It's pretty disgusting that your reading of that brought you to that conclusion. The only thing I typed in caps was "MARRIED" and I respect your opinion, but being a trained individual I don't separate domestic violence from general violence - the only difference is that it's between a man & woman who know (and should trust) each other. Violence can be instigated and performed by any person, no matter your gender and shouldn't be instigated by anyone no matter the gender in civil situations.

Women aren't exempt. PERIOD.