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quick question..

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August 22, 2014 at 2:10pm

Ok guys/gals, quick question for anyone who has been through this, I'm looking for some advice..I know this may hurt some of your feelings so I apologize in advance...we all know Santa Clause is not real, but at what age do you let your children in on this little secret? 2 of my children are borderline needing to know..not sure when I should break the news to them..

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How old?

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Tough question. I was a little asshole kid when I found out and told both my younger siblings. I guess it depends on the kids maturity. If you're even considering it I feel it should be about that time. 

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tell them to wait till December before they ask such things! First the decorations start coming out IN OCTOBER! and now kids are wondering about the fat guy in the middle of summer (commence Hoke joke in 3,2,1..)

be careful, some young-uns do frequent this site. don't want to burst anyones bubble.

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Tell them that Santa might be fake, but J.T. Barrett will bring the goods!  Go Bucks!

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we all know Santa Clause is not real

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Just let the Easter Bunny tell them. Boom! Problem solved.

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Wait a minuteee...

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I have a son turning 10 and another one just turned 6.  We haven't seen anything about this to them yet, but certainly we get the feeling the 9+ year old knows.  Probably from friends at school.  He is pretty good about it and doesn't say anything.  To me, 6 is way to  young at least for my kid.

Good luck

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We never really said there was a Sante Claus. We kept with the true reason for celebrating Christmas, and let them know that while the individual Sante Claus had some 'factual' basis, he was more of a symbol for giving.

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Thanks for the help guys! Appreciate the input! I'm just gonna tell them that JT is the one who delivers the goods like buckeye knight said..should work,right!?!

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Santa isn't real?

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I've never been told SC was real. My parents didn't see the benefit and I don't either. Kind of dilutes the meaning of Christmas too.