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  • SPORTS MOMENT: My favorite sports moment has to be when the #1 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes defeted the #2 ranked team up north at home and the entire field was littered with fans...I have a poster hanging above my desk at work so that I can relive this moment everyday..what a game..
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: If your attire consists of scarlet and gray, then I am a fan
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • MLB TEAM: Redlegs all the way

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Comment 2 hours ago
JT will not leave early after next season...pretty sure he will stick around..IMO..and you are correct about not knowing how someone will developed, but if the HMFIC wants him on our team, I'll trust his evaluation..
Comment 18 hours ago
Not running him down at all..just my opinion..
Comment 22 hours ago
Nate was always easy to spot on the field because of that cowboy collar he always wore..special teams specialist he was!
Comment 22 hours ago
Braxton Miller, JT Barrett, Cardale Jones, Stephan Collier, Joe Burrow, Danny Clark... 6 reason why I could give a shit less..we can win with, or without him..if he wants to ride the train, he best be getting on or his ass is gonna get left behind..
Comment 24 hours ago
He actually bought that shirt from Gabriel brothers...is says "Ohoi State"....so were good..
Comment 27 Jan 2015
Its going to be awesome having so many weapons to choose from..I wonder if we could take the 10 biggest dudes on the team, form a circle around the ball carrier, and walk down the field every play?(italics)
Comment 27 Jan 2015
"I've come to accept I may never see something as magical as Ohio State's championship in athletics for as long as I live. (The Browns winning the Super Bowl would top it, but so would a golden retriever dunking in an NBA game.)" You obviously haven't seen Airbud.. Little known fact about the bosa pic...he actually had 5 balloons total prior to the photo being taken..but his dad said "look here Joe Joe, let's show everyone back home how cute you look in that outfit, and that mushroom haircut"....but bosa said you see these balloons, this is what I'm gonna do to your head if you don't put that *ucking camera away!!"...and then popped 3 of them just by saying "I'm Joey Bosa, you WILL do what I say, and when I look at you, you WILL pop...any questions?" True story...
Comment 27 Jan 2015
I'm gonna call for a "6 pack" Saturday... We get 6 of them to commit together on ESPN.. Right after a saban/kiffen interview on "how it felt losing to a B1G team"
Comment 26 Jan 2015
Will FSU have a qb that will be capable of getting them there now that Winston is gone?
Comment 25 Jan 2015
I need a gray box for proof..