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  • SPORTS MOMENT: My favorite sports moment has to be when the #1 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes defeted the #2 ranked team up north at home and the entire field was littered with fans...I have a poster hanging above my desk at work so that I can relive this moment everyday..what a game..
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: If your attire consists of scarlet and gray, then I am a fan
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • MLB TEAM: Redlegs all the way

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Comment 01 Aug 2015

In my opinion, the game in Ann arbor this year will not be as close as one may think it will be..sure it's gonna be a rockin environment for ballhair's first game against us, but I just don't think their talent at any position even comes close to matching up with ours..and by the time this game rolls around, everything will be clicking...i hope they start "sugar Shane Morris" over a qb with more game experience..

Comment 31 Jul 2015

What I love seeing more than anything is the interaction with all the kids and the non members of the football team..that shows some class right there! Those kids will remember "that day they swam with the buckeyes football team" for the rest of their lives! Love this team man!

Comment 30 Jul 2015

Not saying he isn't good enough here, what I'm asking is are the coaches not to confident on landing the guys they had higher up on their board, not just at his position, with limited amount of spots left in this class..

Comment 30 Jul 2015

Could a hair sample have been taken for the test? I believe that will go back as far as 9/10 months..so this could could be from who knows when? Post championship celebration once the season was over? Just trying to look at this from all angles..

Comment 30 Jul 2015

If his offer is a Commitable one, then it will only be a matter of time! What does this say about or confidence in landing guys higher up on the board?

Comment 30 Jul 2015

Not sure, but evidently people in bama love pigs, he better just stay away from there or else he will get drug into the bathroom and molested again..

Comment 30 Jul 2015

I love bacon, but that's a little extreme..

Comment 29 Jul 2015

I've never been a fan of fair rides..simply because of the constant wear and tear on them from one fair to the next, and being operated pretty much all day long..there's going to be a failure at some point in time, an I would rather not be on it when it happens..and yes, as my luck would have it, I would be on it when it does happen!

Comment 28 Jul 2015

Only time will tell my friend, expectations are def set high, so anything less than a repeat will be a disappointment to some..