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ESPN anchor subtly hints at ESPN's (and all of media's) problem

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August 21, 2014 at 2:04pm

The Jon Waters and Braxton Miller storylines have been beaten in to the ground. I didn't even hear about Jason Bitsko's passing. I tend to follow all Ohio teams, I'm very surprised that Bitsko's story is seemingly not a story.

“Guys like Bitsko don’t get headlines. Those go to Manziel not starting in Cleveland and Miller unable to play in Columbus,” Everett said.

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he ain't lyin!

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Saw this in the morning.  He's 100% correct though and it puts things into perspective. That was a real tragedy.

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Neil Everett is one of the best things about that network. He's a great guy and a hell of a talented anchor.

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I don't think that was very subtle. To me he was clearly showing his displeasure with the lack of coverage. I agree with the writer as well that they should have given something, anything beyond the 30 seconds that the story got. Shame on them...but at the same time, I'm not the least bit surprised.

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And the only reason it was even 30secs is because he paused to emphasize the point he was making.

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Its about making money. ESPN is a business. The fact that they, and other news and 'news' companies, only discuss or focus on stories that will generate more viewers or visitors to their website, is something thats been going on for a long, long time. The CNN editor for their webpage came out and flat out said they skew reports and post more opinion than fact because it causes people to stay on the website longer and they can sell more advertisements. 

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They are more into this:
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Now, THAT's real news!

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-----the problem is, so is the majority of the general public. Pretty damned sickening.

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His point is well taken but he could have used different examples!

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I wonder how long till Neil is suspended? That seems to be ESPNs reaction to anything they don't like (sometimes justified, sometimes just because how dare anyone say negative things about ESPN!!)


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Good for him - ESPN needed a dose of common sense with their coverage.  They do a lot of things right, but getting some perspective every now and again won't hurt their ratings.

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That's why sportscenter is unwatchable. They don't talk about sports. It's all about off the field stuff nowadays. When you spend an entire show talking about Manziel, twitter, and Nick Saban, there's really no reason to watch. It's the same topics every day. I don't know if I ever watched an episode of CFB live where Alabama wasn't talked about at some point.

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The most pathetic thing is that today college football live never even mentioned it one time. They were too busy talking about alabama and who makes the playoffs. No one gives a crap what they say at all bc it doesnt matter at all at the end of the year bc they will be wrong. This was a college athlete and if it was am alabama player (even a 3rd string center) they would have had a live funeral for the kid but since he was from kent they didnt care at all. 

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This is a great point.

So tired of hearing about an overrated jackass who isn't even a good enough QB to start for the Clowns!

And yes we know Braxton is hurt, but I'm willing to bet that he felt worse about his HS teammate's death than his own season-ending injury.

Class of 2010.

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He's 100% correct... I couldn't believe the lack of coverage.


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ESPN is seeing less and less of my time, whether it's on TV or online. I'm completely disgusted with them lately, stories are just beat into the ground over and over again. Whether it's Johny, LeBron, Puig, Michael Sams, or any NY team, they talk over and over about the same bullshit. Now they are asking us to believe they will be unbiased even though they have a "SEC Network" ?? FoxSports 1 has become my go to, admittedly not as good but much more tolerable. All this and I haven't even mentioned their mind-numbing analysts.

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agreed. I have seen switched from listening to Mike and Mike, Cowherd to the guys on CBS sports radio. 

I only will watch ESPN now if the Buckeyes play on it and thats not by choice

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UV all around!

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He is absolutely right about this. Bitsko's story wasn't even 30 seconds long. Everett talked about him for 10 seconds. He is certainly justified in what he said.

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I have two friends who knew Bitsko very well. Said he was the kindest, most genuine person they've ever known. Sad.

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