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11W College Fantasy Football

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August 17, 2014 at 9:30am

The last couple of years I have set up a college fantasy football league on ESPN.  Anyone can join with no limit on the total number of participants so everyone feel free to join.  

If you haven't played before, the rules are pretty flexible. You can make as many roster changes throughout the year as you want, so there is no excuse to have a player on your team with a bye week that week.  We will just use the B1G players.  I can't promise you anything except bragging rights and an upvote or two if you win.  

Just go here and good luck!

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my bad...commented on the wrong thread. Sober too. 

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edit:  I think this ended up in the wrong place?

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Is this allowed? Surprised give the O'bannon lawsuit.

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Nice, I can still pick Kenny G...  Get your crap together, ESPN.

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Haha, yeah.  I imagine after the first week or so it will improve.  Hopefully by the time the season starts, but we'll see.

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Bumping for those who were busy over the weekend. 

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Any new takers?  The season is upon us so get in now!!  Also if you want to update your rosters it appears that ESPN has added players like JTB and EZE.

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Seriously, last chance if you want to use any Minnesota or ??Rutgers?? players this week.  MSU plays tomorrow, so if you want their defense for this week better jump on board soon!!