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Ads...Dating sites

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July 28, 2014 at 2:21pm

OK who is looking for Chinese and Russian brides? For the last two days that's all I've seen in the ads.

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You do realize those ads are directly related to your browser cache and cookies, right?

In other words, clear your browsing history and temp files.

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I live in Georgia, yet I see ads for Columbus every now and then.  I see mostly dating and car ads.  Neither of which I search. 

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You do realize those ads are directly related to your browser cache and cookies, right?

I don't see any xvideoGamestop ads.

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They're Google ads. 11W doesn't put up those specific ads. Just something with Google, whether it is past search history or a select few default ads that show if no search history is present.

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Haha!!!  Its because those are the most popular things in YOUR browser history.  HAHAHA!!

My ads are modern furniture and whirlpool appliances.

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I've had the Asian dating site ads pop up before, but now I'm looking at AT&T. No idea why I'm getting AT&T as I'm with Verizon and not looking up changing services (yet). Like I said, I'm sure they have some default ones that show up when there isn't a whole lot of history to go off of in some search cache.

Rock over London; Rock on Chicago. Timex: It takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'

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facepalm worthy. 

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9Route had been logging on with all of his different accounts and visiting those sites from 11W.  Now those services think that everyone who visits 11w is looking for mail-order brides.

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Oh boy try and shove that foot a little further in your mouth. Haha

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I'm getting ads for Beggin' Strips, myself. 

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Stop drooling on the keyboard Fido.

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 это был не я

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UV for you sir!

Try copying and pasting into google translate  (Russian) 

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This is like the 15th thread like this I have read.

The moral of the story is stop looking at so much Asian porn and it will stop.

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or at least use a different computer to do it

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Lets not get crazy here, I'm sure there's another solution that isn't so drastic.

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Short Answer: YOU ARE

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I complained two weeks ago about the flood of midget porn ads on this site. Glad I didn't make a topic, that would have been embarrassing

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Everyone who visited this thread will now receive the previously stated asian and russian bride ads because of the keywords. Thanks, OP.

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I can't remember which show it was now, but someone was following guys who sent their money off for these brides.  At the end they'd follow the dudes to the airport to see if the girl would actually show up.  I only watched a few, but none showed, and the guys were out like 10 grand or something.  It was the complete train wreck you'd expect it to be.

Anyway, just a heads-up, but save your cash dude.

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You have to admit though, it's pretty amazing there's so many foreign women just waiting to meet me.

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I get them too...the ads I mean, not the whores. However, I do like me some Chinese food, and babushkas can be kinda hot, I guess.

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Uhhhh.................ummmm...........................I have nothing to say...........I will move on.

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Something tells me that Bassdropper has Boy Band Ads running on his screen

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