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May 5, 2014 at 5:36pm

Everyone thinks they have an eye for talent, especially us buckeye fans, and I am curious how all of you would rank these players who are about to make millions of dollars. So once again taking a look toward the draft on Thursday, how do you all think these guys stack up. This isnt who you think you would draft if you were the Browns, its just how you would rank guys based off talent and potential. So here we go!

#1) Sammy Watkins - In my opinion he's bust proof. Steve smith meets Percy Harvin in a 6'1" body

#2) Khalil Mack - Also bust proof. Single-handedly dominated the Bucks more than any player I've seen in recent memory... other than the guy above him.

#3) Jadeveon Clowney - Is he Bruce Smith or Andre Wadsworth... Yea, who?

#4) Greg Robinson - Best left tackle in the draft

#5) Mike Evans - I have my questions about him, but he could be explosively good

#6) Jake Matthews - Close to Robinson but not as quick

#7) Justin Gilbert - Shut down corner on the level of Dee Milliner or Morris Claiborne. Should be talked about more.

#8 - #10) Anthony Barr, Darquez Dennard, Ha Ha Clinton Dix 

#11 - #16) Odell Beckham Jr, Aaron Donald, Eric Ebron, CJ Mosley, Zach Martin, Kyle Fuller

#17) Blake Bortles - Yes this is where my first QB is... Shows you what I think of them. (#26, #35 or bust Brownies!)

#18) Xavier Su'a Filo - I hope this guy slides to Cleveland. #wishfulthinking

#19) RDS - Because he's awesome

#20 - #22) Calvin Pryor, Brandon Cooks, Tayler Lewan (Yes I know he's the bastard child of Brady Hoke and Rosengurtle Baumgardner, but the potential is there nonetheless)

#23 - #24) Teddy Bridgwater, Johnny Manziel - Equal parts franchise savior/fired GM

#25 - #30) Kony Ealy, Bradley Roby, Marquise Lee, Ra'Shede Hageman, Derrick Carr, Jason Varrett

#31) Carlos Hyde - If it was 3 years ago, he would be a top 15 pick.

#32) Jordan Matthews rounds out the first round of my board

Honorable Mention - Louis Nix, Morgan Moses, Joel Bitonio, Dee Ford  

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DefenceWinsChampionships's picture

As a side note, I want the Browns to leave the draft with Watkins, Filo, and Bridgewater/Carr, and fix the clown show of an offence they've had since forever... I'd take Fuller at 26, but I doubt he's there.

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I would put Mike Evans in terms of potential ahead of Sammy Watkins as his height and size will equal tons of red zone TDs (Rod Smith comes to mind). Also, I'm going to be homerish, but I believe Ryan Shazier should be ahead of Anthony Barr by experience and explosiveness alone. Lastly, I would put Kyle Fuller ahead of Dennard and Clinton-Dix by his press coverage, backpedal, physical grit, and length give him an nod over both Dennard and Clinton-Dix (by barely). Aside from that, excellent list. I will likely write one myself, but with IT work at the current time, it will be tomorrow or Wednesday before I can. 

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I think Shazier is the best linebacker not named Mack. Wouldn't be surprised at all if Shazier is the best from this class when its all said and done.


DefenceWinsChampionships's picture

I agree with you that Evans has more potential, but I also think that he is a lot scarier in terms of a potential bust. Watkins is faster, has surer hands and is a better route runner at this point in time. For two guys who I consider pretty equal, I had to go with who I thought was a sure thing. As much as I love Shazier and as much as he is a physical freak of nature, I graded him a bit lower because I don't know how high his football IQ is. At OSU he made a shit load of tackles, but he was very much over the top and sideline to sideline, and not so much downhill and in the backfield like a true linebacker should be. His potential is off the charts if he ever gets it. Also, 3-4 OLB has become an extremely important position in today's NFL, 4-3 OLB not so much. Hence Barr over Shazier. You make a great argument for Fuller though, and I struggled putting him as low as I did.

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Currently typing scouting reports on multiple players by each position, mostly players who aren't supposed to be selected in the first round. Im going to rank my top 50 or top 100 once I finish...I think it will be pretty cool to look back at the list in a couple of years to see which players panned out and which bust I accurately predicted...did something similar for this years recruiting class.


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Shut down corner on the level of Dee Milliner

Does not compute.  Is he a shut down corner, or is he Dee Milliner, because he can't be both.

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DefenceWinsChampionships's picture

I meant in terms of him coming out of college, not how he's been in the NFL. That's how he was regarded in the last draft.

EDIT: The point of the comment was that there have been 2 CB taken in the top ten over the last two drafts: Milliner and Clayborne, and I think Gilbert is every bit as good, if not better, than either of them were coming out of college. So I dont know why he isnt getting more hype.

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but Dee Milner has shown at the NFL level that he can't be a shutdown corner (yet). Doesn't matter how they were regarded during the draft process, only thing that matters is what happens on the field. 


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With our 4th pick I want the best player available. I don't care what position, I'm sick of overreaching for players. I want a player that's going to come in right away, start, and make an impact. There is no way any of those QBs are top 4 talent in the draft. I'm not a professional scout but based off of what I've seen in college I would want:

  • Watkins, Robinson, Evans, Mack, or Barr

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.