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Comment 23 Dec 2014

Rule of thumb? Well you can't do much damage with that, now can you? Perhaps it should have been a rule of wrist...

Comment 18 Dec 2014

I was the exact opposite. I was up 6 and out of players and all I needed was the saints to run out the clock. Instead, they score a freakin touchdown and Jeffery puts up 10 points on the final drive to end my season... If Cutler would have only sucked for one more drive I'd be on my way to the money game.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

A silver lining to that prediction is that ESPN has us giving Bama a better game than Oregon. I thought that was interesting.

Comment 09 Dec 2014
A 16 team playoff would just be awful. You'd have teams making it in that in no way deserve it. I mean just look at this year, I can't even justify the #9 team in Ole miss getting a chance at a championship, let alone a team like Arizona who was just spanked by Oregon. Does anyone really think Georgia, Georgia Tech, or auburn deserves a chance to be in consideration? I mean seriously Wisconsin would almost make it in after a 60 points spanking. Having 16 teams would completely devalue the entire season. there's simply no way anyone can justify allowing a three or four loss team a chance at a national championship. In my mind eight teams is the absolute max you could have and not make the regular season a joke
Comment 09 Dec 2014

Some of the posters on this site are far too arrogant. If Cincy got into the Big 12 it could dramatically affect OSU. Maybe not initially, but over time it could certainly be detrimental. Right now, not only is there is no such thing as a recruiting battle between OSU and Cincy, but we never really have to fight recruiting battles against any of the Big 12 teams. None of them have had much influence in Ohio or a lot of luck in signing Ohio recruits. If Cincy joins there league it opens that door. It will be easier for the Texas/Oklahoma schools to come into Ohio and pitch the fact that they'll still get to play a game a year in front of Mom and Dad (either at Cincy or the short drive away to WV). Initially, this will have more of an affect on the other B1G schools, but doesn't that in turn affect us? If the rest of the B1G starts to get even worse, because Ohio is now getting picked over by the Big 12 as well as the SEC, that could be a crushing blow to our already weakening conference. 

This fact alone is enough to make me not want it to happen, but now imagine this: Cincy, while not being anywhere near our level, is not a terrible team. Whats to say they don't join the Big 12 and go 7-4 or 8-3. What happens if they may a quick in-conference rise like that seen by TCU and Baylor? What happens if Cincy has a year where they win/share the Big 12 title and get invited to the playoffs? This isn't that far fetched, just last year TCU was what, 4-7? Now the SW Ohio / Cincinnati area that we have fought so hard to break into starts to fade away from us again. Slowly, over time, we start losing the Justin Hilliards, Jalin Marshalls, and Braxton Millers of the world. Maybe we don't lose all of them, but we would certainly lose some. Why wouldn't a Cincy kid be tempted to play in their own back yard, on a team that has the potential to escape an otherwise weak conference every year and potentially play for a championship?

Right now, we are the only team in the area who can claim championship aspirations... I would not look forward to inviting another, no matter how unlikely it seems right now.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Well, last year I predicted that we would squeak by MSU and that we would pummel Clemson with an angry team bent on proving itself... I failed miserably on both accounts and spent the entirety of both game furious at everyone and everything. Meanwhile, this year, I had very low expectations for both the MSU game and the Wisconsin game. I saw us at 3 to 8 point dogs in both games, and having the lower expectations/underestimating this team has allowed me to thoroughly enjoy both nights. In fact, they are the two most enjoyable games I have watched in years. So I figure why change it if it isn't broken... I'll predict Bama wins by 6, and I'll sit back in the warm glow of being wrong for a third time this year.

Comment 07 Dec 2014
Osu's biggest wins all came on the road or at a neutral site, while tcu and Baylor both got to ride home games for their biggest wins. Also, we played nine bowl eligible teams, while tcu played 6 and Baylor played 5
Comment 06 Dec 2014
Ok, I apologize for not being politically correct about this. I'm the first to say that women can do anything men can do... other then football. This is an area where she is quite literally out of her depth. I'm sure she's smart, and I'm sure she's great at her job, and I'm sure she knows well more about football than the average female. But an expert? Really? Paul brown was a football expert. VinceLombardi was a football expert. Urban Meyer is a football expert. This woman, no matter how good she is at her job, is not an expert. I can study film of underwater basket weaving for years, but if I've never actually done it, I'm not an expert. Judge me all u want, but that's not sexist.
Comment 06 Dec 2014
Not to be sexist, but I take anything a female football "expert" has to say with a grain of salt. No offense to her, but she's never played a down of football. Give me a former coaches opinion.
Comment 04 Dec 2014

If we are able to win, there is no reason for us not to jump over TCU. We will have the same number of top 25 wins, over comparable teams. The big difference that no one is talking about: TCU beat Kansas St, Oklahoma, and Minnesota all at home... we will have beat Mich St, and Minnesota on the road and Wisconsin at a neutral site. That should certainly count for something, as well as the fact that we will have played something like 8 bowl eligible teams and TCU will have played maybe 5.

In other news, Arizona will have enough quality wins to easily jump to the 3 spot. The committee will collectively bust a nut over them beating Oregon twice and I wouldn't be shocked if they became even the 2 seed.

The last spot would be up to 2 loss Bama, 2 loss K-St, 2 loss MSU, 2 loss GT, or 1 loss FSU. The only one of these teams that won there conference is GT so I would like to see them get the nod... but we all know that will never happen. In my mind, the last spot goes to Bama, unless they were somehow crushed by Mizzou, because S-EEE-CCCCCC!!!

1) OSU vs 4) Bama in the Suga 

2) TCU vs 3) Arizona in the Rose

Comment 02 Dec 2014
I'm sorry, I suppose I should have used sarcasm font... I was implying that you SHOULD be heartbroken. Hoke was the gasoline that kept that dumpster fire burning. I wish it could just flame on
Comment 02 Dec 2014

I could be wrong, but I believe we lose Baldwin on the o-line, so we don't bring back all five. But we bring back Vannett at TE, and Powell at safety, so that's a plus that you forgot to mention.

Or to think about it another way, we lose a blocking WR, a deep threat WR (replaceable), an NFL caliber TE (but we have another), and a T (also replaceable with our depth) on offence. On Defense, we lose a DE and a DT, a MLB who only split time, and a CB. Hopefully Conley, Schutt and Holmes/Lewis are ready to step up and replace those lost on D. 

Sounds like a pretty Bangarang team to me.

Comment 26 Nov 2014
Just win baby. No chaos needed. I firmly believe that it we win we're in. Beating Wisconsin for a championship will be enough to jump TCU and miss st, and it'll be enough to keep Baylor from jumping us back. Win and we're in.