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Comment 03 Aug 2015
Sooooo we kinda ran out of villains for this bracket, didn't we? I guess I have to go with: PSU fanatics Rife (he should run away with this side) Crean Fake urban In not sure any of these win over anyone in the first two parts of the bracket, sad one of them will make the elite final four of loathing
Comment 03 Aug 2015
Hounds: these (along with people who tweet at recruits) are some of the worst creatures on the planet, and they should all have to endure a vikings style blood-eagle for their crimes against humanity. Football gators: this team crushed my soul... Bert is just sad. Basketball gators: this team capped off the worst 4-month span of my ohio st Fandom. I was desperate for revenge after the football natty, and I was convinced we would wipe the floor with Florida. Food didn't taste the same for a month afterwards. Like bert, Miami flag truthers are just sad. The SEC: because fuck the SEC, that's why...
Comment 03 Aug 2015
May - obvious Dodd - finebaum is just a guy who knows his listeners and caters to them. While he runs to sec circle jerk, he gives credit when credit is due. Dodd is always an ass clown. Dohrmann - nobody hates on the vest and gets away with it... nobody Travis - Travis despises all things osu, Bianchi just hates urban.
Comment 03 Aug 2015
I'm pretty much rocking chalk on this one. Bo easily beats lewen. Bo is a villain, lewen is a slug. Woodson was a devastating force against us, and cruises past prettyman. Howard beats Tim in my book. Once again, I see Howard as a betraying piece of filth. Ohio player turned Michigan lap dog, and we still have to listen to him Homer every week on tv. Tim was a good player who had one great game, but he wasn't from Ohio, and he wasn't insufferable. While the game was heartbreaking, I wouldn't call him a huge villain. Harbaugh over Yost. Yost made the early years of Ohio st Fandom hell, but like someone said earlier, we were losing to teams like Baldwin Wallace back then. I don't give him all that much credit for his accomplishments
Comment 29 Jul 2015
The real question is, if you played for the Browns, would you want to survive?
Comment 26 Jul 2015
Personally, I think Barrett is the best QB between him, jones, and 05 T Smith. But all I can think is: Good god, how do u not roll Dolo with deep threats like Holmes and Ginn? The 70 yard completions he would have would just be silly.
Comment 24 Jul 2015

You're absolutely correct. There would have to be some serious shifting in the current depth chart for him to get meaningful minutes. I would expect that Marshal would have to move outside full time, Samuel would have to stay primarily in the backfield, and Brax would have to not be able to catch a ball. I love him as a player and I absolutely wouldn't count him out, but those seem like long odds.

Comment 24 Jul 2015

I should throw in a disclaimer before people start jumping on the obvious flaws in my post: I'm aware that all these guys will get plenty of reps during the course of a game, are unlikely to be considered "subs", and will likely not see the field in the 4th quarter of any blow out... I just like the imagery of our second unit burning the rest of the B10 to the ground.

Disclaimer 2: I'm making the assumption that Brax will start at H. He's a 5th year senior who has poured his heart and soul into OSU and even if he doesn't get the lion's share of reps at the position, he will be listed as the "starter" and he will be on the field for the first play of every game. He deserves that much.

Comment 20 Jul 2015
Scarlet colored glasses off: Clark is a tremendous worker, and I'm sure he'll eventually be great but if you've ever watched a game film on him and not just a highlight film, you'd realize 216 is generous for how he played last year. That said, with all the work he's put in, I expect his performance to make a big jump this year, and you'll likely see that reflected in his ranking.
Comment 08 Jul 2015
well played. I thought about a similar post but I stopped playing tee ball when I was 5...
Comment 01 Jul 2015
I wrote the same thing in a thread in the winter. Lee is absolutely a better line backer than shazier. Shazier, was one of the best defensive athletes I've ever seen, but he was sometimes frustrating to watch as a linebacker coach. He continually ran over the top of plays rather than attacking holes in order to blow plays up. Because he was a freak, his speed allowed him to get away with this far more often than your average player. He made a lot of plays this way but it was technically unsound. Lee attacks 100% of the time and I for one find that very refreshing.
Comment 21 Jun 2015
Key points that people keep forgetting: 1)the trade for love was a GREAT trade. The guy averaged 17 and 10 without really understanding his role until the last month of the season. He will only be better for us next year. And for those of you all sad about losing wiggins, ask yourselves this - do we ever get shump or JR if we still have wiggins? Maybe we still get mozgov, but probably not the others. 2) we are about a bigillion dollars over the cap, so there is no "let's let love walk and pick him up" or "I'd rather spend the money somewhere else" because there is no money to spend elsewhere other than the mid level, and we'll be lucky to get a Mo Williams type for that. 3) the only way we get anyone is through a trade using some combo of Hayward, picks, and Sasha khan... so people expecting to get a really young, good body in a trade, those guys just aren't readily available. If u can get a guy like wade, you count your lucky stars and laugh your way to the bank.
Comment 28 May 2015

I can't wait for this series as I think the two teams are incredibly evenly matched.

MVP candidate: LeBron/Curry - check

Sharp-shooting, high-scoring, all-star running mate: Irving/Thompson - check

Defensive pest that can hit the open three: Shumpert/Barnes - check

High energy big that rebounds and pisses the other team off: Thompson/Green - check

Neanderthal rim protector who can score if we really need him to... but we don't really need him to: Mozgov/Bogut - check

Veteran bench player who can supply points in bunches: Smith/Igodala - check

First year coach who has exceeded expectations in nearly every way: Blatt/Kerr - check

I'm pretty sure the Cavs are playing themselves...