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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 National Championship Game... nuff said
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Bo Jackson... I know he's not a Buckeye, but Bo Jackson... Favorite Buckeye is Chris Speilmen
  • NFL TEAM: Broncos/Packers/Raiders
  • NHL TEAM: Penguins
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: This is still a sport in America?

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Comment 15 Nov 2015
Clarification: I guess my real question is, what happens if stanford beats ND and the BIG 12 continues to implode (highly probably). Who gets the #4 spot in the playoff? Options: 2 loss conference champ like Stanford or someone from the BIG 12 A 2 loss independent like ND or a 1 loss conference runner up like north Carolina or Iowa (assuming we win out)
Comment 10 Nov 2015

1) Clemson (Status Quo)

2) Bama (Only temporary)

3) Ohio St (We win out and I think we'll get the 1 spot)

4) ND (Solid win against a solid team bumps them up a spot until other resumes improve)

5) Iowa (I know, crazy right? Wiscy should jump into the mix this week and NW will be top 20. That gives them two quality wins... which is two more than Baylor...)

6) OkSt (People putting them in the top 4 are overreact to the TCU game - one game does not a resume make - but its the best win in the Big 12 and that makes them the shiniest turd in the toilet)

7) Baylor (Hahahaha Art Briles... they drop as other resumes improve)

8) LSU (Best resume of the second tier 1-loss teams)

9) Stanford

10) Utah (Their win over Michigan trumps anything Florida has done)

Comment 04 Oct 2015
I keep waiting for us to put it all together and break through and have a complete game, and it just isn't happening. I know that we had close games last year, but we also had some dominate efforts sprinkled into the mix amongst them. We just don't have that this year. I feel the sane way watching us this season as I did watching FSU last year... I really hope we get different results.
Comment 03 Oct 2015
Easily the most anemic offense we've had since fickle was interim coach. I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed...
Comment 07 Sep 2015
Ocarina of time, super techmo bowl, and Mike Tyson punch out are the only three games I've ever played that I could play over and over again and they never get old. OoT is the perfect balance of game play, and story telling. Every level is a challenge without being stupid hard. While I agree with some of the above that link to the past does a great job of just letting you play, while OoT can get a bit wordy, it's still the most fun in the series. As an aside, fuck majora's mask and the horse it rode in on...
Comment 06 Sep 2015
In the B1G's defense, other than the SEC none of the power 5 looked good. The ACC lost all of its power 5 match ups and YSU nearly beat pitt. In the Big 12, Texas got dismantled by ND, Kansas lousy to an FBS school, and TTech nearly did, and their prize pig almost got butchered by minn. Finally in the PAC12, ranked Stanford and ASU both lost, Zona and Oregon both let up nearly 40 points to FBS schools, and they had teams lose to the likes of Portland st and Hawaii... in retrospect at least someone in the B1G won a big game. Go wildcats
Comment 03 Aug 2015
Sooooo we kinda ran out of villains for this bracket, didn't we? I guess I have to go with: PSU fanatics Rife (he should run away with this side) Crean Fake urban In not sure any of these win over anyone in the first two parts of the bracket, sad one of them will make the elite final four of loathing
Comment 03 Aug 2015
Hounds: these (along with people who tweet at recruits) are some of the worst creatures on the planet, and they should all have to endure a vikings style blood-eagle for their crimes against humanity. Football gators: this team crushed my soul... Bert is just sad. Basketball gators: this team capped off the worst 4-month span of my ohio st Fandom. I was desperate for revenge after the football natty, and I was convinced we would wipe the floor with Florida. Food didn't taste the same for a month afterwards. Like bert, Miami flag truthers are just sad. The SEC: because fuck the SEC, that's why...
Comment 03 Aug 2015
May - obvious Dodd - finebaum is just a guy who knows his listeners and caters to them. While he runs to sec circle jerk, he gives credit when credit is due. Dodd is always an ass clown. Dohrmann - nobody hates on the vest and gets away with it... nobody Travis - Travis despises all things osu, Bianchi just hates urban.
Comment 03 Aug 2015
I'm pretty much rocking chalk on this one. Bo easily beats lewen. Bo is a villain, lewen is a slug. Woodson was a devastating force against us, and cruises past prettyman. Howard beats Tim in my book. Once again, I see Howard as a betraying piece of filth. Ohio player turned Michigan lap dog, and we still have to listen to him Homer every week on tv. Tim was a good player who had one great game, but he wasn't from Ohio, and he wasn't insufferable. While the game was heartbreaking, I wouldn't call him a huge villain. Harbaugh over Yost. Yost made the early years of Ohio st Fandom hell, but like someone said earlier, we were losing to teams like Baldwin Wallace back then. I don't give him all that much credit for his accomplishments