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The Final Four...

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March 30, 2014 at 7:20pm

Bracket status?

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The Final Four does not give a damn for the whole state of Michigan!

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What's funny about it is that having a both a #7 and an #8 in the Final Four makes it look superficially like another "tournament of the underdogs" -- except that it's Connecticut and Kentucky, no one's idea of a underdog.

I don't know that you can bet against Kentucky right now. They're playing at an extremely high level despite having Cauley-Stein out, and if comes down to playing Florida in the finals, they definitely won't be intimidated.

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I will cheer for ............"On Wisconsin" even though I don't care for BO

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Wisconsin is my favorite team left in the tourney...which is funny because they're my third least favorite team in the B1G.

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I will not be happy if Bo Ryan gets a title before Matta.  It would be sacrilegious for that to happen.  It also sucks that UConn and Kentucky always put together these stupid tournament runs and hit every single clutch shot.  It is disgusting and makes me jelous

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I'm glad TTUN didn't make it just so I don't have to see that irritating Johnny Manziel looking kid on the sideline jumping and dancing every time they score. He had the most punchable face ever!

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I'll bet the local newspapers here are dead silent after the last week. Its been a week of "Is it going to be a state of Michigan final???"

Thank God neither will be involved...

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Pick my poison......But I can live with it since scUM went down

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As much as I want a B1G ten team to win a ncaa title I don't want it to be Bo Ryan and I don't want it to happen until Matta gets us one here with the next stable of guys to wear the S&G.  It was funny watching that Michigan vs. Kentucky game.  Eerily familiar to when they knocked us off when we had the best team in the nation that year and the officials let their fat slob center maul sullinger all day.  Funny it came down to closing shot that sealed it, it was fun watching Levert play though.  I just wish he was suiting up for us instead of Michigan.

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How many starters will ttun lose next year? Do you think Stauskas, McGary and GRIII will all declare?


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I'll say all three will....because all they've ever known at Michigan---is failure.

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I hope all three are gone - that Stauskas kid is very good and I don't want to face him again.

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If he is going to go pro, he certainly helped himself today.

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Let's go Huskies!

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Honestly, I can't root for Wisconsin to win a championship. Their fanbase is way too obnoxious. I guess I'm rooting for the most harmless, UConn. Florida and Kentucky out early, Wisconsin and UConn in the final, UConn winning. 

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My bracket isn't worth the paper it's printed on anymore :)

Football is complicated...

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My bracket looks like crap. But it's still good enough for the top 3000 on ESPN.


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My friend's mom, who couldn't even name a single player on any team, is in the top 10%.

Football is complicated...

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Only top 2000 :-( But I only got that because I picked all my final four teams right. That helped my pretty much win my work bracket tho lol

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If only they could all lose.

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My bracket is garbage.....the only Final 4 team I got right is Wisconsin.  If Florida wins the whole thing my wife has a shot at winning the tournament pool we participate in every year I reluctantly have to cheer for's terrible.

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Kind of cool Florida has played all the teams... lost to both UConn (Wilbekin was back for this game but missed the final 3 mins with an ankle injury and they lost by a buzzer beater) and Wisky early on in the year when they had some players suspended (Wilbekin most notably), and of course beat UK the three times they played them but could have easily lost the last time.  Should be an interesting final 4.  I picked the Gators to win in my bracket, my final 4 is fudged though.  I got 2/4 right.

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My one bracket lost whatever hope it had yesterday with MSU losing but in my other one, I have Florida over Wisconsin in the championship game. On top of that, with Kentucky and UConn winning, it knocked everyone else out and I've secured myself at least 30% of the pot with a chance at winning it all as long as Florida gets to the championship game and Wisconsin doesn't win it all.

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At this point, and as much as I hate to admit it, Kentucky just feels like the favorite right now. They've, by far, had the toughest road to the Final 4 and are battle tested in tight games. Three hard-fought wins against 3 teams that really are championship caliber. Wichita, UL, and UM all were good enough this year to hoist the trophy.  While I hate UK with everything I have, I cant help but say they deserve getting to the Final 4. They faced Murderer's Row and came out alive.

With that said, Lets Go Wisc and UConn!



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I'm not interested in seeing Florida play Kentucky for the 4th time this year, and dear Lord the SEC fans and the overbearing "we're the best at everything" attitudes that would ensue, so I'm hoping for a UConn-Wisky final. 

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That's where my money is Tenn - you must get tired of all the 24 hour sec talk..............

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Bracket status?  Don't want to talk about it.

Thoughts?  It's a meteor Final Four for me.  I loathe Florida almost on TTUN's possibly unhealthy.  Kentucky took us out a few years back when we had the best team...them knocking out TTUN is nice, but that's the extent of positive things I'll say about UK.  Wisconsin - can't stand the old grumpypuss coach and their anti-basketball style as DJ so eloquently puts it.  And UConn won the title the year OSU had the best team, and I could do without them winning another basketball title between 1999, 2004, 2011, and the 408942 titles their women's program has won.

The only good thing about this Final Four is no state up north teams.  I would cheer like a mofo for Dayton if they made it in, and it's totally not like me to cheer for the team that knocked OSU out.  I'm a bitter soul and whoever beats us needs to lose the next game by 100.

How I want it to go:  UConn beats Florida, Wisconsin beats Kentucky, Wisconsin beats UConn.
How I think it'll go:  Florida beats UConn, Wisconsin beats Kentucky, Florida beats Wisconsin.

The ultimate reason that I feel that Wisconsin is the lesser of four evils is because they haven't won a title, well, anytime that I can think of.  I just hope the games are good.

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WHAT A GREAT DAY...NOT ONE BUT TWO SCHOOLS UP NORTH LOOSE!!!!  Holy cow, does it get better than this; neither one makes the final four!!  OH HAPPY DAY!  My dislike for scum and farty shows - doesn't it!  Don't give a d*$m for the whole state of ichigan...wish the whole state would fall into that lake up there and pollute it.

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