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Funny Business Ideas

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February 23, 2014 at 10:32pm

So being a very random and strange person I started thinking "Hmm, what would be some funny businesses to own?" No idea why I thought of this but it happened. Anyways I thought it would be hilarious to own a mannequin shop! This is purely because of what you could do with the mannequins. Like dress some up as employees or like put one in a bathroom stall to surprise unsuspecting patrons or have one dressed up like Batman overlooking the store and periodically yelling "SWEAR TO ME!" at customers through a recording. The possibilities are endless! Anyways what are some funny business ideas you guys can come up with???

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How about a 'Jump to Conclusions' mat. You see, it would be this mat that you would put on the floor and would have different conclusions written on it that you could jump to!

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You could start a business being a clown.  Because clowns are funny.  The funny clown business would be funny.  Then .. you'd have a funny business. ... because clowns are funny. .... ok I'll show myself out.

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This would be a funny business to own:

Or a fun place to work.
"Yes sir, I fart into bags then mail them to schmucks. I love mt work. And ill take great care of your daughter."

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Son:   Dad, I'm not going to medical school anymore - I have dreams.

Dad:  What kind of dreams son?  What could be more important than medical school?

Son:  I'm going to start a business farting in greeting cards dad - and it's going to be awesome.

Dad: Sorry ... I thought you said you were quitting medical school to fart in greeting cards ... can you repeat that?

Son:  Dad ... that's what I said ... I have to follow my dreams and find my own path.

Dad:  [walks out door, across street, over some brush, puts cigarette in mouth, lays down on train tracks, waits]


Yeti's have feelings too.

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Great idea but now that I watched that video - can I get that minute back of my life?

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This is less funny and more tragic because they are real. When malls start dying, they accept anyone as a tenant. Sometimes this causes a weird, grab bag of items to be sold in the same store. The two strangest I've seen was a video store that was also a tanning salon and a pet store that also sold . . . hot tubs. And it wasn't something clever like selling fish and fish tanks and also selling human sized tanks, no no, it was Jacuzzi's and cats and dogs. What niche are they going for?

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Okay, that description reminds me of Ron White's bit about flying from Phoenix to Flagstaff "because my travel agent doesn't own a globe," and describing the smaller airport as the "Flagstaff airport, hair care, and tire center."

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True Story - In the late 90's I flew into the Lake Charles Louisiana airport for an All-Star Hockey game and we de-boarded the plane on the tarmac - weird thing was ----- instead of the luggage carousal they had our luggage waiting for us in the back of a guys 1970 station wagon with the fake wood paneling on the side. I felt very creepy and violated.  

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There's a guy down here that has a business cleaning out animal poop from yards and parks.
The name of the business you ask? The Pooper Scooper

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You know how they always have McDonald's commercials and they always say at the end, "now at your participating McDonald's location" I want to start a difficult-ass McDonald's that doesn't participate in anything.

"Can I take your order?"

"Yeah, I want a Big Mac."

"Sorry we don't have that. We only sell blankets and spaghetti."

RIP, Mitch.

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