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Buckeye Cruise for Cancer

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February 18, 2014 at 9:24am

Is anybody from here going on the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer this year?

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My In-laws are going.  Hopefully I'll have some inside info for everyone when they get back. 

That trip is on my bucket list.    Someday......

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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This will be my second year on the trip.  It is a blast and something every die-hard fan should do.

I don't know peoples board names well enough, but i was thinking that it would be cool to run into other people from here on board.

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You can get with the cruise line and they can set up a room/area/bar to have a meeting of 11W passengers.  It can even be placed on the daily activity newsletter they pass out each day.  Free advertising of your meeting.

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Never been but it sounds like a Can't Miss Event

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The trip sounds awesome and might be the only way I ever take a cruise again. My wife and I went to Bermuda a few years ago and loved the island but hated the cruise itself. This one might do it though, and it's for a great cause. What are the price ranges for the trip? I know it varies but was just curious as to what it would  roughly cost if I were to try for next year.

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Did this trip 4 years ago.  Our company was one of the small sponsors for it.  I really enjoyed this trip and if it weren't for it getting more and more expensive each year I'd probably go again.  I prefer to take a road trip with the team now.  This year is Baltimore for their tilt with Navy.  Anyone that's going have fun and drink lots and lots of beverages. ;-)


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My wife and I are going on our 7th Buckeye Cruise for Cancer.  It is a great time for a great cause for which all Buckeyes whether attending or not should be extremely proud to proclaim WE ARE BUCKEYES!!!!. 

AMK1616 I will be more than happy to hoist an adult beverage or two with you on the cruise.  You will be able to ID me by the OSU floppy hat (when living in Florida we take our protection from the sun seriously) along with some sort of beverage in hand while at pool side. If you are arriving for the pre-party reception at the Marriott on Wednesday, I'll try and be identifiable then as well.

I said this in a previous post; But my final thought would be we could have cruise that celebrates The James finding a cure for one of the many cancers out there.  I don't care which one but let's start with one and move on from there.



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I will keep an eye out for you.  I should be easy to find.  I will be wearing either a red or grey OSU t-shirt ;)