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Moving to the DC area

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February 9, 2014 at 4:56pm

My wife and I are moving to the DC area in about 2 months and I was just curious as to which towns/neighborhoods are good in Maryland.  We're looking primarily in Charles County but I have no clue what the commute is going to be like.  I figured what better place to get some real opinions and advice since I recall reading that there are plenty of 11 dubbers in the DC area.  Thanks in advance and, as always, Go Bucks!

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I live in Northern VA (Fairfax County) and prefer it much more than Maryland but the closer you can live to good public transportation and good schools, the better off you are. Charles County is a good for schools but transportation to DC can be a bit frustrating... The only main route to DC from CC is route 301, which eventually hooks you up with route 5 and into DC.

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I live in Loudoun in Virginia. Had lived in Bethesda for a while when I first moved to town, then moved to Old Town Alexandria and finally settled out here. I commute into the city, but not at the height of rush hour, so I have an hour commute in and about 45-50 mins home (about the same as when I lived in Bethesda). When will you be commuting into DC? have a family or just the two of you?  Bethesda and Old Town were great before kids. Loudoun is better with kids.Charles -- like Loudoun -- is pretty far out there.

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It's just the two of us but we have one on the way.  Otherwise, I think we'd live in Arlington.  So Charles is what we're looking at simply because of the schools and we can't afford Northern VA or Montgomery County.

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I think HOV lives either in or near Maryland. He may have some good insight as well.

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I live in Crofton which is Anne Arundel county. Probably a little far for D.C., but its very nice and upcoming. With all of these buckeye fans around this area we should have our own little tailgate for either the Navy or Maryland game this year.

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I live in Bethesda. If Montgomery County is too expensive, look into just the other side of Silver Spring. Silver Spring has a lot to offer.'s picture

You will like Charles. From someone who moved to loudoun when my son (now a Buckeye) was born, it's nice to live away from the city. If you work normal hours the commute will be a bear however.  But in DC it sucks from all directions.

Land we definitely need to get together at the Navy and Md games.  (All of us)



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I live in Northern VA-so I can't offer you specific suggestions regarding Charles County, but I would strongly recommend next time you visit the area, do a mock commute during rush hour if you have not already done so-it might be a bit longer than you had expected, and might make you reevaluate. Or not. What might take you a half hour on a Sunday afternoon might take you an hour and a half on a Thursday morning during rush hour. You also need to look at taxes if you have not already done so-MD taxes are higher than VA taxes. Good luck, and welcome to the DMV!

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Agreed. Trying out the commute is key when choosing a location. Personally, I take the MARC into the city and it sure as hell beats driving. Not too mention its much cleaner than the metro with fewer stops. 

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