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Just a man's man who loves a good bourbon, a smooth cigar and the hanging curveball.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: When Al Bundy scored 4 TDs in one game for the Polk High football team.
  • NFL TEAM: Pittsburgh Steelers
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Comment 12 hours ago

You're fighting a battle you won't win, Gumar. Just let it be. The thread was fun. 

Itll be even more fun when I'm MOD. 

Comment 12 hours ago

For all the DVing this post received it's also received some upvotes. The polls have me ahead by a landslide. I don't even know who my opponent is. 

Comment 16 hours ago

How does it toe the politics line?

(not to mention rehashing threadjacking and risking undermining the current Mods)

What do you mean by "risking"?

Comment 17 hours ago

What's your beef with the offseason?  Sure, winter time offseason sucks, but once spring hits the offseason is fantastic.

Comment 17 hours ago

I initially thought "wow Silver is throwing a comment for my attempt at humor" but then you totally redeemed yourself. 

Comment 18 hours ago

I wonder how many are from the MODs.  We all know they don't want their secrets out nor do they want to be the one to silence a fantastic campaign.

Comment 18 hours ago

We need guys like CalPoppy around here.  Under my plan, CP would be able to talk shit about everyone when they're not around rather than people doing it to him.

Comment 18 hours ago

Hmm.  No MODS to the party I see.  The swamp, folks.  

Wikileaks has obtained email chains between the MODs and the abuse is astounding.

Comment 18 hours ago

Unfortunately, we cannot change the 2MB limit.  We need to cut our server taxing tremendously.

Jiggly GIFs..meh.

Comment voting is in the right of the people.  Never should voting be disabled.  It is our foundation and our only weapon against trolls.

Comment 18 hours ago

I plan to roll out an all-inclusive plan to Make 11W Great Again.  We need to give forum rights back to the people and under my plan, we will ensure that happens.  

Comment 18 hours ago

I'm all for equality.  Verbal MOD abuse via the typed word is fine by me.  Especially in a threadjacking situation.