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Comment 18 hours ago

I'm a firm believer that the only person that should be at a press conference is the head coach.  You have no idea what 18-21 year olds are going to say and neither do they.

Comment 18 hours ago

I will say that most of the "thread-jacking" takes place on threads created by the usual circle of folks where we've specifically acknowledged that going off topic is acceptable in those threads.

Thread jacking does not happen at all on staff produced articles anymore which I think it fantastic.

Personally, I like to write my Ramblings article for a number of reasons: a) I like to post my opinion of what the OSU football team did the prior week b) I like to talk about beer and music c) There are a few members that I thoroughly enjoy talking to in order to get me through the work week.  I think Ramblings provides all of these things in one thread and I'm cool with it.

I do understand frustrations of threads going off topic but I generally do not see that happening in threads outside of the usual circle.

I respect Jason and I respect his wishes to keep this site within his vision.

Comment 23 hours ago

Ask Ytown about our walk back from Sully's in DC.

The { Walk } back was more like a cross country venture.  Apack says "it's just down the street" when in reality we had to walk 4 goddamn miles while drunk.  Then, POTUS was driving past us and the police were not allowing anyone to cross the street.  This SOB starts crossing when the walking light comes on (he was the ONLY one of about 100 people, btw) and then acts like it's his Constitutional right to do so.

Comment 23 hours ago

I would have gone the Invisalign route if: a) it doesn't cost so damn much and 2) The treatment time wasn't so long.  Opted for braces (which I currently still have and it sucks) with half the treatment time and money.

Comment 23 hours ago

On the flip side, he could be like Alum and ask 15 questions while simultaneously answering everyone else's.

Comment 23 hours ago

Jolly Ranchers don't grow on trees.

Yes they do...

Comment 23 hours ago

I asked Doc the question.  Please don't interject.

Comment 23 hours ago

Checking account!?

I figured you as more of an IRA kinda guy.

Comment 23 hours ago

A slow day, huh?  I wasn't aware that teeth took a day off.

Who will get your vote for MOD in 2016 and why?

Comment 25 Nov 2015

07/10 and I have discussed this at length before but Byron Scott is horrendous when it comes to player development specifically because he does dumb shit like this.

You have DRuss and Julius Randle, man.  There is absolutely no reason you shouldn't at least be sniffing wins.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

I'm speaking only of pre-game activities.  The only thing Hoke did was refer to us as "Ohio".

This rivalry needs some more flair to it.  The games were close the last few years, sure, but there just wasn't that buildup like usual.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

I'm just hoping and praying that the stars align and the football gods help the Buckeyes out this weekend because Ohio State basketball will not hold me over during the offseason.

As much as I hate Harbaugh, I like what he's doing to renew The Rivalry.  Hoke made it zero fun.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

It's about damn time we get a Citrus thread.  Fuck Michigan and the skunk weasel they rode in on!

Comment 24 Nov 2015

I love Bratwurst.  Must have Stadium Mustard with them.  Folks here in Maryland have no idea what it is.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

BFD.  Since the inception of Ramblings, it's only failed to reach 100 comments 5 times while reaching at least 100 comments 10 times and 150+ 5 times.  The 200 mark has been hit twice.

Yeah...that's without bullshit thread bumps.