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Comment 2 hours ago

Jim Tressel was 50 years old when he won the title.  Urban Meyer is 50 years old.

Even further: Jim Tressel coached Ohio State receivers up until 1985.  Someone else filled the job in 1986 and then Urban took over in 1987.  JT left Ohio State after the 2010 season, was replaced for one year by Fickell and then Urban took over the following year.

Comment 2 hours ago

Technically the "Toledo War", a disagreement between Ohio and Michigan as to who owned the city of Toledo, is what made the rivalry.  It caused Ohioans and Michiganites? to hate each other before the football was even played.  The football rivalry is really just an extension of that.

Comment 2 hours ago

Oh shit, that's some juicy stuff there.

EDIT: A team in Florida also owned the nation's longest winning streak up until OSU played them.  Could be the same situation this year.

Comment 3 hours ago

Ohio State was #16 in the initial CFP Rankings.

We may be on to something here.

Comment 6 hours ago

What was the state of the rivalry before Woody?  I can assure you it was nothing like it is now.  The only reason it exists in it's current form if because of Woody's teams and his hatred for Michigan.  This was also when Ohio State really rose up as a perennial football power.  Michigan will get better eventually, but the only team I care about being good is Ohio State.

Comment 6 hours ago

then beat them when a loss crushes their season.

The Rivalry still exists.  A loss to the Buckeyes is still going to crush their season just as a win against OSU would make their season.  The rules still apply even though it's a dumpster fire in AA these days.

People wouldn't be saying stuff like this if it wasn't still a rivalry.

Comment 6 hours ago

I have a Golden and I am 100% confident he would do the exact same thing.

Comment 6 hours ago

I'd like to think Ohio State has had a pretty good hand in putting them where they are now.  

Comment 6 hours ago

I think it's going to be even more of a blast to root for Maryland this week and take them out of bowl contention.

Comment 7 hours ago

The current series is owned by them at 58-45-6.  Once we win 13 straight more games against them, then they can get competitive.  I honestly give zero shits if they're good or not.  The only importance I place on Michigan is Ohio State beating them every Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Comment 24 hours ago

(and possibly get your way into 11W's Jail).

Possibility is out the window, JTF.  This is more like certainty.  Props to him for manning up though, I'll upvote that comment.

Comment 24 hours ago

It's not political correctness that's the problem.  Hot-button social issues are against the 11W rules.

Also, making jokes about rape is simply a dipshit move especially when it's public.  You don't know the people who read this and their life experiences.

Comment 24 hours ago

take some b12 and drink a gallon of water 2 hours prior. for good measure eat some cranberry's.

I'm pretty sure that doesn't, uh, work.  Maybe a better solution might be to just not do it.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Today is obviously borderline political/social issues day.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

A runner who sprains his ankle or pulls a hamstring doesn't go on to try to force the issue.

I have a good friend who knowingly ran a full marathon with a stress fracture in his foot.  Runners will run through damn near anything.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Back before the -10 limit there were some doosies.