Big Ten Announces NYC Office

By DJ Byrnes on April 10, 2014 at 12:20p

The Big Ten announced today it will be opening a second office in midtown Manhattan on June 1st to "better serve its 14 member institutions."

Here's B1G Bossman Jim Delany on the move:

“We are excited to be on the East Coast and to open a second office in New York City. With the addition of Maryland and Rutgers, we have become a conference with a significant presence in two regions of the country. While the space will be utilized full time by Big Ten staff, it will also be open to our member institutions conducting business in the city. New York is one of the world’s greatest cities, and this provides an opportunity for connecting with our many conference partners, media and alumni in that area.”

Perhaps with demographics and ratings continuing to have a southeastern flavor, Delany sees a chance to bully the B1G into the country's largest media market? 


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Kurt's picture

Shouldn't the office technically be located in Newark?

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Go1Bucks's picture

No one in their right mind would locate an office in Newark, unless one wants to become a reality show with ties to the Mob.

The media and business world are in Manhattan.  Now, so is the B1G.

Go Bucks!

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of course it was, so was mine

Go Bucks!

Chief B1G Dump's picture

Ohhhhh, so Delany is rolling out his 5, 10, 20 year master plan now.  

Similar to the way Nike bullied their way into golf and soccer, the B1G is going to plant flags to the dismay of many cable providers and then power to the top and become the premium brand.  Not a bad thing for us entrenched B1G stalwarts...I guess we just need to adapt to the changing landscape and welcome in our many adopted we were at one time.

Hoody Wayes's picture

Two league offices: one in Chicago and one in NYC, portends the two, eventual, divisions (leagues): Midwestern Ivies (Big 10 and PSU/UNL) + Eastern Ivies (Ivy League + RUT/MD) = the New B1G. "When you get the get the (players). When you get the (players) get the power."

With NU going union, watch out for those Ivy League schools and their huge endowments and elite alums.

Knarcisi's picture

Glad it's about the money. Not sure we can endure the strength of another addition like Rutgers and Maryland.