Fayetteville Police Investigating Possible Arson of Akransas Quarterback's Car

By DJ Byrnes on August 25, 2014 at 12:40p
Arkansas QB's car possibly a victim of arson
[Twitter, @cbake16]

Brandon Allen, Arkansas' starting quarterback, had his car egged last year after a loss to Mississippi State.

It appears Razorbacks fans have graduated from egging to outright arson:

"Grow up people," assumes setting a stranger's car on fire is the act of a juvenile and not that of a criminal psychopath.

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Denny's picture

Maybe it was one of those coal roller dipshits who actually meant to light the prius on fire


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There's catching a stray, and then there's parking your prius next to an avalanche and getting it totaled due to arson.

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Damn Professor - I'm not sure if I should be more offended by the thinly-veiled political statement you worked in there, or by the broad-brush tarring of just about every boy I graduated high school with. Big trucks with stacks or chrome-tipped pipes are pretty common back where I come from... And I don't picture those hard-working farm boys as torching a Prius on the weekend just to get their rocks off.

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You do know that "rolling coal" is more than "Big trucks with stacks or chrome-tipped pipes" right?

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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Hence my comment about the thinly/barely-veiled political statement. No politics, remember?

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I'm sorry, I didn't get that from your comment. Here are a couple of my favorites. They often target Prius drivers, but they're just having fun, right?

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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The whole thing seems pretty silly to me, but then again, I'm just a simple football fan who doesn't want political discussions on his favorite Ohio State community site. (Although as an aside, I still think it's a pretty far stretch to think that a few rednecks doing stupid things with pickup trucks are automatically blame for torching some kids truck... which is how we know the comment was intentionally political.)

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looks like i can cross "get called a dipshit" off my monday to-do list

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That made me laugh out loud BF. Thanks :)

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Late this week, huh?

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I don't downvote, and I saw that your post was greyed out so I did what has become my quest lately, which is to counteract downvotes.  Knowing it was you, I up voted quicker than I could squint and read your post.  I should change it (I won't) but be advised, many people drive larger vehicles because of jobs or where they live.  I am one of those.  TUNDRA BABY!  It hauls firewood that I use in my woodburning stove.  My apologies to any Druids that may be reading this, but I like my house toasty.  

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1.  There's actually someone in Arkansas with a Prius?

2.  That might be the first Chevy Avalanche I've seen with a luggage rack.  

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That sucks, genuinely feel bad for the car owners there...

but...wait until they go winless in conference.

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At least it was a piece of shit car that college kids drive, and not some high priced pick up truck that costs $40,000...

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You're being mean! Arkansas can't afford to pay its players Bama salaries.

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Hold on people, we could just have a scorned lover situation here....You ain't gonna mess around on me no more PPAAAWWWWLLLLLLL

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Also. Is this guy out of jail yet? I tell you what I did PAWWLLLLL.....

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Thought of that guy too, but he's more of a tree killer. And he is out of jail and doing pie-in-the-face publicity stunts.

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Listen Arkansas fan who burned this guy's car, Bert Bielema could care less what your motives were or how funny you thought you were being or how angry you were at the time, the police will find you and you will be punished. Again, Bert Bielema could care less and you will pay the price.

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This is obviously Karma at work for something Bert is covering up right...

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I used to set vehicles on fire all the time....then I put childish things aside and grew up.

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Foreshadowing of their upcoming season...

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That would have been a dumpster fire.

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Pickup truck fire is the same thing down there. 

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"grow up people' definitely should not follow arson...

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