Maty Mauk Voted 'Best Passer' by SEC SIDs

By DJ Byrnes on June 4, 2014 at 12:09p

The Mauk family is legendary in Kenton, Ohio. Mike Mauk, the longtime Kenton coach who recently stepped down to take a coaching job in Missouri, produced two quarterbacking legends.

Ben Mauk was the first, setting national high school passing records, two state championships and Ohio's 2002 Mr. Football award. Mauk went on to play for Wake Forest and Cincinnati before turning professional for the the CFL's Saskatachewan Rough Riders and the CFL's Cincinnati Commandos. 

Maty Mauk, Ben's little brother, was an even more prodigious talent. He shattered his older brother's passing records, led Kenton to a state championship game and also captured an Ohio Mr. Football award. His efforts were good enough to secure a scholarship to Missouri.

Last year, he was back-up to quarterback James Franklin. After Franklin went down injured, Mauk led the Tigers to victories over Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. 

With Franklin off to the Detroit Lions, now is Mauk's time to shine. He has also apparently caught the eyes of SEC programs.

In a poll of the conference's 14 football information directors, Maty Mauk was named the league's best passer. (Auburn's Nick Marshall came in second.)

Mauk isn't a Buckeye, but it's still cool to see Ohio high school players, especially from smalltown schools, do well on the biggest stages in the sport. 


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BuckeyeinToledo's picture

My alma mater is in the same league as Kenton... That kid just absolutely destroyed everyone. Ridiculous arm, and he would take off running. Mizzou got a steal IMO. 

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Ben Mauk destroyed my alma mater in the first round of the playoffs.

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Ben Mauk destroyed my alma mater in the state championship game.

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Pretty sure Ben Mauk destroyed every ones alma mater!

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Nope not mine.... We knocked him out of the playoffs my junior year. He's a great player tho, one of the best hs games I've ever seen / played in

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Nick Marshall was second...tells you a lot about returning SEC

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With Murray, Manziel, McCarron, Mettenberger, etc. all gone...can you even name another SEC QB outside of the two mentioned in the article?

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I was thinking the same thing. There really aren't any other QB's worth noting in this league (yet?).

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Am I allowed to say, "I think the SEC is going to be 'weak' this fall?"



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"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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Watched him tear it up in the WBL, dropping 400 plus on my Van Wert cougars...

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I have heard his little brother is head and shoulders better than both brothers too.

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It'll be interesting to see how he'll do with the teams best WRs being gone.

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