Ohioan Bo Schembechler Enshrined at Michigan

By DJ Byrnes on April 5, 2014 at 2:01p

Michigan today unveiled their statue of Bo Schembechler, a famous Ohioan, owner of Gold Pants trinkets and former Michigan coach.

Schembechler cut his teeth under legendary Ohio State coach Woody Hayes before returning Michigan to prominence. Hayes' and Schembechler's Ten Year War is considered by many to be the apotheosis of the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry.

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Chief B1G Dump's picture

I dont care that he went Judas and led scUM to so many victories...Bo was a hell of a man and a dignified advisary.
I had the pleasure of meeting with and speaking to Bo on a number of occasions at his Florida condo. He had the utmost respect for the Buckeyes, as obviously many of my questions for him were OSU/UM related. Bo was captivating and a good honest man.
He derserves a statue...just too bad his timing allowed him to get away from the homeland.

+3 HS
Kurt's picture

If you're going to erect a statue of someone, wait until they've died before you do it.  Good patience on UM's part here. 

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AndyVance's picture

Nothing but respect for Coach Schembechler. As the Chief said, he was a worthy, dignified adversary.

Knarcisi's picture

All that is good from Michigan came from Ohio. 

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