Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights Also Investigating Michigan State

By DJ Byrnes on February 25, 2014 at 1:37p

The University of Michigan is being investigated for their lethargic response to Brendan Gibbon's 2009 sexual assault, but it also appears Michigan State has a sexual assault problem of their own.

From The State News

The U.S. Department of Education revealed Monday it is investigating complaints about MSU’s handling of sexual assault accusations, a fact that university officials successfully kept quiet until now.


But on Monday, Department of Education spokesman Jim Bradshaw told The State News the planned visit to campus is directly related to an official investigation into sexual harassment and violence complaints pending against the university.

Although details of the complaints are a mystery for now — neither the Department of Education nor MSUwould provide insight into the nature or reach of the allegations — university officials were quick to defend their overall handling of sexual assault accusations. It’s not yet clear whether the investigation could prove to be a liability for [MSU President Lou Anna K.] Simon, who just last week publicly addressed “destructive” behavior among students, including sexual violence.

In the words of my esteemed colleague Kyle Rowland: Unfreakingbelievable.

This, like the investigation going on in Ann Arbor, could have major ramifications under Title IX, which covers gender discrimination/sexual assault and harassment.

The saddest part about these two cases (other than the sexual assaults themselves, of course) is these two stories were broken open by the student papers of their universities. Without them, we'd all think Brendan Gibbons missed the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl due to "family issues," and we wouldn't know about the MSU case at all.


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Let us not forget the time when both Sparty and UM fans and players were throwing muck all over OSU for the tattoo scandal and for peeing in public.  Remember when they were spouting off about that scandal and it was "bad" or "horrible" and "OSU should be banned" and other such non-sense seemingly to show both schools were above such "atrocities"?

Yep, getting free tattoos and peeing in public is WAAAAAAAY worse than what's happening in East Lansing and Ann Arbor...

If you only knew the POWER of the Dark Side.

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Maybe Malik McDowells' mom had some inside info.  Interesting there are basically two "raids" in one day ... taking a page from the book of Eliot Ness!

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hmm....UM and Al Capone relation.

Works for me! and I was about to say something towards McDowell's mom being psychic. (Did he sign his letter yet?)



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Pure Michigan

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Cold-blooded .... I like it!

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Could this be related to the Max Bullough situation?

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I read a post somewhere, possibly 247, that said he failed a drug test.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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Very interesting. But, as much as it'd be fun to see things crash and burn up north, the last thing we need is a further crippled Big Ten.

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It would bring tears of joy to see things crash and burn up north, though I have nothing against Sparty.  For scUM, the worse the better.  

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I can get on board with that

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DJ, you have been a very busy man today!

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Whoa, the whole state of xichigan is a mess right now.

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Independent student newspapers are  essential. There is a lot on all these sites that university leaders would rather we just not know about.