Everett Withers Has Hit the Ground Sprinting at James Madison University

By DJ Byrnes on February 20, 2014 at 1:49p

Everett Withers left Ohio State to take over FCS James Madison, and the former Co-Defensive Coordinator has hit the ground sprinting in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

It appears he has a Christian Bryant Ohio State jersey in his office, which is pretty awesome. I also wonder where he got the drive for recruiting?


It would appear James Madison got a good one in Withers. I toiled for two years in Missoula, Montana, so I'll always roll with the Grizzlies, but I suppose James Madison could become my second FCS team in due time.

Source: @BenAxelrod

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MacG91's picture

Happy for him! Hes gonna be a good HC. 


Phillips.449's picture

I think that is also the "24 wins in a row" football in the background.  That is a nice conversation piece!

+1 HS
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I'll be paying attention to the JMU Dukes this season, best of luck to Coach Withers.

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Check out the tug-a-war part of the video, in the background you can see guys doing a one-on-one tug-a-war with a towel. That's an old Urban Meyer drill from Florida in which Tebow allegedly pulled a guy into a bathroom stall until he gave up

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WOW - a great inside look at what goes on in his program. I really hope he loves his new surroundings and the team wins the conference.

+1 HS
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As a JMU alum, I'm pumped to see what he can do with this squad...

In case you're curious, it's Mr. Spray