Hoke: UM Player Development Must Get Better, Fast

By DJ Byrnes on February 10, 2014 at 10:55a
(Patrick Record | MLive.com)

One of the top 2014 players in Michigan (and OSU commit), Damon Webb, said one of the reasons he spurned the in-state Wolverines was because they don't develop their players. Judging by Brady Hoke's recent remarks, the kid may be onto something:

"I told them (player development wasn't good enough this year), at every position," Hoke said last week. "(I told the) staff, and (it starts with me). ... I know we need to do a better job.

"I just didn't think, starting with me, we did as good a job (as we needed to) in developing this team."

Hoke says his words to the coaching staff last month weren't thrown down as a challenge, but more of a clearing of the air.

Fair play to Hoke for admitting everything starts with him. Not to go out of my way to help Michigan, but perhaps he could start by wearing a headset during games like coaches do in the 21st century and not idly on the sidelines like a cheerleader.  


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"One of the reasons"

I wonder what Webbs other reasons were

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IIRC, a lot of it had to do with the fact he wanted to strike out and "be his own man" as a lot of Cass Tech players end up at UM.

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Thanks DJ. Can't blame the kid. Based off the link that place is a black hole for Cass Tech ( pronounced All) players.

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In other news. Brady Hoke is coming out about his "Food Play" fetish and making local patrons very uncomfortable...

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Should be the headline.

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How many times does Brady Hoke have to tell his own bosses and fan base that the problem starts with him?  He is telling the truth every single time.

He is recruiting well, but I believe any bozo can pull talent to TSUN, as evidenced in Brady...but how many consecutive years can they regress as a team before somebody realizes that Brady is telling the truth when he says that the problem(s) start with him???

Oh, well...I guess we'll just keep kicking those guys while they're down (and still arguing that they're up...they've accepted mediocrity).

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I've thought about this too. During the season he almost exclusively blames his players for not executing then in the off season he reaffirms to everyone that he is the problem. That seat will keep getting warmer unless things change up there

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The Cass Tech thing is interesting as there really hasnt been much production out of the recent players from there. Funny thing is Michigan has done a better job the last couple years of developing the Glenville players that OSU didnt want than developing Cass Tech players. From Glenville, Frank Clark has developed into a good defensive end and Wille Henry was a starter at defensive tackle for Michigan by the end of his redshirt freshman year last year.

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Sooo you're saying Ohio Football > Michigan Football?

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He wants the higher ups to hold him responsible for the failures and to fire him, so he gets PAID while he sits at home.

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Gotta love "Hoke Speak".

Step 1. state something obvious EX. "We gave up too many rushing yards"

Step 2. Blame yourself. "I need to do a better job...uhhhh...with the defensive...uhh staff to make sure we're on the same page"

Step 3. Promise it will get better. "Me and my staff are uhhhh...gonna do whatever it takes to get better.

Step 4. Use the word Michigan as an adjective. "We're uhhhh, gonna play Michigan defense"

Step 5. Never improve.

Step 6. Repeat step 1.

Go back and watch every Brady Hoke press conference and this is what happens.

Our Honor Defend!

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You forgot....

Step 7. Drown your sorrows in Baconnaise covered Dominos Pizza.

"if irony were made of strawberries, we' d all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now."

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I thought that one went without saying.

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"Not to go out of my way to help Michigan, but perhaps he could start by wearing a headset during games like coaches do in the 21st century and not idly on the sidelines like a cheerleader."

I have never understood this. Even if, as head coach you are not the primary play caller on either side of the ball, you should still be providing input and discussing in-game adjustments. And what about critical situations like punt/kick fg or go for it on 4th down? Yes, the head coach should make that decision, but getting input from your staff helps with those decisions. DJ is right. He is just a cheerleader, but not the good looking female type.

At the very least, he could get one of those lame earpieces that Todd Graham at Arizona State uses.

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Letting Peppers play all 11 spots solves their defensive woes

A man got to have a code...

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It's like Rich Rod part deux.  And just like Rich Rod, I am going to hate to see Hoke go, just because of how UFM will dominate him the way Tressel dominated Carr/Rich Rod.  

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Wahahaha.  That's our man Hoke, the gift that keeps on giving.

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Wearing headphones won't help a thing unless he has some input to contribute. Go Bucks!