Oregon Suspends Basketball Players After Rape Investigation

By DJ Byrnes on May 6, 2014 at 6:00a

Welp, this is /facepalm inducing. From Deadspin:

Oregon Ducks freshman forward Brandon Austin and sophomore guard Damyean Dotson have been suspended and Dominic Artis is transferring, following a rape investigation involving all three men. After investigating and interviewing the victim, all three suspects and other witnesses, the district attorney declined to prosecute because of insufficient evidence.

With the federal government cracking down on how universities handle reported sexual assaults, I doubt schools will hesitate with to cut ties with even alleged rapists.

Before any tears are spilled over these three men: The full police report can be found here, and it's not for the feint of heart. 

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There's how you do it, Florida State.

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Yeah, but they were only basketball players . . .

Sadly, I'm surprised by a school appearing to do the right thing.

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Me too. And the cynical bastard inside of me wonders if they would have done the same thing to three football players.

This story, and the strange similarities to the sexual assault described in the Winston case, pose LOTS of questions about the "state of sex" on college campuses today. There are many sociological issues at play here, and I can't help but wonder how common this sort of scenario is at universities across the country.

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Oregon's basketball team was actually better than their football team

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How is it really the right thing if all that happens to them is they get suspended? So what would happen to the average Joe in this situation? It isn't really about these men being athletes, it is about being a decent human being.

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Good point, Skid, and apologies for not being clear. My reference was simply that Oregon is apparently taking pretty swift action, and the PD apparently did a thorough investigation... While FSU did everything in their power to protect their player, and the PD did everything in their power to make sure a prosecution was almost impossible, if one was to be considered at all.

I especially agree with your last sentence, and that goes to my second comment about all the sociological issues this story (and the similar Winston situation) raises re: what young college men appear to think is acceptable sexual activity these days.

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I'm going to stick with doing the right thing.  And no, this was not a comment about the police department.


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I am not married nor do I have children, but I plan on doing both someday.  Shit like this is exactly why I hope God blesses me with boys.  If three men did this to my little girl, they would be dead.  That police report is beyond disturbing.  

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I don't feel this picture is appropriate for what this post is reporting on.

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agreed - the pic is disturbing in light of the story

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After reading the actual police report, I feel these guys should go to prison for life. 

Besides it all being crazy period, how could someone not know while this is going on that they are committing rape? The guys seemed to be lucid and aware of what was going on. How could you not know what will happen to you? Either blindingly stupid or blindingly arrogant. 

"We are eternal. All this pain is an illusion." - Tool

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But it makes it sound like they were holding her down with a sharp knife while they raped her.

As indicated by this post from an Oregon forum I think a lot of people still think of rape as a woman screaming and kicking while her life is being threatened. I guess if you rob a drunk guy while he is incoherent it isn't really robbery?


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stuff like this just really pisses me off.

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