Connecticut Rolls Florida; Kentucky Daggers Wisconsin

By DJ Byrnes on April 5, 2014 at 11:36p

DeAndre Daniels dropped a 20/10 line and Connecticut shot 55% to down overall No. 1 seed Florida (63-53) to punch their ticket to Monday's national title game.

In the second game, Kentucky freshman Andrew Harrison buried a 25-foot three-pointer (from roughly the same area he staged his assassinations of Louisville and Michigan) with five seconds left to sink Wisconsin.

Eighth-seeded Kentucky and seventh-seeded Connecticut are the highest combination of seeds to meet in NCAA tournament history.

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Now hopefully UConn wins the title. That will at least make me feel like their is a god.  I really hate rooting against the B1G but I didn't want to see Wisconsin in the title game bc knowing their dumb luck they would catch fire and win a title before Thad and our Buckeyes.  After the teams we have had in the tourney we deserve to be the team to end the title drought for the B1G ten

It's still unbelievable how lucky Kentucky is and what a joke the selection committee has done the past couple tournaments with seeding teams.  I really wish they would go back to ranking the teams 1-64 and throwing out all the bs rules that have in place that move teams around due to conference affiliation and location.  It would provide a truer champion as opposed to a team that got hot at the right time and got the right matchups

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That's why the BCS wasn't nearly as bad as everyone made it out to be. The regular season actually meant something. 

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Let's go UCONN. Beat the SEC and those Wildcats.

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I hate Kentucky with a passion, a team full of future D Leaguers. I hate Bo Ryan, but I was rooting for Bucky. I Have to root for Jimmy's son, I just hope he can over come that missed free throw. 

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Gotta root for Uconn now, damn, but better than Shitucky.

Go Bucks!

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Remember all those people a couple of weeks ago who were saying they didn't mind the Buckeyes losing in the first round, because we weren't any good anyway? Now we have two teams in the finals who were both seeded worse than OSU was.

I know the reputations are that Ryan is a "real coach" and Calipari is just a recruiter, but whose idea was it for Kaminsky to take only 7 shots in the game (someone named Bronson Koenig had 10)? That's either excellent defense or Ryan outsmarting himself.

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Every time Kaminsky got the ball they double teamed him, he found the open man but then that man just passed up the shot and drove.


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Kaminsky got beat up under the rim; I went to bed shortly into the second half, but during the first period it looked like he was mugged a few times, and that perhaps the stripes were... shall we say invested... in the Mildkittens' success. The first 15 minutes of the half, you actually thought Wisconsin had a shot.

As an aside, I agree with the comments about the seeding posted above - when the #8 seed is viewed as the favorite over the #2 seed, there is a disconnect there. Shouldn't the higher seed always be the favorite, all things being equal?

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This was pretty good by Tim May......

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About the only person besides Trayvon Jackson I would prefer not taking the last shot would be Lenzell Smith.  

Go Bucks!

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Something I had completely forgotten: UConn trailed by 4 points with 3 minutes left in its very first tournament game. Just goes to show how random the tournament can be.

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Who has more?

UConn coach Kevin Ollie, career wins as head coach, or

Calipari, career vacated wins?

"Survey says:  Ollie, but it's close.  51 to 43.

Go Huskies.

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AHHH .. just as I predicted in my bracket .. I cannot wait for my Billion dollar check!

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