South Florida Pulls Job Offer to Steve Masiello because He Didn't Graduate from Kentucky

March 26, 2014 at 10:42a    by DJ Byrnes    

Out of all the things to lie about on your résumé, the status of your college degree is probably the least likely to succeed because it's one of the easiest things to check.

Manhattan's Steve Masiello, who is fresh off an NCAA tournament run, has had his job offer to USF pulled because it turns out Maniello tried to hustle them.


Source: @McMurphyESPN


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"No matter where you go, there you are." B. Banzai

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Yeah, just send that resume over to UCF.  They are much more understanding over there...


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Wait, so you're saying I shouldn't have MIT and Harvard on my resume? Maybe I should hop on that and get that fixed.

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Maybe I'm foolish for thinking this, but why is a resume needed for collegiate coaching jobs? I'm sure some schools claim to want a candidate who has a college degree and maybe a graduate degree, but I would think schools would be far more concerned with your coaching ability, experience, and references, and less concerned about if you graduated from college.

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Maybe I'm foolish for thinking this, but why is a resume needed for collegiate coaching jobs? 

Kind of my thoughts Tenn, but then I think, why does one feel the need to lie on a resume for a collegiate coaching job? I'm pretty sure that nobody who was interested in hiring him after the close loss to UL thought, oh man, "that Kentucky grad would make a great head coach".

He shot his own foot, when there was no real benefit to being dishonest


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True. Having false information on your resume is stupid and unnecessary. That goes without saying. My point was just why is a resume even needed for such a position? Is it just a formality? I guess not since someone actually looked at Masiello's and O'Leary's and verified the info. 

The guy would've gotten the USF job regardless. And now from what I've seen, there's a question of whether Manhattan will take him back.

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People make mistakes, and I don't think this should be one that costs him his coaching career however it is a pretty deliberate "mistake" to fudge if you actually graduated or not. 

I can see why USF backed away and I can also see why Manhattan has reservations to take him back but more because he showed he is going to leave the program when a better offer comes along so might as well find a coach dedicated to the program.


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There is probably some sort of protocol for meeting hiring requirements.  I know at public universities, like OSU, there has to be a legal job posting, yadda yadda yadda.

At a small private school like Manhattan, there is probably some university charter that states all potential employees must follow some sort of guidelines and of them being submitting a formal resume.  Perhaps, they require coaches to also teach some sham class and part of their teaching requirements are to have a degree?

Perhaps Herb up in HR just needed information for his TPS reports?

No real knowledge of Manhattan U, just throwing out ideas...

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Perhaps Herb up in HR just needed information for his TPS reports?

Maybe Herb was having problems with his TPS reports and was just using this as a cover up?

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who does this guy look like?

it's killing me, I can't put my finger on it...but, he looks like some actor

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I thought he sort of looked like Vince Vaughn


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Reminds me of an actor named Ed Helms


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I was going to say Carson Daly, but I can see where you get Ed Helms. If the 2 had a kid, it's this guy.

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That picture could have been Carson Daly, for sure.

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Rick Pitino's apprentice is a liar? What a surprise.

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Does Pitino's resume state:

aka Quick Rick ?

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A lot of schools allow you to walk at graduation even if you haven't met all of the graduation requirements.  They don't usually hand out diplomas during the ceremony, and at larger schools, they don't even actually walk across the stage anymore.  Since he did attend UK for 4 years, he was probably allowed to "walk" or attend his graduation ceremony, but never received the diploma in the mail because he didn't finish all of his requirements yet.  So in his mind he graduated, but never received a diploma and doesn't hold a degree.  Seems to me like a technicality that would be difficult to accurately portray on a resume, since he's going to definitely indicate that he attended UK for 4 yeas in the education section.

For me, I "walked" in Spring of 2010, but didn't finish my requirements and receive my diploma until Spring of 2011 because a course I needed wasn't offered and I eventually had to complete it online and transfer the credit in.  I did not attend anywhere except for the online course after Spring of 2010 but my degree was conferred to me following the Spring semester of 2011.  What do I put on my resume, that I attended from 2006 through 2010, but graduated in 2011?  It's a sticky situation because it can make you look better or worse depending on how you word things.  

I'd imagine his situation is similar, except that he never bothered to finish up the last few courses he needed.  Obviously, he didn't seek to gain anything by putting it on his resume.  He was already getting the job, unless they had an arbitrary requirement to have a 4 year degree at an accredited institution which would have disqualified him from the position.