Vintage Video of a Woody Hayes Roast from 1987

By Vico on March 3, 2013 at 11:46a

Woody Hayes died a week after this roast.  This was recently uploaded by a YouTube user and it's quite the find.

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this is just spectacular. 

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What an awesome video - thanks for posting!  Good 'ol Lou hasn't changed a bit.

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Goosebumps.....that's Buckeye history at its finest. Thanks for posting.

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Wow, that was great. I LOVE the part where Woody is speaking about how clean and pure the B1G is. And that there is not a single kid at Ohio State that can say they received a dime more than they should have. The fact that the B1G is so pure because it's top 2 schools, Ohio State and Michigan, are squeaky clean.
Props to Bo. Classy man. What a great period in the history of our schools.

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Outstanding.  Thanks for uploading it.

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WOW. They don't make men like that anymore. Wish I coulda been alive to witness this time period and some of the battles they had. A thousand thanks for sharing. On a side note, it kind of seems the values and integrity these men set has trickled down through the years. It can be seen right here everyday on 11w starting at the top with the staff and followed by everyone else. You typically won't find the journalistic smut on 11w that is so prevalent on every other sports site on the web or TV. Thank you to everyone who keeps me logging in about 100x daily.

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Thanks for sharing. Nothing like starting your day hearing the great Woody Hayes. You could tell how loved and admired he was. 

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Awesome! Thanks for posting


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