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I graduated from The Ohio State University in 2006. I have a txapela. That's about all I know right now. I will probably update this later.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: I was in Block O for my freshman year at The Ohio State University, which was the fabled 2002 season. It's tough to choose between being in the south end stands for Chris Gamble's pick-six against Penn State and being pepper sprayed after the season finale against That Team Up North.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Brian Baschnagel, Donnie Evege
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Aaron Craft. So dreamy. #swoon
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: Athletic Bilbao

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Comment 19 Mar 2017

God love Illinois' new athletic director for making power moves. Remember how we all collectively complain that Purdue free-rides on the conference's revenue while not putting in resources to improving the overall product? Can't say that about Illinois with its new AD. First: a Super Bowl head coach. Then: this hire. Illini fans should be pleased.

Comment 11 Mar 2017

He was my GTA (solo instructor) for one of my classes (PS 245, I want to say? The years betray my memory). He held a review session at 4 Kegs. I would share an anecdote about what he told us about going there but I'll withhold it here. Wonderful graduate instructor.

Don't let the viral video belie that the dude knows his stuff. He's a point man for insight on all things Korean peninsula.

Comment 02 Mar 2017

The petty, vindictive Ohio State fan in me is happy that Hart will go down in history as a core participant in the first Michigan senior class to finish winless against Ohio State. He was also the biggest talker of the group.

That aside, Hart's rise through the coaching ranks is pretty cool to see. He had a short-lived pro career but got out with a few bright moments (hell, I'd brag about getting two carries in a Super Bowl, even if it was a loss). Got started at an absolute cellar-dweller in Eastern Michigan as offensive quality control. Worked his way up from there. From there to Western Michigan, then Syracuse, now Indiana.

It's kind of a cool story. I wish him well as Ohio State bludgeons Indiana by six touchdowns.

Comment 07 Feb 2017

Alabama fans think they're getting Chip Kelly, but Alabama fans think they're getting everyone all the time. I can't imagine that pairing of Kelly and Saban would work too well.

Comment 26 Jan 2017

Going back a few years, Dorian Bell and Corey (Pitt) Brown might be conspicuous as the legit best combo deal Ohio State may have recruited from the same high school in all its history (at least per objective indicators). Neither panned out. Bell transferred after a few run-ins and Brown played a little, but was a liability whenever he did.

Can't forget about James Louis. A lot of excitement for him back when we hated Urban Meyer and Louis committed to Ohio State because Meyer's Florida program wouldn't accept his verbal pledge. He was a fun Twitter follow too. He just never did anything before transferring out to FIU.