Next Up: Zach Boren

By Ramzy Nasrallah on February 24, 2013 at 6:00a

The third eligible member of the Pickerington Borens with NFL aspirations gets his shot to impress today. Zach joins quarterbacks, wide receivers and his fellow running backs at the NFL combine. He'll be back at his original Ohio State position.


Zach Boren -

STRENGTHS Utilized as a lead-blocker from I-formation and H-back spot during his career. Brings attitude to his blocks, dropping his hips to explode into the chest of bigger defenders to knock them backwards. Athletic enough to stay on linebacker blocks throughout a play if he chooses. Presents a good target out of the backfield, possessing flexibility to adjust to throws while turned and solid hands. Has some quickness into his route and agility to make a defender miss, and can run through an arm tackle for the extra yard. Also uses flexibility to adjust to oncoming defenders as a lead blocker, chipping them off their route to the ball. Anchors against blitzers in pass protection.Will contribute on special teams coverage units. Showed awareness and agility as a linebacker

WEAKNESSES A bit shorter than teams prefer as an H-back. Does not have a lot of experience carrying the ball. Needs to prove he can be effective in short yardage situations. Could stay on his blocks more consistently, at times preferring to punch instead of latching on, allowing his man to get back into plays. Lack of experience at the linebacker position.


BOTTOM LINE The Ohio Defensive Player of the Year as a senior in high school took to his new role of fullback immediately, and has proven the blocking skills to stick at the position. However, his emergence at linebacker for the Buckeyes towards the end of his season will perhaps entice teams to use him there. Regardless, Boren will find at the very least be able to find a role in the NFL based upon his special-teams ability.


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Knarcisi's picture

Best of luck to you, Zach. Hard nosed and a true, selfless team player. What you did for the 2012 team will never be forgotten. 

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I'd love to see this guy land on an NFL roster where he can be a contributor

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I'm not a patriot fan but I think belichick could give him a career. 

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Go get 'em Zack.  I hope he gets a shot whether it be at fb, lb or special teams.

cajunbuckeye's picture

The epitome of a football player. He'll play on Sunday. Give 'em hell, Zach.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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So glad we have 'lil bro Jacoby on the team. Football player is right. The whole family of boys are just tough grunts. The youngest are usually the toughest, too!

tampa buckeye's picture

Reminds me of Zach Thomas.

old_rasputin's picture

I'll be rooting for him for sure.  This will live in my memory for ever

"We hate to lose, but when we do, rest assured we'll be back, and someone will pay the price." Coach Hayes

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Don't give up... Don't ever give up.

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I actually think him playing defense this year helped his draft stock some. It shows he can play fullback as expected but also he will be able to work some special teams and be able to tackle in the open field. Having a nice blocking full back with good hands and he could work on a punt team etc. will help him stay on a roster I hope

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Ya' know, the Browns could use a fullback...


The Browns could use a lot of anything right now.