Ohio State Updates Football Roster

By Alex on February 19, 2013 at 3:49p

Some things to note:

  • Drew Basil, P/K. He was listed as a kicker only through all 12 games last season but punter was added to his duties in December and with the loss of Johnny Townsend to Florida, Basil will see a lot of time working out as a punter heading into this season.
  • Jamie Wood, who has been rumored to be taking a medical hardship, is still listed on the roster.
  • Curtis Grant was rumored to be moving to DE, but Luke Fickell said on signing day he would stay at LB. Grant is listed at LB and is 6-3/235
  • Freshman walk-on FB William Houston is listed as #37 with a height/weight of 5-10/260
  • CB Eli Apple does not have a number listed yet, but is listed at 6-0/184
  • QB JT Barrett does not have a number yet and is listed at 6-1/225
  • CB Cam Burrows does not have a number yet and is listed at 5-11/200
  • Purdue transfer and former Northland star Devin Hill, is listed on the roster as a walk-on. Hill is listed as a RB and is 5-10/226. He does not have a number yet.
  • Tyquan Lewis is listed as a DE and 6-3/223. He does not have a number yet.
  • LB David Perkins is now listed as #21 on the roster. He was #25 last year and this is interesting considering Wood is still listed as #21 on the roster for defense.
  • Tracy Sprinkle is listed as a DE and does not have a number yet. Measurements are 6-2/241.

Ohio State kicks off spring camp two weeks from today on March 5.


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JollyFatMan's picture

Well.. GOOD!

How firm thy friendship..

buckeye4life7's picture

Spring Football is almost here.. Can't wait!

Charlotte Buckeye Chip's picture

Who wants to guess what #'s you think these kids will wear?  Would be a fun game to play.

~Charlotte Buckeye Chip

BuddhaBuck's picture

I'm in! My assumptions are completely based on what numbers these guys wore in HS (or their respective All-Star games). Once you've got a number, it usually sticks with you... 

  • Eli Apple - #13
  • JT Barrett - #6
  • Cam Burrows - #6
  • Devin Hill - #39
  • Tyquan Lewis - #80
  • Tracy Sprinkle - #96

Other guesses:

  • Vonn Bell - #7
  • Jalin Marshall - #1
  • Dontre Wilson - #4

FYI: tOSU Retired #'s - 22, 27, 31, 40, 45, 47, 99.

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wibuckeye's picture

So I'm assuming that these schollys count against the 2012 numbers, anybody confirm?


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One Kicker listed has me a bit nervous, even though Frank AlphabetSoup is on the roster. Wasn't there something about Urbz talking to a kid that was considering Tennessee?

-The Aristocrats!

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Andrew Gantz is sticking with Tennessee.

tennbuckeye19's picture

There's actually 4 guys listed as Kicker on the roster, but only Basil is listed as Punter (& Kicker).

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TENNBUCKEYE19 - Fact checker extraordinaire. HAHA. I saw the other 3 Kickers, and I really meant to type punter, but that's what I get for being in a meeting and on 11W at the same time.

-The Aristocrats!

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+1 for AlphabetSoup.



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An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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Ron Tanner is listed as a Freshman too.

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Ohio State has the most F'ed up size listings. They seem to never be accurate..do they actually measure and weigh these guys?
Also, wasn't Curtis Grant a supposed 256 lbs a year or two ago..and he was lean? Now he's only 235? Weird.


Crimson's picture

I don't know when he was 256, but he bulked up before he got here thinking it would help him, but it wasn't necessarily good weight.  It sounded like he hit his high coming in Freshman year, but with Mariotti, I'm sure he's a lot stronger now.

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Looks like none of the class info was updated yet.

GoBucks917's picture

Interesting to see that Rod Smith and Jordan Hall still have their jersey numbers listed the same given Perkins already his number change updated.

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Getting very excited for spring ball!!But some won't be enrolled til this summer. So it will be awesome to get everyone on the field and see who meshes into the 2 deep.


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* Edited - Nevermind - those guys won't show up until after they actually enroll..

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