Rivals Top 100 for 2014 Released

By Alex on February 11, 2013 at 1:27p

Other legitimate Buckeye targets include:

  • #1 Da'Shawn Hand
  • #2 Jabrill Peppers
  • #4 Quin Blanding
  • #6 Andrew Brown
  • #9 Lorenzo Carter
  • #11 Deshaun Watson
  • #12 Elijah Hood
  • #13 Tony Brown
  • #14 Kentavious Street
  • #15 Jalen Hurd
  • #16 Raekwon McMillan
  • #19 Braden Smith
  • #21 Malik McDowell
  • #27 Jalen Tabor
  • #28 Solomon Thomas
  • #31 Damian Prince
  • #38 Edward Paris
  • #39 Elisha Shaw
  • #41 Marshon Lattimore
  • #47 Montae Nicholson
  • #49 Tyler Luatua
  • #50 Kc McDermott
  • #53 Clifton Garrett
  • #55 Alex Bars
  • #56 Drake Harris
  • #57 Jalen Brown
  • #58 Dillon Bates
  • #59 Todd Kelly Jr.
  • #65 Caleb Henderson
  • #66 Quenton Nelson
  • #67 Demarre Kitt
  • #69 Khairi Clark
  • #70 Nyles Morgan
  • #72 Josh Malone
  • #85 Andrew Williams
  • #87 Mark Andrews
  • #88 Demetrious Knox
  • #89 Steven Moss
  • #92 Andy Bauer
  • #93 Artavis Scott
  • #94 Jamarco Jones
  • #95 Nick Chubb
  • #96 Shaq Davidson
  • #99 Dante Booker Jr.

Wow, that is sure a lot of Top 100 targets that could end up in Columbus. I'd say 2014 will be a good year.


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Jdadams01's picture

The Dante Booker ranking surprises me a bit. Having seen both Ferns and Booker play, Booker>>>>>>>>>Ferns. Ferns has upside because of his athleticism, but Booker is more athletic. Booker plays tougher comp in my opinion and is more instinctual. 

millertime2011's picture

I've gotta say, rivals isn't very good with "interest level" for recruits, don't seem to update it that well. I've noticed it in the past and just a couple now are Jabrill peppers (they don't have stanford and osu as leaders even though he said they were) and they have watson committed to clemson, but with medium interest in UGa and no interest in osu.

hail2victors9's picture

By the looks, if a recruit has an offer, but hasn't declared a top group, they're all "Medium" interest.  Then, you have a guy like Hand whose top 5 are all "high," and everyone else but UNC, is "None." 
Additionally, I just don't think it's current.  They're probably more concerned about getting the list out, first.

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!

~Bo Schembechler

Jdadams01's picture

Sorry, Hail. Fat fingered an upvote.

hail2victors9's picture

No Worries.

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!

~Bo Schembechler

MN Buckeye's picture

I agree.  I never believe their school interest level, and it rarely changes.  

Mercurius's picture

Nice to see Deshaun Watson pick up his fifth star!

Jangs78's picture

Wow, we could do some serious cleaning up on this list is pieces fall into place....2014 has the makings of a special class!

ab42beerman's picture

DeShaun Watson might be a long shot but man, sky would be the limit for him under Meyer and Co.

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

So we've already pushed J.T to the bench after Braxton leaves?

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

buckeyechad's picture

I would love so much to steal Malik McDowell from michigan. 

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

Ole Miss will land all 100.

My wishlist:

1. Jabrill Peppers
2. Marshon Lattimore
3. Jalen Hurd
4. Da'Shawn Hand
5. Raekwon McMillan
6. Clifton Garrett
7. Quin Blanding
8. Dante Booker Jr.
9. Deshaun Watson
10. Malik McDowell
11. Elijah Hood

I know Leonard Fournette is a loooooooooooooooooooooong shot, but i'd love to have him.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

Estrada's picture

Ole Miss will only land all 100 if they all have lower rated siblings that they can give a scholarship (so I guess that means they'll only land 75, but cut that to 65 because signing 75 kids in one class would be absurd).

weimerad's picture

Funny you don't have any OL on your list which is the most important position of need for this class. I would love to see Jamarco Jones, Damien Prince and hopefully even Braden Smith as part of this class

BuddhaBuck's picture

This list makes me chuckle after watchin Key & Peele's East/West College All-Star video on YouTube...

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