Paterno Family Response to Freeh Report Due Out Tomorrow

By Chris Lauderback on February 9, 2013 at 10:24a

Tomorrow at 9:00 am Eastern, the Paterno familly will publish the findings of their own, and I'm sure totally unbiased, report to the Freeh Investigation on the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal. 

Sue notes that the family's funded report, conducted by attorney Wick Sollers, will detail findings that, "unreservedly and forcefully confirm my beliefs about Joe's conduct", while also presenting "a passionate and persuasive critique of the Freeh report as a total disservice to the victims of Sandusky and the cause of preventing child sex offenses."

Okay, fine. Then can this saga be over?


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Oh yeah, Sue totally wrote that letter

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My hate for them grows with each passing day...
And you know what pisses me off the most? Since this will most certainly paint Paterno\PSU in a positive light, Penn State nation will say "SEE? THIS IS HOW IT WAS!". They can ignore the Freeh report and accept this one because its easier. I've said it before and I will say it again-Fuck Penn State. Each and every last one of them.

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You're right. They will absolutely cling to this as if it is the Bible. They already believe he was innocent so this just entrenches them into that belief even more. All she is doing with this "completely unbiased report" is making a dividing line even wider and that helps no one.

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Well this idea could be interesting because it might split the fan bases in two. One group is a hard line Freeh report supporters, the other hard line Paterno report supporters. Hopefully it ends like when Martin Luther posted The Ninety-Five Theses on the church, and Penn state becomes two universities one being Paterno State University the other being Penn State. That would make a wonderful documentary.
I mean I can dream can't I?

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Ignoring some of the good and delusional people at Penn State for a second, no one cares, Sue!
You have a ridiculous amount of money to waste on lawyers in an attempt to try to clear your husband's forever muddied name? SO WHAT!
Maybe you should give some of that money, which you clearly do not deserve, to the actual victims in this mess.  And let Penn State move forward.

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Last I checked, Joe Paterno's still dead. Yeah, that's harsh, but how does bringing this stuff back up benefit anyone? Okay, cool. Maybe a few more sane people (not PSU homers) will think Joe's name is cleared up. However, he isn't around anymore. The whole situation just needs to stop and people need to move on.

Don't give up... Don't ever give up.

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Anyone ever see the movie "The Village?" That's Penn State. 

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Read it in front of any of the victims, face to face.

The Paterno family and legal representation would be better served campaigning for the victims and/or participating in the cases against the remaining officials.

No Penn State fan, but how is any of this helping? Sorry, but Paterno wasn't the guy we thought he was behind the scenes.....that his family chooses this course of action now just seems to affirm that.

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I heard enough "smoke" behind the scenes to not take persona of JoPa as the all the announcers blindly portrayed. He was an egomaniac, who also did ssome philanthropic deeds.


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This ^^.  In the end, its extremely clear how selfish he was.  He wouldn't retire.  He let boys be raped to cover up for a friend.  For a guy who was very philanthropic isn't it odd that Paterno didn't do anything for that 2nd chance foundation other than enable Sandusky?  Of course he knew.  And I have to think he may have tried to compartmentalize it away because it is so awful to think about when you know the perpetrator so well. 

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These people are absolutely clueless

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yes because I'm sure the report paid for by the paterno family won't be at all biased.
Even if this report comes out and says Joe didn't know anything(which it won't). the narrative has already shaped and it doesn't matter.
As we have seen with Manny tao the first story is normally the story that shapes the narrative, but that hasn't stopped them from trying to paint the other person as a victim
It's time to move on PSU. you'll be better in the long run if you do.

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"This cannot happen," she wrote. "The Freeh report failed and if it is not challenged and corrected, nothing worthwhile will have come from these tragic events."

Huh? What other worthwhile thing can come out of this investigation? She can't clear his name. No amount of bleach, whiteout, or lawyering will convince those without Nittany colored glasses that Paterno didn't know about what was going on. He knew about it, did nothing to stop it, failed to report it, and tried to cover it up.
The only silver lining in this very dark raincloud is that hopefully this raised awareness around the country and will make it impossible for something like this to ever be repeated again. 

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Edit: "...and if it is not corrected, we cannot claim all his victories..."


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     " I hope when I die, I die laughing"...                

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^ this.
Ramzy delivers, again.

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::clap clap clap::

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Everyone has to believe in something, Penn State believes in Paterno.  He became the symbol of the university, it's untouchable icon.  This is why he could not be removed as head coach, even though he was way past the time he understood the culture and did almost none of the work of the HC job.  He is worshipped, and their god will never be tainted.
Good lesson for all of us, to remember that humans fail. No matter how much we think they are god.

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This changes nothing. Of course family is going to defend family, no matter what.
Jeffery Dahmer's mother defended him too.



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Yeeeeeeah, because this will Paterno-funded report will totally be more unbiased than the report filed by a former CIA director  who was paid the by board of trustees ...

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Well hopefully this study finally gets the world to understand that tattoos and selling things you own is way worse than child molestation. 

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Can we get another Manti T'eo story instead?

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Imagine you are the parents of one of the victims and are attempting to help your son deal with the legacy, the long-term emotional and psychological trauma, of these unspeakable crimes, and every time you open up your local paper or turn on your local television station, have to see the Paterno family wanting to still argue for Joe's legacy. Our hate for PSU must be microscopic in comparision.

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And many of his victims DID meet JoePa.  I don't want to imagine being a parent of a victim.   I own a firearm or two.

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i never cared much about joe pa before this horrendous story became known, and i think even less of joe pa.

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I'm just hoping this starts another round of #paternofamilyappeals twitter snark

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All I know is that Penn St fans make it awfully hard to enjoy the beach. They're everywhere...

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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When did South Park start shooting in Central PA?

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Wish the Paternos would just leave Penn St. alone. JoePa ended up destroying them in life and now they just keep tearing open this wound again and again. JoePa is guilty as charged in the court of public opinion and in the Freeh report. Nothing that they release/do/say will change that, or reverse what he did.

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Will this news conference be televised live from the State College Golden Corral, to accomodate Scott & Jay ?