Nope, Not a Foul

By Jason Priestas on February 5, 2013 at 11:46p

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according to b1g refs that is just physical play...

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Eff that noise. Such a great game getting determined by a crappy call like that man

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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Thad Matta just said on the radio it looked like a good block, but I went nuts, I thought it was terrible.

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Matta might have meant it was a good blockheaded no-call.

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This makes me feel nauseated 

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MFW Fuck Michigan.

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Good thing I'm not the coach I may have reacted like this to that No call

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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  • i would have thrown more than chairs.
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To be fair Craft got credited for a 3 that he clearly released after the clock expired. Bad call, but we really could've got a better shot than that. I'm more mad that our last 2 possessions, only Craft touched the ball. We have to get Deshaun touches in those situations.

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i was just as upset with the foul they called on craft... where he made the clean steal and then they held him but whatever, at least its not in the tourney

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

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were those the NFL replacement refs?

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I can take a legit loss but having a game determined by the refs just makes me absolutely nuts. One of the most inconsistently called games I've seen. We weren't even in the bonus in OT ridiculous.

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It was consistently called. They let them play. Had they not been so lenient, OSU never would have been in the position Craft had them in at the end because they'd be following Michigan again after Robinson's FTs since that was an obvious flagrant.

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its understandable the refs were gonna let the teams play it out in the last possessions though. while i think it was a foul the refs just didnt wanna really alter the course of the game akin to the no call on the pass in the super bowl. not every ref can be terry porter

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Thats what they all say, problem is a no call at the end IS affecting the outcome of the game.

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yeah its a bad situation, someones gotta lose and tonight it was unfortunately us, but remember what happened to michigan last year once we played them in the tourney

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and had the teams been reversed and ohio state was up 2 they would have made the call that is the problem......

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Yep. Damn shame.


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Little guards driving into the lane in the last few seconds don't get many calls...let a shooter get one of those last 2 critical shots...Like maybe the best scorer in the B1G and maybe the nation.

D. Anthony

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theyre not gonna get those calls especially on the road

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they don't get those calls at home either......nothing like the calls that indiana gets in assembly hall

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Not a lot you can do

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you." Woody Hayes

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If its a foul for the first 44:55 of the game it's a foul in the last :05. I said the same thing about the no call in the Super bowl and I didn't even care who won that game. Refereeing should be consistent from start to finish

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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The refs chose to call a very loose game: 20 total fouls in an overtime B1G game between two ranked teams might be unprecedented (Thomas played the entire game with no fouls).
So even leaving aside the normal reluctance to call that foul at the end--never mind call it against the higher-ranked team on its home floor, something that happens about as often as Brady Hoke skips a meal--both teams had every reason to expect that anything short of a decapitation would probably be allowed. You have to coach accordingly.
Bottom line is, Aaron Craft isn't Isiah Thomas. He isn't Kyie Irving. He shouldn't have the ball in his hands in that situation. The Buckeyes scored 2 points in the overtime, and that's a losing effort 99 times out of 100. 

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Can't really argue with that...

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I concur, sir. 

The South will NOT rise again!

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The only problem I see is that DT got the rebound, passed to Craft, then jogged up the floor. Craft could not have passed to him if he wanted to. Every other Buckeye became a spectator. Craft outran every one of them.

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The voice of reason, thanks Chuck.
Was it a bad no-call?   Yea, probably.   But scoring 2 points in OT, and looking lost on almost every possession in OT will cause you to lose the game.  
Here's a thought - don't let it come down to begging for a foul call.  How about Craft does something more than drive the lane, throw up a missed layup attempt and crumble to the ground for the billionth time and instead we run something to get the ball in Deshaun's hands?
Great game, sucks we lost, but hopefully we learn from it.   And Ross is showing he needs more PT, the game is finally starting to slow down for him it seems.   If he continues to evolve, lok out.  
Will be interested to see how they respond on Sunday.  
OK, on to signing day!!

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spot on Buckeye Chuck spot on...

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If I had $5 for every time someone complains about the refs I'd have enough to pay off my student loans and buy a car! 
Maybe Matta should have learned from the MSU game on what to do when you are down by one, two or three to get off a shot. This one is on the coaches because how does DT not get  at least 3 shots in OT. O well!  

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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Enough about the refs.  It was a great game in a hostile enviroment, and there were bad calls on both ends. Exhibit A:

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Crafts shot is ugly. Great player, very poor shooting technique. 

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Craft's shot (and Shannon Scott's) is ugly, but not as ugly as scUMs uni's last night. My eyes are still bleeding.

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I guess a hand is part of the ball now.

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And the wrist is part of the hand.
And the knee bone is connected to the d*(k bone.

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Game should have ended with a 3 point attempt by someone. Craft always seems to get shutdown on last second drives. Not big enough to beat three dudes collapsing down on you.  Love the making moves comment 11's.

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I was more upset with all the TOs in OT and the lack of execution, they finally stopped making every three and we kept turning the ball over, foul yeah probably a lot of the time but to end the game i dont know, im glad they didnt call craft for the face shot.

Michigan Sucks!

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Same ref from the end of the super bowl

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I want a still shot of the Crafts jumper the possesion before. Actually better a gif. Burke came from behind, got elbow, hand , ball and no call.
Robinson deserved the punch in the face a few moments later!
*sigh* - Still a great game and very encouraged. We got to work on those late game sets, how Thomas never gets ball in crunch time is beyond me.
Merry Recruitmas

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Word, Lincoln. That high pick with Amir in OT is a bad set. It takes Amir away from the bucket and the other three guys just stand around which makes it way to easy on the defense and keeps DeShaun from getting the ball. 

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Great game, but entirely too stressful for me to watch before going to bed.
The B1G refs suck!
     -There were at least 3 or 4 blatant travels not called.  Stauskas 1st three (right in front of OSU's bench), I'm pretty sure he switched pivot feet.
     -They didn't call a double dribble on Stauskas.  Dick V mentioned it in the game.
     -Deshaun Thomas drew a phantom foul around the foul line
     -Craft's desperation 3 was not a good basket; shot clock violation
     -Williams (Smith maybe?) tip in a ball that was still on the rim; interference--no basket
     -Craft was fouled to end the game
     -I think the foul on Robinson by craft with 7 seconds to go would be a flagrant earlier in   the game
You have to give OSU credit.  They played their hearts out.  I was counting on a double digit victory.  I hope we meet again in the B1G tourney.

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!

~Bo Schembechler

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Ravenel also should have been called for basket interference on a put-back.
And I don't think we ever saw a definitive replay, but judging by the view from the standard camera angle I thought the goaltending call on Thompson in the first half was garbage.

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It could've been Ravenal when I said Williams.  It's the same play, for sure.
I never saw a replay on the goal tend

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!

~Bo Schembechler

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There were bad calls all over the place, but really it comes down to DT didn't touch the ball in OT on the offensive side of the line, and the fact that the D got the stops and couldn't make one more shot on the other end. One shot to fall is all they needed. And someone please tell Lenzelle Smith to please stop heaving up shots when you can take 3 steps forward and take a midrange jumper at a much higher percentage. I'll take the made 2 over a missed 3 any day of the week.

-The Aristocrats!

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Only gave up 4 in OT.  Turnovers and a lack of a gameplan killed us.  If Jent is the ony drawing up these plays out of timeouts, he needs to be accountable.  Every play out of a timeout in the 2nd half and OT ended up in a terrible shot or a turnover.
Craft isn't Chris Paul.  Stop asking him to go 1-on-1 during crunch time and run the damn offense.  2 points?? That's what we got in OT??  Heck, I'd settle for Ross getting some touches if they're not going through Thomas.

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They gave up 5 while only scoring 4. When you get that many stops, you should be scoring more. The D didn't lose this game, and it took scUM making a ton of threes to get the job done. I'm not complaining at all though, a close loss away at the #3 school in the country, not bad. It should have been a win though. I woud love to see them bounce back after this tough loss and beat IU.

-The Aristocrats!

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We shouldn't have marched the starting 5 back out there.  Ross should have been in the game at the tip in OT.  He played an excellent game and the team is better with him on the court than it is with Sam Thompson.  Thompson has showed tremendous growth in his game this year but you don't hand out playing time based on effort.  The team is simply better with Ross on the court.  You could argue that maybe Thompson should take Smith's spot and at times I would tend to agree.  That is actually kind of a toss up.

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Personally I like taller 2s. Put LQ at the 2 and keep Sam at the 3, and switch them up on the offensive end a few times a game to keep defenses guessing. LQ at the 2 would create some serious match up problems in pick and roll situations like no other.

-The Aristocrats!

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Definitely had a tough time sleeping last night....overall a great game tho. If they needed all those 3's to beat us in overtime at home Im ok with that.  Great defensive effort.

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That was very much a foul! Contact with the body! Not only that but the time before that was a foul also!
Edit: As a basketball coach, I have always said that one play should not influence the outcome of the game. If it comes down to one play, you should have taken care of all the rest. So I'll give Michigan credit for a well fought game! However, Ohio State has their number! That much is clear!

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I thought we out played them. Two very good teams put on a great show.  I was very encouraged with our bench scoring. If we keep improving we can make a run in the tourney.

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Tim Hardaway Jr. looked more like Reggie Miller Jr.

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Obviously his dad didn't teach him to shoot.  Tim Sr. had one of the ugliest shots I've seen.  He did seem to make a fair amount, but I'm not sure how.

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That no call is much like the no-calls SEC LB's and DB's get on opposing WR's.

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The Refs sucked azz last night.  Both ways.  Hardaway was on fire and would have made shots if the basket was halr the size.  Boy he looked good last night.  We definetely out played them, and AACC should be happy it went to OT.  We should have won the damn thing in regulation.  Great, great game.  I was pissed as hell last night, but glad they weren't blown out da gym.  I know it goes down as a L for us and a W for them, but AACC should really lose a few spots in the polls for not playing better.  Go Bucks! 

CJDPHoS Member

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You got two huge breaks from the refs regarding Craft's 3-point shot clock buzzer "beater" (clearly late, never rectified) and the flagrant foul on Robinson just earlier that would have taken away the Craft foul/layup attempt completely. And you complain about the big one you didn't get.
Shouldn't of lost to Illinois if you wanted the Big Ten title.

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Craft was clearly goning for the ball when he fouled Robinson. Was it a hard foul? Yes, but Craft is 6'1'' and Robinson is 6'7'', Glenn's face just got in the way. They still called a foul unlike Hardaway's modified clothesline.


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You obviously don't know the rules. A swat on the top of the head is flagrant. That's textbook. "Modified clothesline" pretty much tells me you are a hopeless cause.

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Craft was also fouled on the pull up jumper, just before that "flagrant" foul... so by your logic, that would have never happened either. Craft should have been on the line shooting two, with the Bucks only down by 1.