Duron Carter Should Probably Cross His Former QB at Coffeyville CC off His List of References

By Jason Priestas on February 2, 2013 at 8:34p

This is pretty much the opposite of a ringing endorsement.

Source: @CBCochran11

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There's no way in hell this kid gets drafted. Any team that takes him doesn't have to do much legwork to find out who he is or what he's all about. Any GM with common sense won't draft him.  My prediction is he will get signed as an undrafted FA, and will be out of the league after preseason.  Then he can ride daddy's rep for the rest of his life.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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commenting on your last sentence... That is so terrible. This dude had such a high ceiling, such high hopes, and it seems like he though his Father's rep would carry him (so it seems).
Everyone saying how lazy he is, and unwilling to work. just terrible man, I really hope he does a 180, for his sake. I would kill to have that ability, and you best believe I poured my heart and soul into DIII football because I loved the game. He just does not have it, and that sucks

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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Im in agreeance, Id rather see him do a 180, realize his potential and succeed in his own right.

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While I generally try to abstain from speaking ill on any current/former OSU player Duron's track record does speak for itself. Inevitably someone will probably try to take a flyer on him (probably my Bengals, cause that's what they do) but by all accounts it really seems like everyone should just steer way clear of this kid. I do hope he finds some way to put it all together though, Vontaze Burfict seemed to have a lot of his same issues (though probably a generally bigger talent though).

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yep, as a fellow fan, I completely agree: I can totally see this guy in training camp for the Bengals, especially if Sanu is still banged up to start the year. Sigh. 

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Talent overrides everything.  Remember, Mo Clarrett was drafted in the third round.  Somebody may just take a flyer on Carter.

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True. And what was Clarrett's NFL career like? I can't remember.



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When Chris Carter was with the Vikings, he took a young Randy Moss under his wing to help him control his emotions. IMO if it wasn't for Chris, I believe Randy would have blown his chance in the league. Now if someone can return the favor for Duron, he may get his head where it belongs. 

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It's not a return favor. He's his father. The kid likely just grew up getting everything easy. A little late for his football career. Life still ahead. 

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The "someone" that I was referring to was not his dad. I was suggesting a player on the team that gives Duron a chance. 

Remember to get your wolverine spayed or neutered. TBDBITL

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I agree. He probably would be better off as a used car salesmen(with all due respect to used car salesmen. Seriously). Then he could move around the country whenever he gets the urge.
Don't hold your breath waiting for this kid to "turn things around." I'm no psychologist/psychiatrist, but if I had to bet, I'd bet Duron grew up telling people around him, "Chris Carter is my dad. NFL star." And expecting people to kiss his ass. I've seen this a million times. The entitlement mentality kills initiative and drive.
People can and sometimes do change things in their lives for the better. Look at Alex Boone, for Pete's sake. He has a friggin rhinoceros named after him! How cool is that?! But people generally are who they are going to be by the time they get to their teens. Bad habits by then are fully ingrained. I'm not being cynical, just realistic.
Just my psycho-analysis. I could be totally wrong.



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He just has to wait out the Bengals or Raiders.

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Anyone know why he is such a knucklehead? I don't know if that is answerable, but do we know where things went wrong?

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Chris Carter had his well chronicled problems but he overcame them to become an NFL great and now a deserved spot in the HOF.  His son obviously didn't learn from his Father.  It has to be hard on CC.

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He likes the mary jane and takes plays off.......

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I heard he likes to smoke pot, too.



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Even if it's true, he shouldn't have tweeted it.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Just playing Devil's Advocate here: why not Tweet it?
It's the truth, and not something that's a secret. He can't damage Carter's career anymore than Carter himself has done.
I agree the timing might be a bit off with his Dad's HOF news happening now but...wth, why not?
He made the bed, now he has to lie in it till he does differently. Maybe somehow this Tweet is the thing that makes him wake up. Probably not.

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Then why did he delete it?

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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He's young and impressionable and someone older suggested he should?

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Ok, so I will admit I stood up for Duron when it looked like he was turning things around and people were still blasting him. Oops... sounds like the kid is going to have a hard fall (you would think that already happened?!) before he realizes he needs to shape up and try for once.

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I doubt he gets drafted, character and work ethic are now just as important to GM's as on the field production.
Every body wants a Vonteze Burfict and hopes to avoid a Ryan Leaf.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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Too bad the combine doesn't measure XBox skills.... 

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And he's giving his dad's HOF acceptance speech.  Just fyi.

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If this tweet is any indication, Duron will merely be reading what someone else wrote for him. 

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Damn, Duron got OWNED! Pretty funny stuff.


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hopefully he matures like his father did

I'm a friend of thunder is it any wonder lightning strikes me

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Not even a Buckeye has been.....this kid is a never was.

Viva entitlement!

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Somebody call an ambulance...Duron Carter needs to go to the burn unit.

Class of 2010.

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His father took a while to really figure it out as well. Cris Carter's troubles were a lot less well known back in those days and dont totally mirror Duron's, Cris had atleast some success in college. I hope for his sake that something wakes him up and he figures it out as well.
On a different note, shame on the Football Writers of America, if CC is not a 1st ballot hall of famer then their shouldnt be a HOF. He was the Karl Malone-John Stockton Utah Jazz, might be one of the best teams ever if they didnt happen to around the exact same time as MJ, same with Carter, one of the top 5 wr's to ever play but gets not nearly the respect he deserves because he happened to play at the same time as Jerry Rice.